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  • seggy

    My own leaderboard activity:

    I wanted to get there right at the beginning of the event, but was out without the iPad. By the time I started 15 minutes into it, #1 on the leaderboard (Basm) had 19,000 points. Yeah, that seems legit. :-/

    Now with a little under 48 hours left, #1 still has 19,000, but I’m closing in with 18,485. There are a couple right around 6,000, but only one of them has made any progress since the first couple of hours of the event.

    As for my Frankenpig strategy, I go with Hammertime Paladin (8), Lightning set Wizard (6), and R-P-Scissors Pirate (7). I use Pirate to boost all attacks by 25%, cram a Chili down Chuck’s throat and blast them fools. Usually spreads out the damage enough to wipe out Frankenpig before he can attack. Haven’t had to use any potions, had to use a Veggie cake once when I got unlucky with the distribution on Chuck’s Chili attack.

    While it was near impossible to find Frankenpigs during the first 24 hours or so, they’ve been popping up pretty regularly now — I’ve been able to fight them for my last 4 battles.


    @seggy Hammertime should really be the name of his special effect with both legendaries.


    My leaderboard has gone blank a couple of times today, but has come back with the same list after a bit. Currently sitting in first with about a 6,000 medal lead on second. I did not have any random high scores to start with, and I am the only player above about level 20 on my board. Stockpiling potions earned for future events when I may not be so lucky in the draw.

    My Frankenpig strat – Wizard level 9 with an old twin lighning set, Cleric level 8 with Perfect Balance (should probably switch out for my stronger sweet set here), and Sea Dog 9 with Scissors. Also have golden chili
    First Round
    Sea Dog gang up with Cleric
    Rage Chili Wizard (Sea Dog usually gets an extra shot in here, unless pig gone already)
    Cleric attack strongest remaining enemy + Gang up again

    Second Round
    Sea Dog gang up with Wizard
    Wizard attack strongest remaining enemy +Gang up attack
    Cleric attack strongest remaining enemy + gang up attack

    Third round (if needed)
    Wizard attack strongest remaining enemy + Gang up attack
    clean up as needed with Cleric and Sea Dog directly


    @all — Don’t know if you noticed, but Rovio is paying attention to this forum and working on the high-score issue: @rovionefuah is probably a real Rovio employee, and posted on previous page.
    Yesterday Angry Birds Epic @ABepic · Nov 20 tweeted:
    We are currently investigating reports about players cheating in the #EpicEvents! #CheatersGoHome #WeDontWantCheaters
    Rovio response to my support request re high scores:
    Rovio Support Team, Nov 21 03:15:

    and thanks for contacting us!

    We’re aware of this and investigating. Thanks for the forum link, we’ll take a look at the info you guys have gathered there!

    Best regards,

    Rovio Support Team
    Nov 20 20:15:

    MVNLA2 Message:
    Applies to all platforms. A lot of people who started event within 1st minute found their leaderboard populated with many people who already had scores >1000, many several thousand, some as high as 13K. Many (most?) of them haven’t played during the event. They are not the people who played the beta version of the event. Please see

    Curse of the Necromancer (Closed; Ended)

    and following comments.
    This also happened on the previous event.


    Status of my leader board Fri 2:30 pm PST:
    12700 MVNLA2 41 started at 0
    12310 DJonny 41 increased 10650, appears to have started a little early
    3520 Coput level 11 — No change
    2645 Igor 10 — Not sure who this was at start; maybe unnamed level 9 at 950?
    2275 Toonfirst 37 — No change
    1740 Unnamed 6 increased 500, appears to have started a little early
    580 Unnamed 17 was 270
    495 Unnamed 15
    270 Fabio 13


    @mvnla2 I probably have that same Djonny guy on my leaderboard. He (she?) seems to be at 12,570 now.


    I started out 4600 down to an unnamed player approximately 1 minute after start. Said person has not gained any more medals. I do have 5 other active players, and boy are they ever! I’m afraid to go to sleep. Ok, so not really. I do hope they sleep too. ;)

    Zeke Kaiser

    43 hours to go:

    23040 Me
    13355 Unnamed Player
    5315 Destroyer
    4935 Comebucket
    2350 BoogalooBird
    2090 Tipok
    2020 Unnamed Player
    2005 Unnamed Player
    1605 Joseph
    875 Unnamed Player
    370 Unnamed Player
    285 Unnamed Player
    200 Unnamed Player
    2 Players yet to join

    I hope I win…


    @Annifrid @filthycasual — So that makes 3 of us who have the same DJonny on our leaderboard.


    Its been neck and neck against me and two other people. We all have around 10,000. Were all trying to go for 1st place! BTW anybody have anybody named Lol Thanh Mahendra or Ardi on their board?


    Hi. Lurker here, posting for the first time. From what I saw on my leaderboard, I don’t think there was anyone with crazy high scores when this event started. I do remember seeing high scores as soon as the last event started, though. I still managed to beat them — when none of them kept playing, that made it easy. So far I’m leading my board, but there are a few active players I’ll need to keep an eye out for.

    I’m generally sticking to the zombie and necromancer battles — Rainbird/Druid/Captain for the first, and Paladin/Rainbird/Druid for the second. These combos are working well for me.


    Hi everyone. I’m another ex-lurker who has finally got round to signing up. Djonny is no.1 on my leader board, too, with 13,835 (as of 38 hrs. to go until the end of the competition).

    Zack Voyager

    I agree with @mvnla2 about cheating. Only 2 minutes after the beginning of the event some players had already 15,000 medal points !


    @all @zackvoyager — My current theory on the really high scores is that people are able to play the event early, and win easily, by setting their device clock ahead. There are also a few really weird time zones that are off of UTC by a fraction of an hour. This could explain some of the initial scores that aren’t that high.

    @kyododom — Welcome to the Nest (or at least to non-lurker status)! Most of us started by lurking (I think). Hope you enjoy full participation.
    DJonny sure gets around, doesn’t he/she? At least DJonny is playing, although I wish he/she would stop.


    I play two account on two devices. I haven’t noticed anyone who was “artificially” ahead.

    I suppose someone might conclude that on one of my boards I am cheating since I have 20,485 and the next closest person is 9,215 but as I reported earlier, I paid dearly in friendship essence and stamina drinks to get that score.

    On the other board it’s been a much closer battle. That account is linked to my personal FB account so it’s only friend is my “play” FB account. Translation: I have precious little friendship essence so I just accept whatever roll I get. I have 17,600 and my competitors are:
    Unamed 11365
    Maks 8445
    Graf 8125
    Unamed 6865
    Strajer201 4625
    Psix 3105


    @toothgnasher — The people we are complaining about are the ones who started within the 1st minute with scores of several thousand (I think I saw someone say 13K), and they haven’t played since.


    I am currently in 1st with 30,765. Second is 27,495. 3rd – 6th are all 14k and change. It appears they do sleep after all. I have used about 60 friendship essence. I shouldn’t have to use anymore, as I don’t think I can fall off the podium. Now, what to do about that pesky second place feller….


    I’m currently in 2nd with over 12k, leader is only 13k. 3rd is only 8k, so we have a good gap. No worries.


    @sheldoncooper You have a nice board & a tough battle ;)
    Never had that kind of opponent in any event yet, only “players” I had to compete with were 1st minute strange highscorers but always took the lead quite fast & never had a challenge after day 1 …

    I’m leading with only 17.280 but never use any friendship essence & I’m not really lucky with the wheel ^^ Lost 80 essences to try to have the big 6000k for all & never had it :(


    My board is completely inert this time around. I’m 1st with a lowly 18,625 or thereabouts and 2nd is on 7,945. I have a couple hovering around 2,500 and all the rest are beneath 700. Three players haven’t even entered the event! I thought my boards were lame before… but this one takes the cake!


    The only one actively playing on my board is DJonny, who took 1st place again this morning. I sure hope he / she is sleeping until the event is over. I’m now at 21K and DJonny is at 20K.


    Three hours to go.

    Me 36,815
    2nd 30,640
    3rd 16,910
    4th 16,685
    5th 16,465
    6th 16,000

    Anyone know if we get to see the event total? I won’t be back until its over.


    @sheldoncooper12 — I haven’t been able to see the event total after it’s over. Think the only way is to check right before. Your board is the worst I’ve seen. It looks like there is a fierce battle for third, as well as first. It’s a little strange, because I’ve never heard of two people having the same board.
    In fact, I doubt that I’m on DJonny’s board, even though I feel like I’m competing with him/her.


    Its been fun for sure. Would be nice to tell all the other players thanks for the great contest.


    ended first and got 2500 for all birds, 1000 for red and 1000 for Bomb, Helped me a bit but not too much. Mastery becomes hard to achieve after level 8. it needs lots of time

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