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  • If one creates a clan, how do they go about joining another clan as well?

    Better yet, how does a person join multiple clans?

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  • TripH0P

    Its appears that you can only be a member of one clan at a time. You can leave but you wont receive whatever rewards the clan gets.

    Im not sure but it looks like the reward timer only lasts a day so you could join different clans on different days I suppose.


    Why do they introduce new things without explaining what the hell they are and how to do it?  What is a clan, what does it mean to join a clan?  What does one do while in a clan?  I’m in a clan, I played a room, I have one point, I can pay 20 gems to play another room, my clan has 21 points, and the time left is 8 hours.  What the hell does all this mean?


    Clans were updated now it seems. They last for 2 days, points go up to 300 max, and the rewards are pretty much better. But the lava levels are very hard to play: 6 stages, I needed my bonus bird at stage 2 yet and lost the match.

    Looks like you have to play one time at least, no matter if you win a match and get points or you lose and keep your zero points. If you do that and wait til the time is over, you  get participated in the rewards. Other players at the bottom of the ranking that didn’t play at all will get nothing


    I agree!  How is the Clan supposed to enhance the AB 2 gameplay?  It seems as if this game has devolved into acquiring hats, accomplishing Daily Challenges and competing in the arena.  You don’t get anything, really, for actually playing the game!

    I looked at the available Clans today and they are all in countries where I don’t reside.  Do I have to join an American Clan?  Do I have to be able to speak the native language of the Clan I join?

    You are totally on point; I would appreciate some type of tutorial and / or explanation when a major element is introduced into a game.

    Another example is the “Star Cup” in AB Friends.  Like, wtf?

    Epic Buttstomp

    Problem is those levels are outright tough, borderline impossible even if they allow spells. Unlike regular levels or DC, you have to pay 20 gems to try again and not count against the regular lives.

    All that trouble for what? Some feathers that amount to nothing for us veterans. Not paying real $$ to buy gems / spells to get 450 black pearl levels.


    In AB Evolution, the clan play there is very very rewarding compare to this. The clan battles are tied in with the events and by doing good in the clan you get the main event done easier.


    For clan leaders, what does the “clan type” mean? You can pick “open” or “closed”. I assume “open” means anyone including random people searching can join but what about “closed”? Does than mean no new people can join or does it make it so only people that know the name or clan ID can join?? Why do they add stuff with explaining it?


    Epic Buttstomp

    How often can you retry without paying gems? I cannot see timer, just gems asking.


    I think you can only play once for free. Of course they want you to pay to try to earn those prizes lol.


    Epic Buttstomp

    I think you can only play once for free. Of course they want you to pay to try to earn those prizes lol.


    For that amount of prizes I am not going to break my meager gem account to reply nothing. Continuing a win streak in arena when you are near the top is gems well spent. Finishing King Pig at last room of last level of KPP is gems well spent. Not this clan business so far.




    I will try to answer some of your questions to the best of my knowledge. My knowledge is from my experience as a clan leader for last 4 days.

    1) You can either join an existing clan, or create one for 350 gems. You can only be in 1 clan at a time, if u leave u loose prizes and points.

    2) A clan can either be Open or Closed. Open means anyone can join, upto 50 members. Closed clans are exclusive, you can send a Join request to it. The clan leader can either accept you or reject your request based on any criterion he pleases – nationality, flock power, activeness, known friends etc.

    3) The country in kinda useless. You can choose one to inform people of the nationality you r looking for or just choose International. So for example if I am from Brazil, I might look for a Brazilian clan if I wished.

    4) Events are held for the clans on certain times, and they have different objectives and time limits. So far I have encountered one event for 150 clan points in 24 hrs, and another event for 300 clan points in 48 hrs. Once the time is up, prizes are given out, and a new event begins.

    5) Each member gets 1 free game, which is basically finishing a string of maps like in regular game play. The big difference is u cannot go in with spells. You can however possibly receive spells by filling the score meter. Usual 1 extra bird for watching advertisement and spending gems for 3 extra birds also applies.

    6) Finishing a game successfully gives u 1 clan point. You can now play a second game for 20 gems. Successful completion will give you 2 points. Then 60 gems for 3rd game (3 points) and so on. The objective is to get to that 150/300 points total cumulatively among all clan members. Some members might score higher, some lower, but u will want to get as many as u can as a group.

    7) If u lose a game, u also lose clan points, and lose your streak, so be careful when choosing to play extra games.

    8) The event will give out prizes to every member in the clan for reaching various clan point totals – for example at 25 points u get 20 gems, 50 u get 200 feathers, 100 u get a rare box etc. Your clan point will only be calculated at the end of the event, so be careful to not lose points towards to end.

    9) As mentioned, at the end of the event period, each and every member of the clan will get the same rewards as obtained from the prize list. However the top 3 performers will in addition receive extra black pearls. The number of pearls depends on your final clan score. If your clan total at the end is 210, the top performer will get 210*3 = 630 pearls, second will get 210*2=420 and third will get 210 pearls.


    10) The clan leader can promote another member to co-leader or clan leader. He can also demote or kick a member.

    11) The total of all the flock power of your members is your clan power. The visibility of your clan is ranked by it. I have been told Diamond rank clans are more famous. Not entirely sure what “famous” means.


    Thats pretty much all I know. If u have any questions feel free to ask me, I will try my best to answer. As I have said before, I have limited experience myself. Hope this helps clear up a lot of confusions though.


    Agreed, I wont spend more than 20 gems on the clan stages unless we’re really close to a good prize.

    Im also worried about the amount of leechers. Some people in the clan will earn 20 points while other earn zero and we all get the same rewards. Im going to kick free loaders if they go days without earning anything.


    Thanks Ann! Im going to switch my clan to closed.

    Another tip, if someone have “0”pts, it means try tried but failed and probably dont want to spend 20 gems to try again. If they have a dash next to there name, they haven’t tried at all. Im going to kick people that go a days with out playing at all. Its to fair to those that are earning points

    Epic Buttstomp

    I think Rovio should add another number beside the points: # of tries

    Those levels are not easy half the time. When it gets hard it is hard to the point that bringing in 5 spells (you can’t bring spells afaik) may not get you through some of them. There is always a room with a structure behind a solid block and a pig at the lowest level that requires some lucky chain reaction.

    Play the free one plus 20 gems will be all I likely want to do going forward.


    Eagle Eye

    What do the numbers by our names in the clans mean?


    flock power

    Juan Luis Valenciaga Parma

    Thanks very much Ann, very well explain.

    I have a question (if you can help me about). You write ” The clan leader can promote another member to co-leader or clan leader. He can also demote or kick a member.”

    I’m in a clan in where the Leader disappears, was created the clan and he participated two times at the start and then not more (two month now), the job it is do it by three co-leaders that help to do a very active clan.

    Question: Leader can name other member to take his place?, because we have problems with many member that ask, why if we are an active clan the Boss never participated, then some of member leave the clan.

    Thanks very much.


    You might be better off organizing your own clan, or joining one that recruits for members here.

    Jai McGraw

    @juan-luis-valenciaga-parma  I have an opening in my clan if you want to join.  The clan name is “SERIOUS PLAYERS” #38261.  You are welcome to join us.  I am the clan leader/creator and am VERY ACTIVE.

    I highly recommend ALL players to get involved in a clan. Seems quite obvious that a player cannot join multiple clans but getting involved and ‘having a go’ has the potential for reaping decent rewards, which in turn will improve your flock and make you better for all aspects of the game.

    I imagine players would spend a fair amount of time joining and leaving clans until you find one that appears active and would gives you a chance to get rewards from he events.

    I feel VERY lucky to be part of the clan I’m in right now and it’s encouraged me to improve. The first Clan Battle this weekend was a nail biter!

    Not all clan events are super hard. I have to say I tried and failed many times to complete a stage and have since felt confident enough to replay events to get extra points that go towards the clan target. I think everyone realises that not all players have unlimited number of gems (I’ve mentioned many times not having more than 1,000 gems at any one time – in fact right now I have around 800 which will last me a while), so if a clan has ACTIVE members that contribute 1 or 3 points each then it’s often enough to get a decent reward for everyone at the end of the event.

    Jai McGraw

    @stevey  “I feel VERY lucky to be part of the clan I’m in right now and it’s encouraged me to improve”.  Thank you for the kind words.  I am sure that I am not speaking only for myself, but for the group as a whole.  Glad to have you as a part of the clan as well.


    Thanks Ann! Could you tell me what Star Rank means?

    Jerry Nguyen

    Hi I would like to join an active clan. I left my clan whose powers was 9000 because half of them were passive. My power is 228 and level 35.

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