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  • Epekkamaster

    You are right, but I’m a low level player with only weak hats so it’s what I do


    There’s a top?


    Another bogus round today. Honestly, with all the pearls from the cheap hats every five floors, I will probably be able to buy a FANCY hat. Just Kidding. Still, I quit on the 4th floor after the second pig. I’m not paying 100 that soon.


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    Nearly every day now it’s a pig in the second round and if I am suckered into 20 gems with 1 feather to show for it, I get maybe 10 gems or feathers in round 2, then maybe a duck or two, then at level 5 another pig. Come on people…

    I’m writing a ToF simulator that – using the probabilities we know so far, one pig in four cards) plays and calculates average path length. I’ve decided to stop if pig in 2nd, or a second pig below 7th or 8th.

    I’m hard pressed to believe first pig at 1 is a near constant occurrence.


    On my old iPad I have to wait 24 hours between tries. And in 11 tries, in a row, I got the pig on the third card. Every. Single. Time. Actually more than 11 since I didn’t start keeping up until it happened several times in a row. On newer iPad, I can play every hour, and make progress. Today, as it has since I started playing it said jackpot at 30. So I played, spending gems, last batch was 800, until I got to 30, nothing happened. Kept playing, and on the 35th floor it jumped to Jackpot 60th floor. What happened to my 30th floor Jackpot that I spent all those gems on? Should I have just waited? Hit exit? The win should have been automatic. No way would I waste money on trying for the 60th floor.
    ETA: Jan. 21 Got to number 5 yesterday. And it was the pig. Funny. Same thing today.


    I don’t think t is rigged, I got to floor 15 with no pigs… no joke, I got 150 gems. I got a pig on floor 16 but I payed gems then claimed my rewards


    Yesterday I was doing well, hit some pigs, and then on floor 29. Boom! I was in the homestretch and… PIG!!! I couldn’t afford it.

    Maxime Michaud

    it is my third day that i have the pig in the second floor..


    Well…I’m done. I had some gems saved up. I got 4 pigs in a row on the exact same card. That’s just pathetic. After the 2nd pig I figured it was no way the pig would show up again in the next level on the same card. It did…..twice more. I’m done with this game for a while.


    Just a few observations about the Tower, after a month of playing it (and it playing me!):

    • I try to follow the gems. I do believe there are several patterns the tower follows in placing them. Based on where the gems are in the B level, I can often guess where they’ll be next. Unfortunately, none of the patterns I’ve learned holds past level 4. Plus, the next two points break the pattern.
    • For me, clicking the same card twice in a row almost always gives me a pig.
    • Clicking the card the pig was just at almost always gives me a pig too.
    • The advice I’ve read on this thread that seems to help the most is to click as far from the last location of the pig as you can.
    • I was not one of these fortunate enough to get Fancy Hats at floor 30, but the Tower did help me complete two of the x3 hat sets, giving me an Elder Emerald slingshot. On the other hand, I now have more than 9,000 Black Pearls, so maybe I’ll get to buy a Fancy Hat eventually.
    • I’ve never had the nerve, or gems, to go past floor 45.
    • If you’re among those only allowed to play every 12 hours, or if you frequently get the pig before you get any worthwhile loot, there is rather simple way to compensate yourself for this, at least on iOS. No hacking required.

    I’ve been a little surprised about the bad luck some of you had with gems losses. I took advantage of the 20,000 gem offer before Christmas, and although I burned through most of them in that first giddy week, I also leveled up all my birds to Pristine Bronze and got several of them past Pristine Silver. (All at Pristine Gold now, by the way.) Since that purchase a month ago, though, I have not had to spend any money on gems. I’ve even managed to grow my balance from a low of 1,000 to more than 3,500 through Tower winnings. It helps that I almost never need gems to finish a level or win in the Arena, though the daily challenge is another story.


    I don’t think there’s any pattern programmed in the location of the pig – it isn’t worth doing so given a random assignment will just be as effective. However, based on my experiments, there’s a tendency of the pig appearing in levels ending with a 4 or 9 which makes perfect sense as people are more willing to pay before a guaranteed jackpot (hats) level. Disregarding level 1 which has much smaller chance of revealing a pig, 911 out of 3646 openings were pigs, for a proportion of almost exactly 25%. Out of these, 350 out of 898 openings in levels X4 and X9 were pigs; this proportion is 39% and, if you’re willing to assume independence between levels and calculate a confidence interval, the lower bound is much higher than 25% at any reasonable confidence level. So next time don’t be surprised if you meet a pig just before reaching the hats – evidence has that this behaviour is programmed into the game.


    Sorry about this being off-topic, but this morning when I played the TOF, BANG! A pig pops up. 20 gems. But then after that came a 50 gem penalty, and then a 100. Anyone else noticed this change? Or am I just seeing things?


    No, that happened to me yesterday. It’s to entice you not to quit immediately because you think 50 gems isn’t such s huge number. But then you’re hit with another 100 right away and then 200. All of a sudden, you’re 370 gems down and have only amassed 60 or so in the TOF. You’re screwed because before, you’d have quit right away after the first or second pig popped up. You lose sight of the real cost.

    We should be guaranteed a minimum of 200 gems each day. Otherwise, again, not worth it.


    I broke the Tower! Using @redsignals strategy of following the gems, I ended on floor 46, and amassed, 1331 Terrence feathers, 4 Mighty Eagles, 1408 Gems, 130 Black Pearls, a Golden Duck, a Hot Chili, 3 Blizzards, the Blues’ Cowboy Hat, and a Pig Inflator! I only saw 4 pigs.

    Note, I did spend 99 cents to survive the last pig, only because I was greedy. I don’t think I’ll be spending any more money on this game soon. If this strategy works for you, please tell me, because if it does, we have truly won the Tower of Fortune.


    There are good days and bad days, SumoBro. There is no chance, or not much of a chance. I have done a few experiments and it doesn’t matter what card I choose. Right now I am just hitting the far left card over and over. I get the same results if I hit the far right card over and over, middle cards over and over, or switch things up. The results are always about the same, give or take a few feathers.

    Somebody, or maybe more than one person, posted a while back that what you draw is predetermined no matter what card you hit, as with any electronic game. That seems to be the case here. If you are up for a pig you will get a pig no matter where you draw.

    I have about 35,000 gems saved up and still don’t reach level 90 very often. And when I do, I get a fancy hat I already have about half the time. I find that if my max level is 50, it will be about 50 no matter how many times I take a run at it. And I have a way of trying over and over if I don’t like the results.

    So yes, it is rigged. The tower is a gem eater if you don’t know how to keep your gems. And gems mean money. If you are using an iOS device I suggest you use my method of keeping gems. Just ask if you need help with that.

    Edit: If any of you math gurus want stats to work with, I have written down where levels I have hit the pig. Just friend and PM me if you want the numbers.


    @redsignals @sumobro

    I appreciate your post on the Tower, RedSignals, and have used your thinking to better guide my hand. Here is a little feedback. Since I’ve implemented your observations into my own method of playing the Tower, I have played the Tower 19 times. One of those 19 runs cost me 11 Gems, but in those same 19 Tower runs, I have been awarded a total of 510 Gems by the Tower. I have increased by reservoir of Black Pearls by 350. Some runs I leave after level 5 with 10 BP. Other runs reach level 25 before I exit. I play my strategy and, above all, don’t get greedy. I have no hope of reaching the top of the 90 Level Tower, so I focus instead on accumulating Black Pearls. The Tower is proving to be a reliable source for those. So we are each having different experiences of the Tower. I like it!


    I’ve settled into a strategy with the Tower of risking no more than the 20 gems unless I have accumulated enough loot to cover the losses of 100, 200, etc. This means I rarely get beyond level 9 anymore. As a strategy for growing my game “wealth”, it is working. Since my last post I’ve earned another 2000 gems, 2000 pearls, and more spells than I know what to do with. I have not, however, earned many feathers. In my best runs, which under my playing strategy happen only once a week or so, I can earn a couple thousand feathers.

    I really don’t see any means for me to get Fancy Hats at this rate though. It peeves me to read of people winning them after level 30, whereas I would have to gamble 20,000+ gems reaching level 90 in the Tower in hopes of winning one. I’ve ponied up hundreds of real dollars in pursuit of maxing out my bird levels, but this is where I draw the line.


    20.000 gems loss is a lucky run…very lucky…

    James Peden

    Up until yesterday I played the tower with 3 cards and got a x3 hat at level 15 and a fancy hat at level 30. Now I play with 4 cards and only get a ×3 hat at level 30 and have no idea how many levels there are. I guess I will be st I can at 4 Fancher hats. Complete B.S.

    Jon S


    James, You’re NOT alone. When I played KPP today I noticed I was given 3 hours to beat the challenge. Huh, pretty generous and normally it was always 1hr for me since the christmas update until yesterday, because I live in Canada (and i guess it matters and US have different games). I haven’t played the tower in 3-4 weeks since I got all the fancy hats and I didn’t feel the need to. When I opened the tower for fun, my mouth sunk. Like you, I too had a 3 card game and fancy hats can be won at level 30…Well NOT ANYMORE. Now I have 4 cards now, and I won’t see a fancy hat until I reach floor 90! Agreed, it’s complete B.S.


    With the February update and introduction of Pristine Azure came one nasty change for me with the Tower: after a round last night, it locked me out for 14 hours. After playing today, the next interval is 19 hours. Until now I had 1-hour intervals.

    Worse, I was previously able, in iOS, to get another chance at it simply by force rebooting the game. They have closed that loophole.

    The Tower was fun while it lasted. At this rate it’s going to be a long, long time before I can level up to Pristine Azure, and those Fancy Hats might as well be made of unobtainium.

    I feel like Rovio is trying to ween me off AB2. I suppose I should thank them. :-/

    James Peden

    I am going to be stuck at 4 fancy hats now as going to level 90 for 1 instead of level 30 is not going to happen. Also the last 3 times I get to the fancy hats I already had all 3 of the ones they gave me to choose from . B.SMS. it only takes like 3 lines of code to have it to not offer you hats you already have. Also I have 3 cowboy, pirate, knight and winter hats and every time I get one from the tower it is one I have.

    John Wainer

    It’s not about just saving up to get the 90 levels. It’s 3 things.

    1. Don’t pay if the pig comes out at the very beginning. Be patient.

    2. Save your money till you get a good spin. Which means you get at least 8 prizes in a row and make sure you are getting more gems than spending. Really, it happens – maybe once or twice per month.

    3. I suppose you need an average 25,000 gems to get to level 90 with average luck. But of course, much of this will be returned in the end.


    No fuc*in way Rovio, 5 floors and 3 pigs? I took my chances but that was hilarious – barely reached fifth floor and lost 170 gems. Wow i won 22 gems, thank you. How am I suppose to get to top floor, when you use that greedy tricks? Go fuc* yourself, really. I’m quitting that game, it’s not for my nerves anymore and if I play someday AB2 again I will use every glitch you can’t fix, to repair my status. What? You threaten me, that you will ban me? Go ahead, and go fuc* yourself again. It’s just a waste of time.

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