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  • The Dark Knight

    Rachet is an expensive character to buy his bundle but in the first days of when drift was announced his bundle was 29,99 euros! holly mother of god!!!


    @elpapam at least when drift came up, we could win him in a comp at the same time.

    The Dark Knight

    @jasebree indeed! i won him pretty easy in that competition although it was 7500 tokens and not to mention toooo high price in my opinion!


    Life just got in the way and before I knew it I had lost 4,500 tokens

    @paul13 The only problem I’ve had with completing the daily tasks is if there is only one or two hours left before the daily task board resets, and I’m so close to reaching the final goal, but I happen to fall asleep before I can complete the remaining task(s). I don’t know what you do to complete the daily tasks, but what I do, if I have the time, is when I have to wait for my battery live to recharge, I play the regular nodes to complete the daily tasks. Unless there is a glitch preventing you from doing this, it possible to complete the daily tasks with both the regular nodes and the special event nodes, especially if it is done right.


    I never got a chance to redeem any of my tokens in this event…



    Yes I do all of that also but it would help a lot if when Rovio sets the Daily Task’s they are 1’s that are getable but lately I’m finding they are not as with the TNT boxes or the Gold coin blocks or do x number of runs on a certain section and they are not there. Like I said how many times in normal runs when there is no TNT or Coin Blocks never unless they are in a task.


    Hmmmm sale ended today at 00:00 UTC / GMT. Another day of rest.

    By midnight tonight at 16:00 UTC / GMT when the daily quest ends, all the tokens still left behind, will change to something else.

    yes what you do towards completing a task will count in all playable areas:
    in the normal / map events AND the live events / competition AND not forgetting the Jenga mode. Unlock Jenga for USD $9.95.

    In Jenga mode you can shoot to collect pigs, golden blocks, glass blocks, and it counts towards visiting the Beach. It also has 24 hours challenges where completing enough will get either coins, and occasionally +10 gems.

    Predicting that next competition or the one after that will feature Hot Rods i.e. Dead End, Rodimus, Ricochet, Drift. So waiting for it to get Drift. And upgrading all the Hot Rods in anticipation.


    Still no new live event yet over the last 23 hours. No sale either.

    Let’s see what will happen in 10 hours 12 mins time, at 00:00 UTC / GMT+0.

    davie boy

    Anyone having success against Unicron? I haven’t been able to defeat him once this event. I’ve been mostly using level 15 Energon Grimlock with sword and Halloween hat. Twice I ran into him with Level 12 Energon Lockdown with explosive rounds and clip. I run out of time every time, even if I don’t do any driving. Will any of the other available bots take him out? I guess I should have left E.Grimlock at level 13. He’s just too fast at level 15.

    Also, I think E. Galvatron’s Vortex actually makes cooldown time 90% slower, instead of being 10% faster


    @atp213 Just like last Christmas when they gave away presents filled with candy tokens and blue gummy gems lol.Oh yeah,Rovio immediately breaks the good.They were giving away free rewards,realized,and either took it away from you or made your game crash after touching the comp button.EX:The missing holiday tokens forum topic.They took away the ones they gave you.So,in order to enjoy the game(not even always)we must use $$.Yes,In two year celebration(Drift event)they gave all character exclusives chances to be unlocked.But,they sold bundles for $$ during the comp…

    @dave-prince Unicron Pig is really hard to kill even with Energon Grimlock (and I only have him at level 9 currently), but I did succeed at killing him once. Don’t worry about speed, because you may be able to eventually use that to your advantage, instead, concentrate your attacks upon Unicron Pig when his shield is down. That is when you deal the most damage to Unicron Pig. If speed is still a factor, try upgrading the other versions of Grimlock to higher levels. Their weapons have a similar rapid targetting and firing ability to Energon Grimlock’s weapon, though their weapons are not as powerful.

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