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  • Stixx


    💥💥💥 WE ARE READY TO BATTLE and we would love some 500 plus FP to join

    💖💖 Our 600 game is done but you can jump on for 6 points and still collect‼️‼️

    Doors are closed due to Jumpers, so please request🐷🐣

    We will be in Diamond League for battle

    Come Grow With us!!



    Looking for ALL Flock Power between 225 and 1025

    We Join All Battles

    We win all Top Prizes

    Growing a solid clan one bird at a time, communication is KING!

    We are open to the idea of blending 2 teams, just friend me and we can discuss further.


    Stixx the Rebel

    Buzz Barrelroll


    Looking for players with flock power >300.

    Events and battles are mandatory. You spend gems, but clan gets rewards in events and you have your gems back with many other great rewards 😊 That’s the rule.

    This is a clan for players who want to play!

    Clan name: ROBWHITE


    Redleaf Raiders teammates are seasoned with 600+ FP. We currently have a few openings for seasoned players who have 600+ FP with an MEBC frame reflective of their skill level. Minimum points are 3/200; 6/400; 9/600 events. All events and CVC’s are mandatory participation. Never miss a CVC again. Master your sling and fling your wings with us.

    Heather Bird

    Looking for a solid clan to call home?

    All Fun, Pig Slaying, Growing Bird Family


    Help us keep the climb going 🥰


    See if we are the right fit for your bird needs…Chat with us on Discord.

    All Flock Power can come chat with us:



    We are more or less a Danish clan, aiming for Diamond.

    We have been fiercly strong in battle, but unfortunally several people stopped playing around newyearseve and we lost our Diamond rank.

    So we are in progress to find new active players, who play´s to win.

    Our Clanpower is app: 18500

    Members 39/50


    Pure flockpower: 500+

    Play MEBC, and Battle are mandatory and you dont mind to try to improve your score in battle, and just be an active daily player over level 500+

    We write both in Danish and English, most English though.
    and like to have fun.
    We have existed allmost 2 years. But 6 months ago i joined and things have went from “office break play” to more serious playing. If one dont play to win, dont be in a clan.

    Does this sounds like a clan for you, join us


    Co-leader LANGE


    AB2 Gamers 05 is in search for a couple of new players to join our well established, winning clan! We finished in the top 100 last season, and we win most of our CvC matches.   This is a good opportunity for new players to level up quickly!

    Send a PM to me at facebook to get started!



    Boomstick Squad (USA, Clan #35134) might be the clan for you.

    As of 1/19/2019, our FP is 17,600. That FP looks low, but we recently kicked some frequent Clan Battle no-shows and are now carrying only 33 members. We are looking for a few honest daily players with FP 550+ (without extra birds).

    We expect you to play almost all Clan Battles. There are no minimum requirements for Daily clan Events. Our atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and we help each other when help is requested.

    From the AB2 game, search for BoomStick Squad (#35134) and Request admission. Or, you can contact us by using this Invite Link in any browser: Or at, send a friend request to me (BuzzRD).

    Thanks for thinking about us!



    I am Abigel, leader of the just created “Frequent Flyer” clan. Join my clan! All players are welcome, regardless the Flock Power (FP).The good news is that FP is growing, if you play🙂.

    I hope that players from the wide range of the FP will decide to join this clan. The seasoned, high FP players will increase the clan power and can assure winning the clan battles, while the low FP players will grow and become high FP players in short time. So we can build our own clan and lead it to the top.📈

    Thank you and please join my clan!


    Jeff Bartels

    Turbo Birds (#216031), a diamond level top 150 MEBC clan (currently #146), is looking for 3-4 active daily players. All FP’s are welcome! Current membership ranges from FP of 350 to 775 (without Stella/Hal). Lower FP players come grow with us!

    Since re-forming as the Turbo Birds (we were previously the BirdBrains under different management), we have completed all events, and win many battles.

    We enjoy the game through teamwork and communications. We have a very lively, friendly Clan Chat and are very welcoming to new members. We even get a Scottish Slang Word of the Week every Friday!

    Daily play, MEBC, participate in all Clan Battles, and 3/6/9 point contributions in clan events requested. We don’t have strict “under-participation” rules, but we want to see some of the clan winnings (gems) reinvested for the good of the clan (we win events and battles then collect the loot together!). But we don’t expect anybody to pay real money just to meet these minimums! All we ask for is communication in the Clan Chat when life, etc prevents meeting minimums.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi, i followed Jeff’s last invitation and didn’t regret it!</p>
    Come and give Turbo Birds a try if you’re active daily but still want to keep it fun! :-)



    Buzz Barrelroll

    Polish clan looking for active players. We are Polish, but everyone can play with us!! Battles and daily events are obligatory.


    Want to learn AB2 from experienced players in a Diamond clan? “Pigs on a Plane” has 2-3 openings exclusively for baby birds with less than 150 flock power. 🐥 Our rules are simple: score at least 3 points in clan events, be active, and have fun! Request entry at our door and you will be warmly welcomed.🙂 (Clan #179837)


    We’re a super active, highly dedicated, Diamond League clan. We have fun; we communicate (in game and discord); our leaders are fair and fanatical; we diligently kick non-players; and have a great mix of long term and new members.

    BUT we just got our ass kicked because we’re out of balance.

    We’re looking for a 2-3 super hard hitting, dedicated, fanatical stars to round out our top end. Join us for a long time, or even just a good time – smashing some pigs and topping the pearl rewards.

    650+ (without extras), pref 800. Higher? Bring it!

    Expression of interest – message here.


    no longer looking.

    Breaking Beaks and Breaking Beaks² aren’t simply 2 top 100 clans looking for players. We’re offering a unique clan experience for the right kind of person–the kind of person that fits our culture of brother and sisterhood, encouragement, love and humor. If you’re a strong, veteran player who leads by example, you’ll find two clans full of people who appreciate and support you. If you’re an enthusiastic newer player who wants to get more out of your game, you won’t find a more encouraging and caring community of players to pull you up as you grow. If you’re the chatty type, you’ll find an entire Wonderland of chat channels and unique personalities to explore. So come to to talk to us. If you do, you’ll find yourself becoming curiouser and curiouser…






    The Darklings #3844 are currently seeking 350+ FP Active Players.

    Active Players that are:

    Consistent with increasing Their Own FP

    Participate in All Clan Events and strive to be among the Podium Winners occasionally.

    CvC participation is mandatory, unless the Leader and/or Co Leaders are notified prior the CvC.

    Absolutely no cheaters or hackers.

    Having Fun and Laughter is Mandatory. 😃

    We are an International Clan and will be back in top clans very soon

    Do You think You can compete with the Best?
    If You can, We are waiting for You!

    We will help you to become a more skilful player, if necessary.

    We have many resources to offer you as Support, Videos and Tips, and dedicated Messenger Chatrooms.

    Welcome to the Darklings! Contact manan lalwani on messenger to know more


    We’re Old Gregg (Clan #68881), currently has one opening. No minimum flock power required, but active play required. Communication needed if unable to play for a period of time.

    We always finish in the top 100 MEBC by the end of the season. We finish almost every challenge and have 67 CvC wins to date.

    We are a Diamond level clan. We like to chat and share ideas on our group page. You will find us a friendly, welcoming group!

    Check us out!

    Heather Bird

    @neo that was a short lived clan

    seems to me spy’s and lies just like your game are still off


    @heatherbird  I agree since he is still in the clan I am in when he wrote that and it is not a new clan.


    @neo  You were in our clan at that time.



    @heatherbird I attempted to start a clan and posted the info here for recruitment efforts.  Ultimately I decided it was too much work that I wanted to put into it and joined another clan.

    What is wrong with that?  and why are you here “trying” to call me out and really being rude about it at that?  Is no one here allowed to try to create a clan?

    Also if we are talking about lies, then include yourself in that “call out”!   Your clans motto for a long time was “We are on a mission to end cheating clans!”  Yet all along you were harboring cheaters and have lost many members due to it once they caught wind of what you were really doing.

    My advice, spend less time trying to be a jerk to others here and concentrate a little on yourself to be a nicer person.  Maybe people will like you more!


    @ZoomRhonda . I think you are overselling that a bit.  I joined POAP after I decided “give up” on creating my own clan, having transferred the leadership of that clan to Ade.  I have only been in POAP for a week.  Thanks for your input though. :)

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