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  • The Thanksgiving event has started sunstorm is available in the token exchange for those that don’t have him and there are some accessories as well.
    The TFS available to use in this event are the energon tfs

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  • Optimus_Pig

    Why is Sunstorm in the Token Exchange? He’s not an energon type.

    I’m disappointed that there’s no new TF. Wasn’t there supposed to be one out around Thanksgiving?

    I did manage to snag a few accessories that I didn’t have before. Didn’t bother playing, just spent the gems to be done with it.


    I’m in it for lockdown’s explosive rounds and maybe Galvatron’s cool down. I have the vortex for him already. The Grimlock stuff is cool but I’m not sure it’s worth hassling with. If it wasn’t for Dead End, I’d get the bundle just to get the accessories I wanted and not have to mess with it.


    The hat looks cute. I wonder if they can all wear it.


    @optimuspig I’m thinking of using my gems too. Every time I use some, I end up getting them right back through missions or daily events. I was looking for sometime not doing events.


    @optimuspig DeadEnd is suppose to be released near the “dead end of the month”according to the revision notes in the app store. I’ll be he’s a “black Friday” deal like rodimus was last year (corrected)


    @jasebree it was rodimus and nemesis prime that were originally available for purchase only


    Hopefully Dead End won’t reach the ‘dead end’ of my budget…Rovio, we need to use our money on life’s necessities, like staying alive with food and shelter, not with silly 15$ characters that make no difference in real life!

    In a sense, I’m only buying Dead End if he is at a CHEAP sales price, after all, it is a Black Friday SALE, not an Official Rovio Black Friday Highway Robbery :/


    @optimuspig and @rowdypup
    Agreed, surprised and a little disappointed that there are no new characters to buy in the new bundle.

    This new Thanksgiving bundle:
    150 gems + 1000 tokens + 10 thousand coins for USD 12.99?
    Seriously? and no character included?

    I’ll use that money to buy gems during the special offer next 2 days.
    For example: USD 5.99 for 400 gems, normally USD 9.99.
    Then use those gems towards gameplay to collect tokens, and redeeming towards my missing Sunstream character.


    However, the graphics for Thanksgiving are refreshingly GOOD! similar to Halloween.

    Had a good laugh at the flying turkeys and when they are shot, drumsticks appear, haha! :) :)

    Now if they were chickens, they can be called K.F.C. (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
    or better yet,
    Kentucky Flying Chicken :) :) :)



    FYI the 10% Weapon CooDown and 10% Explosive Force can’t be used at the same time. You can only use 1 at the time. The way Rovio has messed about with the Bot’s et al both Galvatron’s they are no longer worth having and I swap them out on normal nodes. The normal Galvatron with all addons will now only fire twice then has to recharge.
    With the addons on offer it’s best to try and fit them on the Bot’s and then you can see which can be used with others and which are standalone. Red as Eng O.P you can use all of the addons.
    Nice event BUNDLE for those who are short on coins unreal.

    Mighty Red

    Gonna go for E. Grimlock’s Sword and Sunstorm’s Null-Ray & Shrapnel. If I’ll feel like it, I’ll also try to go for E. Optimus Prime’s Axe & Matrix and E. Galvatron’s Vortex.
    I got the Pilgrim Hat and E. Lockdown’s accessories prior to this event.


    @paul13 I know E.Galvatron can’t have both chest pieces. I have the cool down on regular Galvatron and it’s not that big a difference for that high a cost; it should be 20%. I love the way Galvatron looks, but he isn’t even very good in normal nodes but never use him in events. That’s why I’m not going to the vortex. The Axe and Matrix are very tempting. I agree with @armourbender after thinking about it. The bundle isn’t worth it without a bot. Not with a gem sale. Who cares about coins?


    Don’t use Reflectron as your Energonicon, it freezes the game everything. Lost 2 energy bars before I figured it out.

    The Dark Knight

    @bartiedog the bug of Reflectron as your Energonicon is still here? WTF after so many updates and they didn’t do anything about it? What the hell?!?!?!!!

    I am starting t thing that his bug is there on purpose for people loosing their round and to be forced to use gems… there is no other explanation…

    That bug was reported back from 1.18x version and now we have 1.21x so why, why nothing is been solved?


    The fact that they are offering unrelated (to this competition) accessories, makes me think that they have nothing else to offer and the dead end event is likely the end of the game.


    This event is super buggy. Have lost 50 percent of nodes to freezing glitches. If it is reflectron, then good. At least I know why. Grrr, two years of this shit. Why do I still play? … I don’t know…


    At present the E/C is ConfuddleBot that gives out an io sapping energy field, would some kind person enlighten me as what the heck the thing does? When you select blue things surround it and that is it or am I missing something as it does not take anything down protect the bot or anything.


    Pretty sure Confuddlebot confuses the enemy pigs, so they can’t target you as effectively when shooting at you, or they don’t target you at all. That’s just my guess – I rarely use it.

    Has anyone encountered the Boss Pig, yet? If so, did Rovio/Exient put him in a Thanksgiving costume like they did with the flying pigs? For the first time since I had started playing this event, I encounter Unicron Pig a little while ago, and he still looked the same as he usually does.

    Also, I noticed that this event is suppose to last longer than 7 days. For me, it started yesterday, and according to the game, this event is suppose to run until Monday, the 28th 12:00am UTC, which for me is Sunday, the 27th 5:00pm PST (4:00pm if Daylight Savings Time is a factor for when this event ends for me). That’s 9 days instead of the usual 6-7 days. Which is good for those players who haven’t yet unlocked SunStorm (assuming the he will still be unlockable in the Token Exchange when this event ends).

    The Dark Knight

    @jimmy-necessary i did once and it’s not in a costume it’s just what it was looks before (shame of them!)


    The Turkeybots, Astrotrain decorations, and Pilgrim Hat accessory are all from last year’s Thanksgiving challenge. So not surprising that there isn’t anything newly created for this year’s.


    Anyone know when this event will end?


    @sam-spargo november 28 0:00 UTC
    november 27 19:00 EST

    @sam-spargo I had mentioned it in my previous post, but @coolbug makes it clearer on the times.

    @elpapam and @sntrooper I’m disappointed that they don’t have the Boss Pig dressed up as a giant robotic turkey. I had read a post by someone (don’t remember who) who had suggested that there should be a giant robotic turkey for players to shoot at in this event.

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