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  • …and Rovio’s naked cash grab continues.

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  • suzanne003

    Stuporman (@stuporman), how do you know this?  Are you assuming that all CvC Battles will have the option to use spells, or has Rovio confirmed as fact?

    Please advise, Thanks!

    BTW, I don’t think this spells thing has been motivated solely by $$$, but I agree that’s def part of the reason for it.  I’m sure there were folks asking for the option to use spells.  I think it will skew the results of CvC, don’t you?  And not in a good way.


    One clanmate contacted Rovio and was told that the use of spells in the clan battle is now the rule. Another was told by Rovio that the spells were only available for the Valentine’s Day battle.


    People ssemes to like the idea of being able to use spells in the clan before , that it would add a new element to the gameplay. I perpersona like it , longer battle and spells, short battle no spells. Mix it up.

    I’m in two minds about this, but veering more towards being against it.

    If this spell usage is the norm now, then players would need to take a full set of spells in with them to be competetive. We can expect the top players to be doing this anyway.

    I for example only have only a measly single blizzard left in my spell arsenal. I like to keep these spells handy for the last steps in the streak for arena, but now I won’t have enough to take into CVC or the arena as I’m using them up sooner. That means I score less and won’t make the contribution I want to the battle for the clan I’m in.

    The CVC was introduced with the intention of using only the flock power and no spells. Who knows why they decided to change this, but I don’t think they should have. It just means people need to use up valuable spells and risk not being able to keep pace with those players in CVC that are taking full advantage of the new feature. I guess they just want us to spend more. I don’t like that.


    I have seen a fair share of players asking for spells in battle and bootcamp. I find even without spells you can get a great score on these, though they of course do help. If you don’t have much wait until the end to do it with spells when you have a better understanding of the maps.


    I have no idea why Rovio would allow spells in any of the competitive modes. I can understand how the players would want spells in the regular challenges. But I don‘t understand what improvement it will bring to allow spells in CvC…


    It’s simple why they would allow spells:

    1) Each spell has a random effect, besides Mighty Eagle which destroys all pigs in a room. One time Golden Duck will destroy every pig and the other time it will not even scratch the same structures (that is why I am against spells in clan battle)

    that leads to

    a) more attempts to max out score

    b) even when a player don’t spend gems on another try, he will fast run out of spells and buy new with gems/money


    So to paraphrase a song: gimme gimme gimme ….


    For the last few days I was pretty active in the Arena so yesterday without any warning (about allowing spells) I was left with no blizzard spells. Today I bought 18 blizzards for 380 hardly earned gems :(


    I think that’s why this event is longer too, to give us more time to play around and have a good run where the randomness works for us. Stick to free plays, there’s a lot.

    “If you don’t have much wait until the end to do it with spells when you have a better understanding of the maps.”

    This isn’t a bad strategy, thank you @ryan-kochie :)

    Play a couple of the rounds for free and get familiar with the rooms, then bring in the spells towards the end. I guess you just need some luck with the spells coming out in the lucky order but it’ll save wasting them when you have a bad run.


    Yes and also get tips from clanmates, watch videos first of what they do with spells and such. To save spells I’m doing one with spells a day, until closer to the zero hour. Bring 5 spells the order is fixed, so some clanmates play with 5, you see what they do, you know generally what to do. And how to do it without. I’ve been getting some good strikes with just birds, almost equal to what I’m getting with spells.

    Eagle Eye

    Just another way to drain us of spells and gems. This CvC event just about bled me dry

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