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  • A new event for Angry Birds Epic will begin next week named Halloween. This event will also include a brand new class for Matilda:

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  • Mighty Red

    Huh, some kind of Vampire class?


    Wow, they’re quick. Maybe Bomb and Blues will get 6th class this year?

    Mighty Red

    @mp127 I think I remember Rovio saying that every bird will have received a new class by February 2016.

    Blue Pig Cypork

    It looks like Marge XD


    Does any body know if you will have a chance to “earn” the new class like the Illutionist for Chuck? Any Idea of the length of the event? The golden pig dungeon sounds like the one in the Sonic event.

    Angry Johnny

    @jeh2 It will most likely be just like the class for Chuck (and Red in a previous event) that you have to earn parts to get the class. The event will probably be just as long too; about 10 days.


    I certainly hope that Rovio addresses the parts payout. The last one was ridiculous if you had a bad run of spins.


    Ohh this class looks cool!


    Well, if they keep this with the holidays related events (something we met in the first AB games, like Seasons), and assuming all the birds will have new classes until february 2016, probably the Bomb event will be on Christmas and The Blues’ one on Valentines…although a heart-shaped class would be much better on Matilda rather than the Blues. But I’d love to see Bomb like a Christmas deer. :D


    Seriously i hope the new class will bring a new image for Matilda. To me she just sucks. 4/5 classes r useless. Really looking forward to this event


    Should be a pleasant diversion from the daily grind!


    Yes it will be good to have something else to do. I had hoped to have ground all my birds to rank 12 so as to get Illusionist for snouts. I think I might just miss it with a couple of birds. Sigh! I hope this Matilda is useful she certainly looks scary.


    Before February? Blues should get their sixth class in the New Year, if the calendar won’t change the daily rewards a bit.


    The Christmas-New Year period is too short to squeeze in another 10-day event straight after Bomb one. Designers have their holidays too.


    Sounds good to me. It will help get my birds more mastery, as only maybe 3 of my classes have reached 11. And I’m so sick of running into teams of all 12s in arena!


    Here’s an idea: Blues could get a Cubid class.

    Makes sense, too, since they use a bow & arrows as their weapon.


    Blues need a healing weapon, like Rock.

    Green Whacker

    Well the event has started and the first 3 stages was pretty easy in my opinion. It also appeared a floating chest (which you had to watch a video) and it gave a free item (mine was a pumpkin). Not sure how often this appears.

    The process and length looks similar to Chuck’s.


    it looks easier: the last two steps requieres 5 less objects


    Halloween Event calculation…

    5 + 10 + 15 + 15 + 20 items are required, for a total of 65 items needed.
    – 9 days means you need to farm 7.2 daily
    – 3/8 payout, then that’s 19.3 spins daily
    – 3 stamina minimum per spin, 57.8 stamina required.
    – 4 stamina per hour = 14.5 playing hours per day
    – 16 waking hours daily = 90% play rate

    If 75 items were needed, one would need to play 16.7 hours daily, leaving no margin against bad luck in spins.

    Assuming that we get +9 items from a daily chest, then the player only needs to farm 56 items, playing 12.5 hours daily – that’s very reasonable if you actually do things during the day… :D

    The decision to give an item per day via the chest is a good change, versus hunting and pecking for potions. Yes, numerically, it’s about the same time and payoff, but it’s clearly better. First, the video monetizes the time. Second, it takes the risk out of bad luck. Third, it flattens play across active and busy players. Major kudos here, it’s a great solution.

    So it looks like Rovio paid good attention to the last event, and incorporated feedback to make things reasonably doable. Every player should be able to get the class.

    Okay so this is a general update of what I have seen so far:

    New pigs: Pumpkin Pig (lvl 50): Deals 856 damage; targets covered in pumpkin receive 125% damage. Deals 128 damage to all targets and covers them in pumpkin.

    Weak Zombie: Just a weaker version of the actual zombie, the lvl 50 weak zombie for me does 428 damage.

    Matilda Class: Witch
    At Lvl 50 with Sweet Set items, no mastery (base class): Sinister Smite: Deals 678 damage, target takes 15% dealt damage and Matilda is healed by the same amount-Lasts 3 turns. Giant Growth: Increases attack power and health by 20%-Lasts 3 turns.

    At a glance, this sounds like it is going to be a powerful class; I am hoping the damage when ranked up with mastery beats my Bard’s damage. I would, however, pair the Witch with the Paladin because it seems like the Witch is more limited in terms of healing ability (with the whole party). In terms of self-healing and attacking, this class is going to be great. I was really looking for an improvement over the Illusionist (the Mirror Image lasts only for 2 turns and the class can’t deal damage to all birds unless you use the Twin Lightning set) and I was looking forward to facing actual lvl 50 pigs (not the SRC pigs; they’re 50 but they just seem weaker compared to event pigs). This is going to be fun.


    More food (data) for thought:
    Assuming all outcomes of the wheel spin are equally probable, and that you do not re-spin to improve results the awards wheels give the following results:

    Stamina level    Avg award     Avg/stamina
    3                337.5         112.5
    5                487.5         97.5
    7                675           96.4

    If you do re-spin, you might be more interested in the max points available:

    Stamina level    Max award     Max/stamina
    3                575           191.7
    5                700           140
    7                825           117.9

    It’s interesting that the 7 stamina wheel has 2 chances to get the max pts, while the other 2 only have 1 chance.


    Unlike most (all?) previous episodes, there seems to be no way to get additional stamina other than to wait, craft with FE, or buy. I major flaw, IMHO.



    Halloween Event calculation…

    … Would be alright, if there weren’t mad-cheaters – everywhere. xD

    Tell me, if you think that this score’s alright:

    View post on

    Edit: So, they got ~5000 points – after a few minutes of playing, meh.

    *and everyone else has got a normal score

    P.S. @marioandsonic

    [..] teams of all 12s in arena!

    ^^ Yeah, well, guess why that’s like that…


    @nimd4 It is now about 2 hours after you posted your scoreboard. I’m in 2nd place with 5150 and 1st place has 5650 so your scoreboard is much less competitive than mine. I haven’t used any stamina potions, but I have spent some essence respinning the wheel. I lost 7 stamina due to the game freezing. If I didn’t waste any stamina and accounting for the 7 I lost, I got over 5000 using only 50 stamina.

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