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  • randalthor

    Are you tired of the pressure from some clans to obtain a minimum number of points in each clan event?

    I’m recruiting for “RATAB2” #152546. We are a small but active (and friendly!) clan and participate in all daily events and clan battles. Participation is the only requirement we are looking for with new members… just do your best in each event! Whether you are a novice or a hardened bird, all are welcome!

    Cheers, RandalThor

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew has openings for 13 people. If your a small clan and looking to move into the diamond league join us. We complete all events and do great in battle.

    Swine flu crew #122011


    450+ FP daily players are invited to bring their sling and fling wings with our awesome Diamond Rank Clan. Redleaf Raiders #182023.


    There are openings in the Crash Clan!  Come join in the fun!  We are looking for active members!  He only requirement is that you be an active player.  We welcome all skill levels!

    Gene Clone

    Wasted Dollar#229598 has reformed from a pan-European clan with a missing leader.
    Missing about 15 players now. We were a diamond clan and won many battles.
    Serious FP300 plus players are welcome to make up the numbers again and you will be made welcome.



    Hi gang. New to the forum and AB2. Trying to decide if I want to (or should) join a clan. I play for fun and will not be spending $ on gems or anything else, so if that is a requirement (or rewards only go to those who do), then I’m fine not being in a clan.

    I do have a question about rewards. How are they awarded? Does the game do it based on challenge participation? Or are they awarded by clan leadership? If by leadership, based on what criteria?

    I’ve been playing about 5 days. I’m at 14 stars (I think… still learning some of the terminology) and at 92 flock power. I have been playing quite a bit since I’ve had the last week off and the game is addictive. :) That will drop off since I return to work tomorrow. I live in the US (specifically in GA).





    Hi Kristi,

    There are some advantages in joining a clan. First of all you will be able to collect the 20 black pearls from the daily quests ( it used to be gems), and when you are part of a clan  by participating in clan events and/or clan battles there are some great prizes to be won. Now here comes the hard part, some may say, there are a lot of clans that have rules like 3/6/9 points in clan events because there are clan events that if your clan scores a maximum of points you and all the members that score get all the rewards. The minimum points are to make sure that all the players participate and score points. There are some players that only put in one point and the rest of the members of a clan put in the rest to make it to 200/400/600.. this may become a bit stressing if not everybody puts points in a clan event.

    Our clan is looking for active daily players ( and even though your Flock power is 92, if you play daily you’ll grow in no time) and if you decide to join a clan we’d love to have you grow with us. #123358 is our clan number you can find us by

    Angry Turd

    See signature :)

    Viking Birds #76330 = 1000 FP (or higher)
    Viking Birds II #190105 = 850 FP (or higher)
    Viking Birds³ #212732 = 700 FP (or higher)

    ____   ___.__ __   .__                __________.__           .___      
    \   \ /   |__|  | _|__| ____   ____   \______   |_________  __| _/______
     \   Y   /|  |  |/ |  |/    \ / ___\   |    |  _|  \_  __ \/ __ |/  ___/
      \     / |  |    <| | | / /_/ >  |    |   |  ||  | \/ /_/ |\___ \ 
       \___/  |__|__|_ |__|___|  \___  /   |______  |__||__|  \____ /____  >
                      \/       \/_____/           \/               \/    \/ 

    Official Clan Rules:
    Discord Group Chat:


    @alex-andrina: Hi, that reply of you looks so nice, and now I finally understand these strange terms too. I wish there are more players out there like you. I have been playing this game for about a week now daily and tried to do my homework on this forum the last few days too. I had joined my first clan a few days ago but only a hand full of people participated in the events unfortunately. I would like to join such an environment as you describe too if this would be allowed. I have 93 FP now (should be higher but this unlocking hal cage already ate 30k of my feathers the last 3 days, so unfair!) but this will be fine later as you described.

    I have requested to join your clan today too, but it got declined the first time, unfortunately. My player name is Kevin, let me know if I could join! I will do my best in the clan events,m play all the free entries and if possible buy the chance to get to 3 points when I have gems of course, as contributing to the clan and returning some of the gems you collect is something natural I think! :)




    if you are not on a clan yet, you can come over to our clan the door is open to all flock power and you do not have to spend money to be successful in games.

    Go to join a clan and type in:




    Hey Kevin, I can’t see your request, could yo7 try again? Try to find both the clan name and clan number. Clan number ( enter exactly as i’m Writing it) #123358 #1 Cat Lady. What’s your username? I’ll let my co-leaders know about you


    Come join the Crash Clan!  We have openings!  The only requirement is to be an active player.  Any skill level is welcome.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I Like PigButts (#67028) – Diamond Clan

    Looking for new members with 400+ FP.

    Reloading Clan as some members have become inactive. We require participation in events and battles. Great core to the Clan; looking for active new members to get us back to 100% participation.


    Looking for a clan? We have a few openings at Breaking Beaks #12621.

    All players are welcome, even if you are new to the game, or have low flock power.

    We are currently at Amethyst Level, and play all battles.

    Our only requirement is that you participate in Clan Battles.

    Come pop some pigs and have some fun!


    WANTED CLAN MATES 200+ Flock Power minimum please who would like to join in battles and complete ALL Clan Games




    💥💥CURRENTLY we have reached top goal of 600, 200 and 400 clan game. That is  100% success rate for all top goals reached.

    We won OUR FIRST Battle played with All members Showing up.

    We are looking for birds who want to grow with us and build a strong community.

    If you are a leader in life, you can be a co leader in our new clan.

    We will play for clan game minimums but they are based on your birds Flock Power

    We will only kick if you play for 1 point repeatedly and don’t communicate.

    WE WILL Join all battles and ask that you do as well.


    Thank you for your consideration I know it is hard to find clans that complete game goals and communicate in chat with good manners, especially if you have low flock power. Let’s grow this clan together and share in the rewards.


    🐷Angry Birds should be fun because if it’s not… WHY DO IT 😊


    AGAIN We might be new but WE COMPLETE ALL GAMES…thanks to bird friends who help!!

    Let’s Slay those Pigs and put up some points!



    A great clan experience. Shared clan group page and chat for fun, friends, tips and videos. Our minimums required clans finish all events, 100% participation in battles by all our clans. Members can move to any of our clans at anytime to suit your game or you personal schedule. Must be an active player.


    Hi, my clan is Sky Warriors! We need active players. Subscrive now!!!


    How many members do you have? :)


    Swine Flu Crew #122011 looking for strong, active  players to join our team! No minimum FP, but we do require the standard 3/6/9 for clan events. If you are interested and want to be a part of a winning clan, come join us!


    Hey all. Down to flock is looking for very active players and a possible merger with another hard working clan. Please message me is you’re interested in joining us! We are looking to get to the top. Total flock power is 21,906 but we are missing 15 players because of members not meeting requirements or because of being fed up due to the cheaters or recent changes in the game.

    Please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

    Looking forward to popping pigs with y’all!


    We are more or less a Danish clan, aiming for Diamond.
    We have been fiercly strong in battle, but unfortunally several people stopped playing around newyearseve and we lost our Diamond rank.
    So we are in progress to find new active players, who play´s to win.
    Our Clanpower is app: 18500
    Members 39/50
    You have to play MEBC, participate in every battle, be an active daily player and over level 500
    We write both in Danish and English, most English though.

    See ya co-leader LANGE

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