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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 1,636,440: Ranked 53 out of 213 w/ 14 scores entered
Level 10-153,220113-60053,454-234n/a
Level 10-2119,38049-10,600108,992+10,388n/a
Level 10-3175,15080-12,820171,921+3,229n/a
Level 10-4124,04076-19,630121,684+2,356n/a
Level 10-5106,35045-9,240101,026+5,324n/a
Level 10-676,760126-4,61077,743-983n/a
Level 10-7126,83028-5,470116,002+10,828n/a
Level 10-8169,76075-9,290168,752+1,008n/a
Level 10-9143,68052-7,310137,002+6,678n/a
Level 10-10137,65062-8,370136,835+815n/a
Level 10-1172,43042-14,08066,182+6,248n/a
Level 10-12118,74021-4,200112,636+6,104n/a
Level 10-13101,72082-7,790100,818+902n/a
S-24 Bonus110,73048-9,330106,373+4,357n/a