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  • Hey, AB2 Players!

    Can anybody throw me a bone (i. e., a strategy!) for the Tower of Fortune?

    I am curious about getting up to the higher floors without spending a gazillion gems.

    Once, I got supremely lucky and made it to floor 32 or something, and I spent 800 gems on my last turn, to keep all the stuff I won.

    It seems totally random, but if anyone can point me on the path to getting up to floor 60’ I’d be very grateful!


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  • SquawkTron

    There’s not really a strategy to make it further in the Tower of Fortune, it’s just based on luck. However, it wouldn’t hurt to pick the same card twice sometimes. Besides that, there’s not much else.

    There is a thread on the forum about ‘Conspiracy theories’ or so which mentions ToF – many people think it’s engineered to make you lose gems and I too have wondered whether the damn thing is a set up.

    Reason being is that on far too many occasions – far too much to be simply back luck – that many of us get a pig on the second floor, time and time again. I do now believe it’s simply bad luck but makes you wonder why you get the pig more often than something else.

    I went through a round of getting gems on every floor until level 6 – I know that doesn’t sound much but that has never happened before and likely won’t again, but perhaps simply a case of good luck of course!

    I also saw a suggestion in our clan chat about how to improve your chances… i won’t share it here but I did try it once and got lucky, but next time I didn’t, so I’m of the opinion it is indeed random.

    You don’t necessarily want to be choosing the card that the pig appeared in last time, in the hope that it’s likely to change position, because I’ve found that isn’t the case either (at least in my experience).


    Jesus, Rovio I hope You will bankrupt soon. Achieved 10th floor. I quitted after getting four pigs.

    Today: 1st floor, feathers. 2nd floor, pig. I gave up.


    Do not try to force win the ToF. You will pay a lot, if you get greedy. There is no real strategy. 8/10 times I quit without even paying the first pig – Today I would have paid for ONE feather. ONE!
    Don’t try to continue after such a rip-off.

    One day, you will reach higher levels by chance. The best run I had was level 61 and I only paid 1.570 gems in total (and won more than 3.000). But this is like every 2-3 months…

    Mechanic Pig

    On the ToF, I try my luck ONLY on the first floor and see if I can get the top prize of 10 gems. I get 5 bonus gems from the daily quests too!


    Today had a nice run in ToF – 17 floors, 2 pigs but none gems. Lucky me.


    Hey, Everyone!

    Thanks so much for sharing your suggestions and your experiences, and theories, about ToF! To SquawkTron, Vogel Birdson (@stevey), Mechanic Pig (@christian cosgrove), Piggsy (@piggsy), jo-ha (@ jo-ha), thanks so much for your comments and support!!  I hope I mentioned all who replied!

    I did see a strategy suggesting to choose the same card every time.  That helps a bit, but I switch to a different card when Pig approaches my card, if that makes sense.  Also, for me, Pig card shows up at the far right in level 6 about 8 out of 10 times.  I also have found that, once I get the Pig two times, I will hit the Pig every single time, about 8 of 10 times.  So, I am certain there’s some way Rovio has programmed ToF to correctly anticipate which card I will choose?!  It seems so weird.

    I have yet to pass Floor 41, and I have been playing for almost 2 years!

    / Vogel Birdson, I would love to hear the strategy your friend suggested, just to give it a try!  I really appreciate your interesting comment and would love to chat with you about game strategy if you’re interested!  Reply to this comment and maybe we can get in touch and chat?  Thanks!

    Suzanne (aka Zannie / suzanne003)



    The rewards for ToF are a bit poor, usually I will play through to level 6 and quit. Knowing that on levels 1 and 5 I can’t get a pig.  The most I’ve ever reached is 16, when the Viking and American Football hats were available I did quit at level 11 one time each once I got the special hat for red.


    I got pig on 7th floor today but there was some “improvement” at ToF. I was able to pay 20 gems or watch an ad to continue my play. I watched an ad and got another chance but at 8th floor again there was hiding pig behind card. What’s interesting I was prompted to pay 50 gems to play again.


    As you advance you run into ‘pig storms’ where you basically hit a pig 3 or 4 times out of 5… Nothing unusual.



    RIP Piggies

    I’m “lucky” enough to get to floor 20 odd every 3 months or so, and got to 40+ only twice since it was introduced. Along the way, I’ve probably paid a few more gems than I’ve got back.


    Like I wrote before.. that app learns the strategy you use, you have to change it after every move. This works sometimes.

    After you won many items, you will get pigs before you reach the 5th floor the next day, it doesn’t matter which strategy you use.


    I was just offered to “Play on for free” by watching an ad.  This would be a very interesting change.  I was on Level 2, i’m not sure if that affects where it’ll appear.



    With these 13x hatsets I’ve played all of them with two aliases and every single time I got 10th or 5th floor hat with first attempt?!? I’d say ToF is rigged… How’s your experience with that?


    I get to 20th floor maybe once per week. I’ve gotten 50+ maybe once every 3-4 months on pure luck. My strategy is to quit if I get more than 2 pigs before 10th floor, watch the vids and take my meager winnings. If I don’t get to the 20th level before the 200 gem payoff, I quit. 30th level 400 gems. If I get two pigs immediately – quit, by that I mean don’t even take the meager offerings – why? cause eff you rovio, that’s why. Be patient, rovio WANTS you to use up gems, buy more. Don’t do it. Like the others say, one day you’ll get a lucky streak and you want to make sure you have gems to pay for it. By the way, when you get up to level 40+, the gems and feathers rewards are MUCH greater. Good luck!


    I’ve yet to see offer to watch video to continue. Do they come higher levels or am I just unlucky? If amount of pigs I tend to find it’s probably the latter. It’s amazing how good I’m finding a pig just before reaching pig-free level…



    Thought I update – I had a nice run in the TOF today. Got to the “apparent” top level, like 63 or something, it just suddenly ended. I spent 20, 50, 100, 200 gems then used the video (don’t know why some of you are getting the video option). I scored over 700 gems, 500 pearls, 3000 feathers, 30+ spells (varied). Probably got 3 x3 hats that I already had. Did NOT get the prize egg, selected the wrong card. Strategy – Rovio has been crapping on me lately, so I quit if I get more than one piggie before level 10, two piggies before level 20, etc. This time didn’t see my first piggie until 28 or so, then hit it twice in a row. Kept going and got to 55 before seeing the fourth piggie. That took me over the top. The bigger rewards above 40 really kept me going and I had saved up gems to pay for it. As far as card choice, I play that the piggie will stay on one side for a 3 count, and will not stay in the same card for 3 selections. Doing this, I bounce from one side to the other. Doesn’t work all the time, but it did this time. Only happens like every 3-4 months. Be patient, save your gems and wait for the big run. Good luck!


    I used to get the free continue video, and suddenly it just stopped.

    Since it did, I get a pig on Floor 2 probably 90% of the time and Floor 3 on most of the others attempts.  I’ve only made it to Floor 5 twice since the free video disappeared.  Floor 6 was a pig and since I had not earned any gems, I wasn’t going to spend for a few spells, 10 pearls, and 11 feathers.  The other I made it to Floor 60 (only the second time I ever made it that high) but it cost me about 1,000 gems (and all I had earned in the TOF) at the end because I hit a pig on 58 and 59.  After that, there was no higher floor, and I noticed the feat of reaching Floor 90 has vanished.

    Inigo Montoya

    I limit myself to 170 gems, pick the card that was last a gem (or spell if I’m already on that card) and hope for the best; so far it’s gotten me to Level 48 and a Steampunk Hat, but a fella can dream.

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