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  • ToothGnasher

    @rtfact said

    I think at least two were bots

    That would be an interesting feat. There would have to be a lot of intelligence to find where the match events were, start them and then play them. Before I got smurfed beating the small match was easy. Beating the medium match was doable, and beating the hardest level always took careful maneuvering and at least a few potions – those with level 8 and 9 birds.

    I think it would be more likely that someone hacked the score… but I doubt that would be easy. IMHO the keys to a high score are:

    1. Stockpile Stamina Drinks (I ended up using about 25 to get my 20K score).
    NOTE: to stockpile Stamina Drinks, you need to have lots of friendship essence.
    2. Play often so that the stamina accrued per each 15 minutes didn’t max out and be wasted.
    3. Battle wisely. All the matches were more about maximum hitting than anything else. therefore my trio was Trickster, Wizard, Captn and once in a while I substituted Bard.
    4. Respin when needed (consuming more Friendship Essence).
    5. Apply game theory. The variability of the outcome of the easy match was less than the Hard match (Frankenpig – expected outcome = 455). Assuming you finished with 3 stars the worst spin on Frankenpig was a measly 120 Medals plus 1 Stamina drink while the best outcome was 855. To get three stars on Frankenpig I always needed to use some potions and on two occasions I was defeated and got nothing. On the easy match I always won and never needed a potion. Ultimately I opted for the medium match often, too. I could reliably finish the medium match with 3 stars and usually only needed one potion.


    I don’t see why anybody would need to bot this event.

    I finished with 40 stamina potions unused, and I wasn’t especially diligent with the timing or playing. Had I needed to make a push, that could have been a lot of extra points – 20k would have been easy.


    I finished 1st with almost 16,000, but I could have finished 3rd with a score around 3-4K. In every event so far I finished 1st by a wide margin. I haven’t had a need to use any stamina or play much at all, but I still use some stamina because I like fighting the toughest battles and don’t always want to wait for my stamina to build up. I have over 300 stamina potions. My birds were all level 8 mastery or lower and I never had to use more than one consumable to beat Frankenpig. I usually used Sea Dog, Lightning Bird and Spies, but I might change them out with Bard, Samurai, or Marksmen. There is no need to have a healer when you can kill everything before Frankenpig can attack more than once. You don’t get a perfect score on health, but all that matters is getting 3 stars when you finish the battle.

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