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  • MVNLA2

    @m-ich — Interesting. The fact that you got a beta version to play may explain why so many of us started the Dark of Night event with people on our leaderboard with high scores right after the event started, and they didn’t play at all. Did you put in your username when you played? If so, what is it? Would also like to know if you get to play event again with the rest of us.



    The other reason I don’t think I’ll take a part in event is the fact that it begins in the middle of the week and surely I wouldn’t have whole day for playing. I guess it is by purpose to force people to spend money on stamina to play as much levels as they can during free time, while they are not at work or in school…

    If only there was a Stamina Drink hack. :-)


    @m-ich. I’m with you, buddy! I’ve already played this event too! I thought I was going completely insane – as nobody seemed to be mentioning the fact that the upcoming ‘new’ event was identical to a prior ‘old’ event! Suddenly, everything’s making a little more sense. =D


    @MVNLA2 As of now, it looks like I am going to get to play Curse of the Necromancer again with everyone else (at least I’m seeing the countdown like everyone else does). I’ll tell you more once the event has started. I’m also curious if I’ll get to spin the wheel after the event (since I already had a spin for the same event).
    I set my username (“mich”) during the Pirate King event and haven’t changed it since. A lot of people on my Curse of the Necromancer leaderboard had no names set though. As far as I remember, everyone on that leaderboard was max level, which wasn’t the case for me in all the other events.

    I was wondering – does the ‘de’ in your name stand for Germany? Maybe the beta event was a regional thing?


    @m-ich @angryde That’s hilarious, and nobody here would have had a clue what you were talking about if you mentioned it. What were the prize amounts? Same as the ninja event?


    @m-ich. Yeah, mate, the ‘de’ does stand for Germany – I’m based in Hamburg. You may well be right about the beta testing (region). @abirds954. The prize amounts were 1500(ALL)/1500/1500 from memory? And the battles themselves were trivially easy… back then I was using a (37)-8-7-7 combo. The event only lasted 48 hours? Is that your recollection @m-ich?


    @abirds954 I actually mentioned it in the comments for the Pirate King event news article, and people were like “what second event?” – that’s how I realized it wasn’t open for everybody.

    48 hours sounds about right. I can’t say for sure, when I first saw it there were about 36 hours left, but it may have been running for some time already. I don’t remember seeing an announcement beforehand.
    You’re right about the prize amounts. I distincly remember thinking that they were probably lower than the pirate king prizes because the event was shorter.
    I also found the battles pretty easy, I remember completing zombie and necromancer within one round usually. Frankenpig took a little longer. But I found the pirate battles pretty easy too.


    You are right, i’m sorry. I did not check if the video worked… This is the same video, let’s see


    Game time!

    Prizes are 2,500 mastery.


    Same as last time. I just started and 1st place is already at 5,740.


    @tinostar11 Seems logical…


    I was low on stamina and just got offered to watch a video to get three free stamina drinks.


    5 min in, I played 3 battles, got 1590 points. Pretty good. Only good enough for 7th place. #1 is over 7,000. 3rd place 3500.


    The 3 Stamina fight: Can’t use Red
    5 Stamina: Must use Chuck
    7 Stamina: 55 Damage every 2 turns


    Same as last event…. 2 min after the start and already a lvl 16 at 5.585 pts ???

    What a joke !!!


    Just 1 min,
    First player 7175 with level 14
    second player 5520 with level 12
    third player 2380 with level 18


    Odd. The first couple events, my leaderboard was mostly fully of people who barely played the event (made it rather easy to win, but boring).

    This time, the second the event started, I found myself on a leaderboard topped by somebody who already had 9,600+ points. A few others had 3,000, 5,000, or more.

    Does the event start at noon according to the local time of the player, perhaps? I’m in GMT-8, so maybe some of the people I’m competing against had access to the event for some number of hours before I did? If that’s the case, would their event end earlier than mine as well?

    I did see that some other folks said they could play the full event prior to today. Maybe that’s where these early high scores came from. I suppose I’ll keep an eye on whether Mr. 9,600+ improves his score over the next few days.


    My leader board at <1min after event start:
    3520 Coput level 11
    2275 Toonfirst 37
    1640 DJonny 41
    1240 Unnamed 6
    950 Unnamed 9
    270 Fabio 12
    270 Unnamed 17
    130 Unnamed 14
    6 players who haven’t played any event battles


    I think we’ve figured out why there are so many people on leaderboards with scores immediately after event start: some people played a beta version of the game a couple of weeks ago. See comments on previous page.


    So far I’ve played 4 battles, 2 Necromancer and 2 Zombie. Haven’t seen the big guy yet.
    Both Necromancer battles gave me a whopping 6 snoutlings and 7 mastery for each bird
    Zombie 1 gave me 3 snoutlings and 0 (zero) mastery!
    Zombie 2 was 4 snoutlings and 14 mastery


    This happened to me as well. The #1 on my leader board has 13,370. I am not even sure if it is possible to catch up to that in 3 days.


    My leaderboard:

    9555 YouLoose lvl 41
    5585 Unnamed lvl 16
    5350 Deathwar lvl 16
    3520 Coput lvl 11
    2200 DJonny lvl 41
    1885 Evan lvl 14
    650 Unnamed lvl 13
    390 Unnamed lvl 7
    315 Unnamed lvl 16

    6 players who haven’t yet played

    It seems we have some same name players on leaderboards (probably bots)


    I play on two devices. My frustration is all I can find are zombies on my level 34 device, frankenpigs on the level 16 device. I’m not going to spend stamina on the 3 drink play just hoping necros and franks show up.

    Also, Stubby is on the board for the lvl 34 device.
    board 1
    stubby: 7315
    un: 6590
    djonny: 2200
    evan: 1885
    un: 1135
    un: 1035
    filthycasual: 950
    un: 600
    angelo: 470
    un: 155
    un: 60
    4 haven’t played.

    deathwar 5350
    zalezing 2090
    un 1545
    un 1270
    bggy 1265
    un 1240
    un 980
    filthycasual 945
    un 600
    un 600
    un 390
    un 240
    un 130
    3 haven’t played

    max snoutling bonus is 1,000. getting 3 stars is the only thing that matters, for the mastery prize.

    Event started about an hour ago, according to the push update from my iphone.

    random theory to throw out there
    1) your board may be populated based on your previous performance. (as a lurker) I noticed that a lot of you who really smashed the previous events got hit with other big time competitors. I played enough to win on both devices, or in some cases take 3rd on the second device. I haven’t needed more than 10k ribbons. it looks like I am now though


    @RuCustum — So sorry to hear that #1 on your board is at 13,370. Does that player have a name?

    @angryde– Do you remember how many points you ended with? Did you start with the same number today?

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