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  • Nytmair

    Phew!! Squeeked by and took the lead today after trying to catch up since day 2. :) This was the first event I tried competing in woo!


    @sheldoncooper12 — Not sure if it’s new, but you can see your leaderboard after the event ends.


    Came in first on my leaderboard. Had to re-spin once to get 2,500 for all birds and 2,500 for Red and Black.


    @nytmair – nice. I saw 1 guy on FB who won by +10!!! Sucks to be 2nd in that leaderboard

    I had to reroll 13 times to get 2500 for all + 2500 for black and red


    First place over 16k (2nd was 13k); but only 2,500 for Red & Bomb.

    With frickin’ potions, no way I was re-rolling. Screw that.


    I placed first on my board with over 13K. Second place wasn’t even close. I mainly wanted the 2500 for all and for Red, which I got on the first spin! I might have been happier with 2500 for Bomb as my 3rd prize instead of the 6 stamina drinks I got, but I have so little friendship essence I didn’t want to risk re-rolling and not getting my primary goals.


    I got first place with near 10k to second. Then spent 60 friendship essences to get 2.5k of mastery for all birds but finished with it for just 2 bird colors. This is the second time such thing happen to me (1st time it was in the games crossover challenge…) and I’m quite frustrated.The lottery side of AB Epic is what I dislike most on this game.


    Me 27.9K
    Basm 19K
    Lwc 9.5K
    Unnamed 7.6K
    Desmond 7.5K
    Rani 5.9K
    Earl 3.4K
    Jareau 1.5K

    Then came the excitement of being down to 89 FE and gambling with rolls costing 10 FE…

    1: Got Blues & Bomb 2500. 2: Exact same result. Ugh. 3: All & Red 2500. Okay, better take it. Soon as I do, the game crashes, ack! Restart game, it ate my FE but I didn’t get any points. Time to spin again. 4: All & Red 2500 again. Okay, lemme try once more, I’ll take any combo along with All 2500. 5: All & Red & Bomb 2500, whew! And it didn’t crash this time. :)

    The only guys it levelled up were Pirate to 8 and my Berzerker to 7, although it did get a lot of other birds close to levelling up. Now to rebuild my current stash of 59 FE back up again…


    @jorge-freeman-1 I feel ya, man, that’s definitely frustrating. I also dislike how they re-ordered the wheel so that there’s no way to get both All and Blues for 2500.


    The reordering of the wheel isn’t what makes me mad – it’s the risk of getting potions instead of mastery. That’s what sucks.


    It was a fun event. I think that at least two were bots.


    @graugeist If you have enough essence to re-spin, you should do it because this is the most valuable wheel prize you can get. I also don’t use Facebook and did not get essence until the most recent 1.13 update. I only had 14 essence. First spin I made was blues, bomb and stamina so I used my essence and got all birds, red and stamina. I don’t have skulkers so my first spin got me 22,500 mastery. The second spin got me 70,000 mastery since I also don’t have thunder bird. Spending 10 essence was well worth it to get over 3 times as much mastery.

    In the last event where the mastery gain was only 1500 I didn’t get the all birds, but didn’t want to spend LC coins or recycle set items to gain essence and I’m glad I saved my essence for this event.


    @KK – there is no way to guarantee that the 2nd spin won’t also get potions. If I could guarantee 10 pink would get me All Birds, of course I’d spin it. But had your second spin gotten potion, what then? Throw another 10 at it? What if you only get 3x 2500? Do you throw another 10, risking it going down to something like the first 2 spins?

    The odds of pulling All Birds are low, and there are far more spots that give potions. No way.


    Got 1st with just over 25,000 points. 2nd place was at 16,000. Got lucky and hit the grand prize first try, but I have a stockpile of 452 essence ready to go if needed. So far I’m 4/4 on all of the events for getting 1st place.


    @sheldoncooper. I agree with @mvnla2 your board is completely insane!


    @graugeist In my opinion, there is nothing else really worth using your essence on unless you have huge amounts of it. Of course there is a chance I might not have gotten the all birds, but there was zero chance I could get something worse.

    What do you spend your essence on? Re-spinning in the caves is a waste because any item you may be able to craft from a blueprint will become worthless later on when you get a set item.

    The answer to your question if you get a bad spin is hell yes you throw another 10 essence at it. Using essence to re-spin never guarantees a good result no matter where you use it. Virtually everyone on this board has realized that the wheel spin from an event is the best prize you can get unless all your birds are already mastery level 10. Some people burn through over 100 essence just so they can get the perfect spin.


    @graugeist I think @killerkea is absolutely correct. I hadn’t had friendship essence until the recent update and really think I have wasted it. I wish I hadn’t used it on any re-rolls in the recent events. I re-rolled some of the prizes for the large battles to get maximum points – and got lucky early. But since then I have tended to go from the second lowest prize to the lowest prize. And now I just accept the prizes as they come. It’s easy to see why you are cynical, but using the essence for re-rolling the final prize is probably the only worthwhile reason to use it. Even if you just go from 2,500 pts for 2 birds to 2,500 pts for another 2 birds. And yes @killerkea got very lucky with his spin.

    Those who have essence to spare can use it as they wish, but I would save a stack for the final prize.


    I finished first on my leaderboard without any effort from my side. Without re-spinning I finished with total of 11k, second person on my LB had 4k.
    As I already have all 250 medals for classes (i.e 250 birds are rank 10) my rewards were 1000 snoutlings for the first place and 3×500 snoutlings on wheel.


    Finished first, got 2,500 all, 2,500 red and 6 stamina drinks. Took 20 spins!


    I finished first on my board. Three spins to hit the all 2500. It was fun. Sure hope the next event is not quite so crazy. I’ll be up to the challenge though. Or so I tell myself.

    Dr Dave

    @nytmair I also had players #2 and #3 on your list with the same scores. Can’t remember the rest other than someone had >2000 pts at the beginning of the competition and didn’t earn another point! I find it interesting that we were competing against the same players but not against each other. I needed to spin the wheel and extra 5 times to get the all bird reward then my device crashed also! Luckily on restart it rolled the same result without use of additional FE. No harm no foul.


    @dr-dave That is really strange. How the heck do these LBs work? Haha


    @abirds954 That’s very strange! The probability of getting any specific prize with one spin is around 30%. With 3 spins you have around 70% of chances and with 5 spins probabilities raise to near 90%.
    I’m frustrated because I didn’t get it with 7 spins (1st one plus 6 others using 60 essences…) but to need 20 spins is insane. The probability of
    not getting
    the prize with 7 spins is around 6%. But that of needing 20 spins is around 3/10,000. This is if you are betting on a fair roulette… in a rigged one different calculations apply…


    My primary game was nerfed (Level 1), but my secondary game I won and first spin got 2500 Mastery all birds, 2500 Red, 2500 Black. That was excellent since my secondary game has no friends and therefore only 5 essence.

    2500 All Birds is the equivalent of
    5 birds x 5 classes x 3 (500 mastery Snoutling upgrades) or 6,225 snoutlings (about $13 USD worth if you were to buy it)

    WITH the assumption that you have all classes for all birds.


    There are 8 spots on the wheel so if you assume the wheel gives you an equal chance for each, then you have a 37.5% chance to get the all birds on any given spin if you finished the event in the top 3 of your group.

    I think the person who did 20 spins probably got the all birds, but was trying for all birds, red and bomb. After burning through so much essence he decided to keep the next all birds he got. Otherwise the odds were 3.23 in 100,000 not 10,000.

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