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  • March 17, 2015

    What’s NEW
    Epic Updates
    New Events Keep an eye on the map for new events (with exciting rewards,yay)

    Season 1 – the end is in sight. Rewards incoming!

    New Daily Objective in the PvP Bird Arena.

    Crafting Improvements – now craft 10 resources at once.

    Shop Improvements – now purchase bird classes in the shop!

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  • Napoleongl

    Small design changes in arena. Icon for back replaced with island
    GAPM wears a crown (presumably for the league you’re in)
    Bomb and Mathilda have been turned around as not to obscure your position in the league.
    Can jump from nest directly to arena.
    That’s it so far. In half an hour I’ll know if the gp time zone still works.

    Mighty Red

    Also, a video icon now shows up on the GPM and GAPM to inform that a video ad roll is available.


    Inside the arena.
    The objective ending time is set same as weekly closing time (1600EDT)
    The lineup of birds is different.

    This is how Golden Pig looks.

    The nest
    If a free video comes up, it’s shown on Golden Pig.
    Instant access to Arena.
    Cup moved.

    The forge changed.

    Now you can make 10x potions and ingredients.

    New McCool Shop. Class Shop added.

    Inside the Class Store. You can buy 5 classes.

    Thanks for all the screenprints… Looks good!


    “Now you can make 10x potions and ingredients.”

    It’s about time! Making dozens of potions and cakes at once used to be so freaking tedious.

    Bird Leader

    Thanks to all of you for sharing. We have a post up here as well.


    Does anyone know if they fixed the bug to repurchase headgear after you have achieved level 10 mastery?


    Seemingly not. The class shop only shows one class for me, Paladin (75LC), but I already have that. Upon exiting the shop ABE crashed :(


    So I got two new objectives today that I’ve never seen before.

    One was to KO three birds with Matilda, and the other was to win 2 arena battles with Red without him being KO’d once.

    My third was winning two battles without healing the banner, but I’ve gotten that one before.


    Umm…what does the class shop mean? I see it’s kind of pointless to buy classes I already had…:S


    Is this a forced update or do you have to opt to update.


    I was not forced to update at the initial rollout. However, they might require it at a later date.


    This update broke x86-based tablets again. At least for me.

    , it’s not meant to show you classes you already own. It’s for people who don’t.


    Besides new objectives has anything else in the arena changed? Are the awards for completing objectives still 1000, 1500 and 3000?


    They are still 1000, 1500 and 3000 in the Silver League.


    Same in Diamond


    This happens on mine once, but once you uninstall and reinstall, and login again with Rovio account, you should be fine.


    So… did the update and can no longer log in. Failed at mid-point of “loading levels”. Gave it 30 minutes to try (in case it was just feeling a little tired & run-down…). No change. Exited, performed a forced stop. Restarted – same exact issue. Uninstalled the app. Reinstalled the app. Now it sits there with the sync bar full, just spinning its wheels.
    HTC M8 running Android 4.4.4.
    This really is a rubbish update. Just plain ordinary rubbish.
    Apart from that, how can they ignore all the feedback on this board (& we all know it is read…) and not add to the original gameplay?
    Not much point getting worked up over a game, however they have lost me. Time for a non Rovio “time waster”.
    Adios folks, it was fun for a while…


    1.2.6 definitely seems snappier and more responsive than the previous version on my (admittedly ageing) iPhone 4.

    Chuck’s Wizard class now heals 10% of all the damage dealt with the Time Set Items, including damage done to 3 other enemies. Before it was simply 10% of the damage healed from the enemy that took the highest 100% damage.


    The new layout just cost me 75 LC, as I accidentally brushed against the shopping cart in the nest and Re-bought paladin, which I have owned for about 6 months. I had been saving up for Skulkers, and now it’s going to be another 4 weeks


    A resurrected bird is now cleared of all debuffs including stun.


    And the bug in wave 2 of SRC, whereby a stunned bird would be stunned for two rounds rather than one, has been fixed.


    @mingkee27, wow, I never know this game have in Chinese.


    @tigerussell WHAT??? All debuffs cleared after a instant revival? This is even more OP’ed than last time! It’s a pain to fight against Resurrection enemies, especially when they are superbuffed with set items that I am too unlucky too get (thanks to the GPM’s strange set item output in Rainbow Riot) AND stronger in at least 2 more ways. @kyododom But it’s good that the stun thing in SRC is fixed. Why do I have to wait an enemy’s turn for my Tricksters to unstun? @pjng What do you think? There are versions of Epic in every language in the world. Because it’s released worldwide.

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