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  • Eric2203

    @mingkee27 Thanks. Re-installing did the trick.


    The emblem “Vengeful” is changed too. Before, it made also damage to the banner. Now it only deals damage to all opponents birds.

    (Vengeful – Whenever one of your birds is knocked out, it explodes and deals damage to all opponent birds.)


    Retaliate however still damages the banner though it’s description reads similar to Vengeful.


    Can anyone confirm if the GP timezone exploit still works in the new release?


    @essamar I don’t think it’s forced. I played my morning objectives not knowing there was an update. Haven’t visited the forum for a while. Spare time spent grinding sheer madness I know.

    we are in the same league. Love the dog is it yours?


    It’s a greywolf


    What??Paladin raises its sale?Luckily I bought it early~


    @mingkee27 it’s beautiful. I owned a husky a few years ago still miss him.


    @hack1ge yes it is ;)


    Once more an update without anything new…

    Angry Johnny

    The update will become forced within a week as is standard with Epic updates.

    Another thing I just noticed that is new; the friend that have the daily free golden pig is now temporarily moved to the top of your friendlist so you do not have to look for who it is that have the free roll. Nice.

    So finally an update which is focused on decreasing the micro management. Brilliant. Hadn’t noticed the friend gp yet. Just installed the update myself this morning. So far it becomes nicer to work with anyway.


    Another new objective found: win with Red twice without getting beaten (Red icon with shield).
    Except Red is Avenger, it’s unlikely getting beaten.


    Can they fix the Epic failure that keeping many people from running the app?


    Noticed that the Friends tab in the arena now shows your friends and scores, instead of being just blank like before.

    The update finally fixed my permanent KO issue I had and some others had. YAY!

    I’m about to verify that SRC still gives you a 100 snoutlings at the end.


    Ah well seems that today the update is being forced, so fingers crossed that I don’t get this problem as well. Don’t understand thinking process of rovio anymore, others updates wait more than a week to be forced and now after two days with a possible bug, whatever.


    I had some syncing problems when I updated to 1.2.6. All my defensive items tripled in my inventory. For example, I used to have 10 Lightning Tomes and now I have 30 of them. My offensive items didn’t increase in number.

    I like some of the changes they made in the arena, but one bug they fixed only created another problem which causes you to lose when you shouldn’t. When I use my Sea Dog’s Gang Up attack on an enemy banner that has knockout and my Sea Dog gets stunned he used to be able to attack despite being stunned. Now if he still had a turn to use when he got stunned the game freezes since it won’t let you attack anymore and it doesn’t end the turn like it should.


    Noticed a change with this update. If you have a bird with rebirth, like Chuck and Blues with those set items that allow that, and you either use Rogue’s goo or Matilda’s thorns, when the bird revives, the goo or thorns are dispelled. Happens to either my birds or my opponents.


    I can’t get past the loading screen when it says Synchronizing version. Does anyone know how to get around this?

    @killerkea, don’t forget to send that seadog one to Rovio as well…


    after latest updating I have new daily objectives, for example:

    win arena battles and knock out 3 birds while they are attacking your banner

    I couldn´t manage it. Can you give me some clue? :)

    Thanks ;)


    The ability to craft 10X ingredients and potions is a risk vs reward scenario. If you get 3 stars, it will be as if you got 3 stars for all 10 times you crafted the item. However, if you get a low star score, the same applies, and yes, you need 10 friendship essences to re-roll. It’s not just a faster way to craft items.


    Thank you very much for links :-) It is exactly what I need ;)


    @korath88 It is faster, but more expensive if you have bad luck.

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