Tower of Fortune is just as rigged.

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  • gjs96743

    I saw that. Be interesting to see what Rovio “discloses”.

    Mechanic Pig

    Sunday- 2

    Monday- 12!!!


    Some days it seems rigged big time. I got to level 61 for all Viking hats. The pig stayed on 3rd card most of the time when I hit the pig. Other times, he might stay on what ever card twice. I did avoid him mostly up to level 30, hit a few more times up to 61. I usually have crap luck 99% of the time while others get all the luck.

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    Mechanic Pig

    Thursday- 4

    Friday- 8


    @cognitive – as promised, my 10 day history in the ToF is:

    Day      Level of 1st Pig
    H                    2
    F                   22     — this was the start of the Viking Hat event
    S                     7
    S                     2
    M                   4
    T                    9
    W                   2
    H                    3
    F                     2
    S                     3

    I picked from left to right each day.


    In other words, Rovio level probabilities have been temporarily suspended to entice more people to play the Tower. Kinda hard to get people to play if they get nailed at 2 60% of the time.

    I follow my strategy of  ‘pig less likely to be in same spot where pig was in last floor’. In other words, first pick no pigs, then second pick if you avoid pig, for third pick choose the same spot the pig was in the previous level. That has worked well for me, generally thru 10th floor. Floors following a hat floor are not generally subject to the rule so 6th floor pick isn’t really dependent on 4th and so on.


    Mechanic Pig

    Using @redsignals strategy, I only lost 2 gems!


    I should advise you that strategy doesn’t always work. The company varies the odds of the Tower. Sometimes I get lucky, mostly not. They have definitely improved the odds during this Viking hat event though. I’ve been paying to play a few time a day, getting at least one good run and picking up thousands of feathers without blowing my gem balance.


    Just because the pig was card 3, he will be the on 3 on the next card a lot of the time too, especially when I made my run to floor 61. He ended up on the 3rd card a good majority of the time, thinking he would not be there so quickly, I hit him again. Otherwise I might have gone further. Fortunately I kept hitting 810 gem cards to counter what I was paying after hitting the pig. I couldn’t believe I came out with over 2000 gems more than what I paid out. Feathers was a jack pot too. I played quick, trying not to think what card the pig might be at. That might have been a good thing over thinking about it.


    I have only seen the flurry of 810 gem cards once, and indeed came out of the ToF at level 60 to 70 with 3k gems. There have been many instances where I make it to 20-30 and have hardly 100-200 gems, tho.

    More likely than not there’s a pig storm, 3 or 4 pigs in 4-5 cards in a row. If you’re at the 400 each level things could get ugly.


    What I typically do in the AB2 tower is see where the pig was, then pick the card 2 spaces away.

    Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think once I managed to get in the 60s with this method.

    Mechanic Pig

    I’ll try that too.


    The whole game is rigged.  I have been playing the game on two seperate devices with two different accounts. One of the accounts I have paid for the daily gem letter and on the other game I haven’t paid for anything. When I play with the account I bought something. I hardly get past stage 3 of the ToF unless I pay gems. On the other hand the game without me paying for the farthest I’ve reached is stage 15.

    If you pay real $ for anything I’ve noticed all the following changes compared to the non pay:.. 1) Arena the damage meter slightly increases compared to ur opponent. Ex. Meter is half, opponent slighty has a bit on it The next level I haven’t even reached 3/4 when the opponent filled theirs and got a xtra card.. Not only that but how is possible to go from 8,000-20,000 score points in one hit of their birds whose power is way less than mine(my are 65-72, opponent 60-65)


    Today I picked the pigs at 27, 28 and 29th floors, how nice!

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