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  • Back in the good old days May 2017

    I remember winning 1000 gems ina rare chest

    Now it’s rare , forgive me impossible

    What do you remember of the good old days before Rovio became a corporate greedy company ?

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  • Jai McGraw

    @oldboysmash  I remember and miss when it dodn’t take 50,000 feathers to level up a bird.  At one time, I really enjoyed getting spells in every common chest, and when a new card and map levels were released, just having to receive feathers once for each bird, them being maxed again.  Once I reached 30k, then 40k, then 50k feathers, I gave up trying to max out.  It is just too many!

    I also agree with you about gems.  I have won 1000 gems in a rare chest once, but would not complain about 200 gems either.  Overall payouts are now crap!


    I remember the good old days when Rovio wasn’t a greedy company back in 2009. Now with every new game is money, money, money. I miss the old Rovio.

    Old Boy Smash

    Yes gems of all denominations should be re-introduced along with all the other non friendly updates that keep coming along. I am really losing hope and fear it won’t be to long before I give up all together

    i have enjoyed this game however the goal posts keep changing and their is only so much Players will take

    clan wars are imminent and  I guess gem spend will be pushed even further. More reason for decent gem rewards now and then

    Old Boy Smash

    I’m too old to know about spam and stickies and whatever hell you all talk about but this is supposed to be for fun so let’s all get together and send a message to Rovio.

    Your a business and want to make a profit, we get that and understand but don’t get greedy. You keep nibbling away and you leave us with nothing. We will tire and soon you will be worth nothing keep pushing and your AB bubble will BURST


    Back in the old days Rovio was a small Finnish company. Now they are a publicly traded corporation worth $1billion. Before they were interested in the players who enjoyed their games. Now they are interested in making their shareholders richer. I expect things to get even worse down the road.


    Back in the “good old days” ~~ What a great topic!
    I remember when AB was about skill, not about how much money you can spend on winning power-ups and feathers and whatnot.  Players were on a level playing field, except for skill in gameplay.</p>
    I actually played the original AB before power-ups were introduced into that game, and I never had to spend $$$ to pass a level or earn rewards.

    I truly and intensely dislike what has happened to the Rovio games.  The movie characters are gross!  I am also disgusted by the Evolution Birds.  I miss old school AB gameplay!



    I agree. The movie version of the birds and pigs is unappealing and some of the birds in “Angry Birds Evolution” are ugly. I like it better when they have their original designs.


    To be honest, I liked the movie, but this is not the topic at hand…

    I agree with @suzanne003 when it comes to the skill. Now most of the levels are dependent on luck (at least in the later stages or some clan challenges).

    I also miss actually progressing in the game. Repetetiveness had made the trail unappealing, the feather rewards on the trail are a joke compared to 50.000 feathers for leveling up. I miss the old day where I was happy about every black pearl I earned, now I have 94.000 of them and the only way to spend them would be x10 hats, what doesn’t make any sense.

    Mechanic Pig

    Luckily, Black Pearls can’t be bought for money to give to the greedy company, Rovio.


    It’s a matter of time:)


    Actually, you can spend money on those bonus tickets in the gem shop.  And then use the bonus tickets to buy black pearls.  I don’t know any other way to get the bonus tickets.


    The movie can just not make less sense and @datguygamer also hates the movie design so nothing new the movie is bad.

    Mechanic Pig

    @mikelandau I know. I mean buying black pearls manually, without letting anything else be bought.


    @quickgaming Yes, I hate the movie designs and any game associated with them.


    I miss getting a whole game when you paid for it up front.  I never liked this business model where you download for free up front but then suffer through ads and have offers to buy gems put in your face over and over again.

    Jon S

    Coming from a guy that’s been with this game since it even became Angry Birds 2… What I truly miss is the creativity behind the scenes. Back in the day,  that was what Rovio was all about.  The Original AB, AB Seasons, AB Space, AB Stella, AB Star Wars 2 and AB2 (formerly Under Pigstruction) were the bomb, so to speak.  They were proud of their games.

    The levels now have become too monotonous for my liking and a chore.  When I’m playing Hambodia, I forget I’m really playing that chapter instead of Central Pork, Hamazonas and Gravity Grove.  Like I said and I’ll say it again…out of the 40 new levels they always put out, only 6 panels are unique.  That’s it.


    I agree, Jon, the new levels are usually just remakes of previous levels. Gravity Grove was the last really innovative levels. Though now there are lava levels in the clan challenges. They are pretty interesting but extremely difficult. We have to bring the big guns for those challenges.

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