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  • GrauGeist

    Yeah, the focus should be on
    1. the hat, which you can guarantee; then
    2. 6000 ALL
    3rd – what position you end with.

    Last time, I ended up burning a bunch of FE to get the Red’s hat and 6000, but definitely worth it!

    Pam Jonery

    Has anyone encountered this bug on the second stage of part one of Dash? This is the second time it’s happened to me and cost me 5 ‘drinks’ each time for no reward. At the end of the first wave, when the two crabs appear, the game stops responding. Nothing I do will make it go forward and I have to close the battle and go back to the island. I have a screen shot but don’t know how to attach it here?


    I 3 stared the first stage of sonic event got the 5 pieces of the blue cloth and went back 3 times to collect some medals for leaderboard position. It forced Sonic on me every time I entered the event throught the portal, but only for one battle. Consecutive fight I was able to select any 3 birds.

    correction: I too am stuck with Sonic. what happend late last night was : when you are low on stamina, a banner pops up and covers Sonic,which made me think Im free of the critter…. sorry to misinform.


    @pam-jonery The only time I’ve had a freeze was when I used Sonic’s “passive” ability and it resulted in knocking out all opponents. I have not yet reproduced it.

    Ryogo Kusama

    It just happened to me too… I had Chuck deliver the final blow on the last monster standing, with Sonic’s 2nd ability and the battle froze up… 7 energy lost.


    I seem to be stuck with Sonic in every battle. And I’ve gotten the 5 pieces for today. Only thing I missed is three-starring the third level.

    edit: three starred that level. Still can only use two birds plus Sonic.


    Everybody on my board seem to be dummies. No one but me has changed scores all day.


    Playing Epic on an Amazon Fire HD device. This evening entered the Sonic Dash and ended up with nothing but a black screen with the coins, snoutlings and gems in the upper right hand corner. Tapped all over the screen – nothing.

    Later went back to the app – the Sonic Dash event banner is missing from the upper left and there’s no way to enter the event.

    Did Rovio pull it?


    If you play the different levels of battles (3, 5 & 7 stamina drinks) and roll once, assuming that you get 3 stars and that any 3 items are equally probable, this is what you get on average:
    3 stamina 55.9 battle medals / stamina
    5 stamina 67.1 battle medals / stamina
    7 stamina 49.0 battle medals / stamina
    Haven’t collected data on mastery yet.


    @pam-jonery I have had freezes on both my iPad and my Android phone In the last 30 minutes. On my phone I lost 14 stamina points and the iPad I lost 7. Looks like yet another email to Rovio support is in order.

    Always glad to see I’m not alone with the issue. Misery does love company. ?


    @epicbomber, the Amazon Appstore has not been updated with the the newest version yet unfortunately. I had to play on my phone to get in to the event. I contacted Rovio to ask them what’s up but I haven’t heard back yet.

    If history is a guide, and you want to get the new class, I’d suggest you play on your phone and wait until it gets updated on the Fire before trying it again. In the past Rovio was not able to give you the Stone Guard. They just gave you LCs.


    @tigerussell I have found Sonic to be useful by using Bomb – Pirate and Chuck – Lightning Bird with him. I use Sonic first to put a bomb over the opponent with the highest value and then every time I hit that opponent, every opponent takes a hit. Works well for me but YMMV.


    I am stuck with Sonic. Played all levels multiple times
    How do I loose him? He sucks …


    @dragonofheart73 I have all the blankets but Sonic is forced every game. A nuisance since it means only 2 birds gain mastery. Am I missing something?


    Seriously the new class sucks. Idk what to do with Sonic


    I meet a problem : when I play a level of the event, sometimes the game be allowed make nothing more. I cannot launch any more of attack, the only solution is to return on the map. Of the blow I lose the stamina invests.

    Anybody meets the same problem ? A solution ?

    Sir Falcon

    WARNING: only clear Level 3 after you have gotten all 5 wool thingys. You will have to use him after that!

    BTW- he is the same as Illusionist.

    Angry Johnny

    Did something change with the second level for anybody else just now?
    Before the change the top score showing was 25 Snoutlings and the most points you could get was 125. Now the Snoutlings are gone and instead a 500 points part has taken it’s place. Good change though :-)

    Green Whacker

    @bubbley it seems they pushed an update and I am forced to use Sonic all times now and the rewards for medals went up a bit. That’s fine with me as I like Challenges.


    there is no way to not let Sonic go in to battle?

    Pam Jonery

    @Laxietoo What’s the email address to report issues to Rovio? Not too happy about losing all my stamina drinks when the game freezes!

    Pam Jonery

    @grimmjow Yes, several of us have mentioned this problem.

    Pam Jonery

    @jim151 That happened to me in the last event too. Eventually about a day later the scores all updated and I was able to see where I stood. Now, I just seem to have 5 dummy accounts ahead of me. Well as of last night anyway, I’ve not picked it up again today so far.


    @pam-jonery Go to and click on support. You will have to jump through a few hoops but you’ll get to a point where you can submit a ticket.

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