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  • Abigel

    Hi Neo,

    “Which pill do you want to chose? Red or blue?”

    If you want to join my clan, please let me know!  Frequent Flyers (#236720) is a recently established clan. At this point we welcome active players with greater than 50FP. We have participated in 3 clan battles and won three times in the Azure Rank.

    The clan is “Open”, and has 50 members, however a few of them are inactive for several weeks. If you want to join, you can do that before the next Clan battle.




    The fury’s lair needs you! Come join our growing new clan and help build a strong happy and fun team.

    we’ll fight those pesky pigs and destroy those towers.
    Min 200 flock power, clan events compulsory. Pop by for a visit there’s Cookies….






    Frequent Flyers has vacancy. Join  my clan! All active players with greater than 50FP are welcomed. The key word is active, no players are kicked, because of low FP. If you play, your FP will improve.

    Clan # 236720

    We have 45 members, won 5 clan battles in row.




    Do you punch harder than you weigh?

    We’re a super active, competitive, Diamond clan looking for some new members to fill a progressive cull we are about to have! (See attached graph).

    We’re looking for daily, dedicated players, who play well (or as many times as necessary to obtain above average clan vs clan scores).

    Must also be happy to talk occasionally and join up our Discord group.

    We want established folks 550+ OR hungry fanatics below 350!

    Join in game Grafters #195462



    We have small clan, but everyone plays in battle. We have won every battle so far.  all welcome as long as you play clan battle that’s all


    Ka'ohana Koa Recruiting FlyerWe are looking for committed daily players with minimum 400 FP. No drama and no clan event minimums. Active MEBC and clan battle participation is required. Everyone here pulls their weight! Must join Clan group chat. Come and join our warrior family!


    Hey guys!  A group of active U.S. based players started a new clan just over a week ago and have already been to 50 and cut back down to 18 to keep only active players and quickly cut the zombies.  If you are an active player looking for a clan, we need your help as we seek to quickly grow back to 50, keeping active players only.  We require participation in all events and clan battles (currently 2/2 for clan battles and it looks like we will win the current one by quite a margin as well).  We have a good mix of flock power levels.  We are currently accepting 300 flock power and above as long as you will consistently contribute minimum of 3 points for 1-2 day events and 6 points for the 3 day events and be active on clan chat.  As long as you communicate to us in advance that you have an emergency, are going to on a cruise, etc., we do give you a hall pass now and then. ;-)






    Invitation from “Frequent Flyers”: Join and “flight” with us!

    Looking for  active players with greater than 50 flock power (FP).

    Join my clan and enjoy the game!



    Hi! We are having the same problem. We had 50 members, but kicked the zombies. Currently we have 35 really good members. Would you like to merge clans? Our name is the Jerzoids, although only a few of us live in Jersey. Please don’t hold that against us…lol! Let us know what you think (and we are fun people). Membership has it’s rewards 😉.  Thanks!


    Hey Team Avengers…check out our post (The Jerzoids). We seem to have the same problem.  Let us know what you think. Thanks 😉


    Join Frequent Flyers, the stress free clan!

    Minimum 100 FP is desired, nobody is kicked because of low FP, only because of inactivity. We are fighting the clan battles in Emerald Rank.

    Look up information for the clan:

    F E D E R

    We want -> YOU <-

    Our profile: experienced, aspiring, successful, very active, participation in games&battles, funny, multilingual, communicative (chat on discord)

    Visit us also on:



    Our awesome and well established Clan has a few openings for 575 – 600+ FP. Daily active players only. We are currently at 43 team mates with Diamond Rank. We have a Facebook Group for easy chat. Playing all Clan events is mandatory. #182023.


    Boomstick Squad (USA, Clan #35134) might be the clan for you.

    As of March 3, 2019, our clan FP is 18,500. We kicked some frequent Clan Battle no-shows and since then we have a Clan Battle streak of 8 wins (with our average score = 2,330 to 1,620). We are looking for a few honest daily players with FP 550+ (without extra birds).

    We expect you to play almost all Clan Battles. There are no minimum requirements for other clan events. Our atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and we help each other when help is requested.

    To join Boomstick Squad…
    Easiest way: From the AB2 game, search for BoomStick Squad (#35134) and Request admission. (To do the Request route, you must first leave your clan.)
    OR, you can send an email to [email protected].
    OR, you can contact us by using this Discord Invite Link in any browser:
    OR from within, send a friend request to me (BuzzRD).

    Thanks for thinking about us!

    Falcon Falcon

    My friends at Diggers Mob, Clan ID #10133 are trying to reload their team.   They are still a Diamond clan around 24,000 FP and complete their events.  They currently have room for possibly a small clan to merge (up to a 15 member clan may fit).  If you or your clan are interested, reply here or send me a direct message.  Thanks.

    Heather Bird


    Renegades #143223 and Rebellious #231849, our sister clan, are now recruiting!  Both of these amazing clans are Diamond League, we meet all clan game goals 100% every time and have a great community.

    Want to be in the top 10 on MEBC?  Renegades is currently in top 25 on MEBC, with all Renegades on the clan.  We will rank between 20 and 50 depending on which clan our birds are on.  For this upcoming season our goal is be in the TOP 10!  Are you a 700+ FP (without extra birds), we’ve got 3 open spots.  Please apply at

    Are you 450+ FP? Want to join the funnest clan, currently undefeated in all CVC battles?  We are an international community of players?  Please apply at

    Both clans share one active Discord!  More players, more chat, more jokes, more tips, more fun!



    Clan Name:     ACTIVE ONLY

    Number:           227973

    We are recruiting new players.

    300 Flock Power Minimum

    3 Pt Minimum in 400 & 600 events

    Play or be Kicked

    Complete events, family friendly chat

    Check Us Out!!

    Thanks, Cricket (Co-leader)

    <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>


    Hi RealGrafter – I’m BuzzRD, a member here. I’m interested in the graph you posted about 2 weeks ago. I’m a Co-Leader in Boomstick Squad. A few ways to contact me are in the recruitment ad I posted on March 3, 2019. (Scroll up if you want to see it.) But, if you can give me you calculation formula, it might be easiest to send it as an email attachment to [email protected]. We have a programmer in our clan. He is also handy with Excel. Possibly, we can help you someday. Thanks! BuzzRD.


    Clan Name:  Active Only

    Number:        227973

    Amazing Amethyst Clan looking for a few good players

    We are 30 Strong Members

    Just WON c v c…..We finish all events!

    300 Flock Power Minimum

    3 pt minimum in 400 and 600 events

    Family friendly chat

    Come Join Us!

    Thanks, Cricket (Co-leader)


    ‘One Flew Over’ FP 19,307

    We have 6 open spots for minimum FP of 300. Pretty chill group! We require participation in all events, at the moment we average losing 6-9 members after 2 consecutive events not played. Our clan is less than a month old and we have had excellent growth. I love this game! We are building a really great group dedicated to gaining skills and rewards! Clan chat is not required but appreciated.  Thanks for looking!


    That chart is awesome and something we are looking to do for our clan.  How do you calculate what is displayed in the chart?  Can you send me an example?

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