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  • filthycasual

    Frankenpig doesn’t seem that difficult on my level 34 account.

    I used
    pally (7) (mismatched)
    druid (5) (yin yang)
    wizard (5) (lightning)
    no potions.

    I just focused on beating frank and occasionally swatted the necro, then cleaned up with rage on chuck. Wiz’s high damage output and AoE made it possible to drive all pigs’ health down quickly and simultaneously while druid entangled the big guys and pally kept swinging.

    I think cleansing the necro life steal sounds like an effective strategy as well. possibly rain bird instead of the wizard, which would allow for more healing and more consistent AoE (albeit slower). Would probably have to shield whoever frank was aiming at with the pally.

    Cognitively I know that it’s probably just selective sampling/confirmation bias, but…I was down to 1 stamina with only zombies. Drank 2 drinks and found a necro. Oddly, the button to drink stamina was gone, but if I attempted to launch the necro battle it prompted me to “drink two stamina drinks and begin battle”.


    Oh, and djonny is the only one moving on my board as well. Stubby and unnamed(6590) have not moved all day, in spite of starting with 7315 and 6590 right off the bat.


    @filthycasual I noticed that they changed how the stamina drinks work, too – now it only lets you drink enough to enter the battle you’re currently previewing. I.e. you’re looking at a Necromancer battle, it won’t let you consume any drinks if you have 5 or more stamina. This could possibly be a response to people who consumed too many stamina drinks all at once and wasted them.


    Another new change in this event:
    No restarting the match! If one of your birds dies, you must continue with what you have or exit the battle and waste more Stamina. No 2nd chances!

    About the leaderboard: 2 minutes after the event started (10PM my local time), the 1st place in my leaderboard had 7,990 points. Now, 11 hours later, he still has the same amount.

    In my map i find mostly the easy event battles and 1-2 hard battles. I rarely find the medium ones.


    An other extremely easy event. This time I will take part but will not make any stamina, will not use friendship essence to re-roll. simply said I don’t care which place on my leaderboard I will be. Rewards on my wheel of fortune are 2 slots with 6 stamina cans and six slots with 500 snoutlings, bonus for the first place is 1000 snoutlings…not really appealing to play.


    @mvnla2 Sorry to disprove your theory, but even though I played the beta, I started out with 0 points. I logged in about 10 minutes into the event, and one person on my leaderboard was already at >6000 points though. Even using a lot of stamina potions (and friendship essences to reroll unfavorable wheel results), I doubt that score is possible to achieve within such little time. I wonder if the time you get to start an event is somehow timezone related, or if they use the local clock on your device. Since there have been other exploits in the past that involved changing the device time, maybe these people got an early start by setting their clocks to the beginning of the event a few hours (days?) before the actual beginning?


    Last night, 30 minutes into event when I logged in, there was 24k and 15k point players topping my leaderboard. Just… wow. So far, those scores haven’t changed. Rovio planting dummy scores to force active players really work for it?

    Getting in top-3 will be tough as it seems I have other active players (who started at 0) on my board as well.


    @toothgnasher. Curiously, I’ve had the reverse experience re: spinning for medals. I’ve played perhaps 20 battles so far – and I’ve received the maximum medal reward on my first spin each and every time! @mvnla. I began the event with ZERO medals. Oh, and I’ve only encountered Frankenpig once!


    I logged in about 12 hours after the event started since I’m on vacation and won’t play much this week. On my leader board there is a person with 2000+ pts. I have 1500+ and 3rd is 500+. I’m the only level 41 player in my group so I won’t need to play much at all. I haven’t had any difficulty with Frankenpig, but I have the Sea Dog to make things easy. I’m using Lightning bird (8) with Time Jump, Bard (8) with Nightmare set and Sea Dog (6) with no set. Every time so far I take out all enemies before they can launch a charge attack without using any consumables because every battle I’ve gotten 1 or more stuns and 1 or more time jump turns.


    This event is hilarously easy, except for the frankenpig, which I can’t find.


    @cosmo2503 What level are you? My rewards are 2,500 for all birds, 2,500 for each bird and two slots with 6 stamina drinks.


    I may be in the minority, but I am enjoying the fact that this is a fairly easy event. Something short (3 days) and simple to get 2,500 mastery points is a good thing.

    At the moment I am in first place on my board with 8,785 medals compared to 2,070 for second place. I’ve gotten Frankenpig several times, he seems to be coming up regularly in the rotation, and at level 41 with mostly level 9 and a level 10 Wizard, I haven’t had to use any potions. I guess I’ll save that stockpile for the next event. :)

    I guess if I had to complain about anything, it would be that I wish there were some stiff competition on my leaderboard so that I’d have more motivation. Maybe for upcoming events Rovio could let us have a leaderboard consisting of only our FB friends…


    Trying to understand the use of stamina drinks.

    Are these the rules:
    1.You may only consume stamina drinks one at a time while a battle is queued
    ————are there any other ways to consume stamina drinks? may only consume two stamina drinks in this way between each battle
    ————is it possible that this is a timer?
    3.if you have a battle which costs more than your current stamina, you may click “begin battle” and you will be asked if you wish to consume the required amount of stamina drinks to raise your stamina to the adequate level

    If so, I think I both appreciate and hate the lack of frankenpigs.

    Appreciate because it disallows hoarded or purchased stamina to completely dominate the event, and hate because I can’t ever find them.

    Here’s an update on my board:
    stubby 8360 (+1045)
    un 6590 (+0)
    djonny 5865 (+3665)
    filthycasual 4805 (+3855)
    evan 3030 (+1145)
    un 1685 (?)
    angelo 1420 (+950)
    un 1035
    un 860
    un 600
    un 155
    un 130
    3 not playing

    It seems like the players who start with an incredible lead progress more naturally once the vent is underway.

    I have noticed that my daily dungeons do not become available on the calendar day according to my device’s timezone. For example, if I play late thursday night (say after 10pm in my timezone) I have the Friday dungeon available but not thursday (good riddance! :P)

    My theory about this has been that possible the day of week is stored when the game is installed, thereafter it is calculated by either the game or the rovio server (as a fix to the device date/time exploit). Thus, the actual date/time is all relative to some point in your playing history.

    If this is true, I would expect other players to have access to the event at different times from myself. If this is true, it might explain why they have some lead (although maybe not quite the size of the leads some of us see).

    I would be curious to know the event ends at a unified time for everyone.

    When we get to the point that the countdown is measured in hours instead of days, I’d be interested to know what everyone’s end time is. If you choose to share this information, please use coordinated universal time (UTC) so that we can all compare using the same measure. Here’s a link:


    I have 2 unnamed players ahead of me right now (lvl 41-6595, lvl 18-5490) and I am in 3rd (lvl 17- 4895). Also there are 3 other NAMED players.. anyone from here? ERICKING, CHONG, and SHINEYOUTH.

    The lvl 18 UP started with almost 4000 at the start of the event. I started with 0. Annoying..

    @abirds954- I’m only lvl 17 and my rewards are 6 staminas (2), 2500 mastery for each individual bird, and one 2500 mastery for all birds.



    All players without fully upgraded birds have the same prizes. Players with a fully upgraded bird have a snoutling prize instead of the upgrade to that bird.

    Is this the correct understanding?


    @filthycasual “queued” – I assume you’re referring to the screen where you select your birds before entering the actual battle? In that case, I was able to consume multiple drinks on that screen – on a Necromancer battle, I had 1 stamina and consumed 4 drinks to reach the required 5 stamina, then the prompt about stamina drinks disappeared.


    Still in frist at 8100, but #2 (DJonny) still playing at 5865.
    Hmm.. Seem to have pick up some more live players, including Igor, level 10, who is now in 4th with 2645.

    — Not sure I can even beat Frankenpig without potions! More power to you!


    @cosmo2503 — Just read Cosmo’s post in Mastery forum — All her birds are level 10.Are all your birds maxed out? If not what levels are they?
    Just checked, and all the birds in Cosmo’s camp are level 10. That’s 1 class per bird.
    I’m level 41, with no maxed-out birds, and my rewards are
    2500 for all (1)
    2599 for all classes of one bird (5)
    6 stamina (2)
    This seems to be what most people are seeing.

    — I’ve been able to drink more than 1 stamina drink if I needed it. In past events, was able to fill up to 15 even if I didn’t need them. However, unless you’re sure that you’re going to use them very soon, you shouldn’t drink more than you need, because you get 1 every 15 min, and sometimes 1 or more from the award wheel.


    1. Yes you must queue a battle. There would be no reason to use stamina drinks beyond these specific event battles.
    2. No, you can consume however many you want, until you max out at 15.
    3. Sure, or consume them before clicking to start the battle.

    I don’t understand your comment about Frankenpigs. “Appreciate [lack of them] because it disallows hoarded or purchased stamina to completely dominate the event” — what does that mean?


    “I don’t understand your comment about Frankenpigs. “Appreciate [lack of them] because it disallows hoarded or purchased stamina to completely dominate the event” — what does that mean?”

    I had 55 extra stamina going into this event that I had built up over the last 2 events. In really didn’t have to use them. I believe that is what was meant by “Hoarded or pucashed”. I notice you can now purchase the drinks as well.


    @abirds954 – one slight correction, you can no longer consume stamina drinks beyond what would be needed to enter the current battle queue you are in at the time. the option to consume goes away once the threshold has been met. You could though queue up a Frankenpig battle, and if you had no stamina at the time, consume as many as the seven drinks needed to get started.


    “I don’t understand your comment about Frankenpigs. “Appreciate [lack of them] because it disallows hoarded or purchased stamina to completely dominate the event” — what does that mean?”

    I don’t know which portion of my statement you are asking about.

    1. I can’t find many frankenpigs. This might be just me.
    2. since (as noted by @burbman) you can only consume enough stamina to meet the requirement for the battle you have queued, I appreciate the fact that you can’t just drink and drink so that the stamina bar is full and keep playing frankenpig.
    3. but I hate not having frankenpigs to fight.


    Maybe it’s just me, but I never get a Frankenpig unless I don’t have enough stamina. Once I get 7 or more naturally, there are never any around. The worst example was there was a FP when I had 5 and was 20 min away from getting 7. 20 minutes later, he was replaced by a necromancer.

    I have a comfortable lead, so I don’t feel the need to use up my stock of potions, though I used about 50 of them to overcome a 7,000 point deficit at the start of the event.


    My board has a couple 41s to my 40, and a little guy who’s trying to hang with us. Tough board.

    I’m only interested in three stars, so I’m playing for 2nd.


    @burbman – When I have 0 stamina potions, and find a 5 or 7 potion battle I want to play, I will queue up the battle. Then close out the application until enough time goes by to get the 5/7 stamina potions I need. Once that time goes by, reopen Angry Birds Epic and you will be able to play the queued battle.

    I hope that make sense.


    @rucustum that’s a good tip!

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