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  • devon-drozd

    Are you a 600+ FP player who is tired of carrying a clan on your shoulders and want everyone to pull weight to guarantee a legendary chest? Want to flex and build your competitive muscle? Come talk to us at on our private chat server. We are a top #100 MEBC clan with a dedicated MEBC chat channel where our members post and watch videos of Clan battles and MEBC challenges. Knowledge of Breaking Bad references a big plus when it comes to fun in chat room. Message me on here for details or visit — we’re so legit we have our own website.

    Heather Bird

    RENEGADES Has 1 spot for a 550 plus FP come fly with us to the top!!!

    Request #143223

    WE win battles

    WE fight cheaters

    WE score 100% of all the loot!! All the time even with Rovio glitches!!


    and we buy clan boxes too!!

    Go Team!!!!


    Thanks for the replies… Red, Gary and Heather.



    Hi Leo. You sound like a good fit for my clan. We’re a top 50 Diamond clan and have several open spots. We complete every challenge and have the customary 3-6-9 point contribution minimums, which it sounds like would pose no problem for you. Please send a friend request here if interested.



    My clan has 3 openings but they will fill fast. We are a diamond rated clan with over 20,000 FP. We finish all events and have only lost one battle recently.

    Sent a request to us and I will accept you, we are a closed Clan due to clan jumpers and cheaters.

    Bonus for you, I live in Tampa Florida so we have a Florida connection.

    SOUR KUSH #8624

    Heather Bird

    @leo-orlando I promise on our clan you will never carry anyone.


    we are 100% active in battle and clan game. The race to the top is climing fast 105 MEBC and we win most battles.


    chat is fun and birds are happy!!


    come see for yourself…we are diamonds over 25500 CP

    RENEGADES #143223

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew looking for 5 players. We complete every event and are very close to being diamond league. Need players with the ability to play daily and want to win. Fun and family friendly.   18600 FP. Ranked 400 in MEBC.  We are strong and growing.


    Swine flu crew #122011

    Phoenix Sparrow

    Wanna be part of a friendly, winning clan?
    send a request to join if you’re a skilled 650+ player!



    Join us.


    Clan ID: #130665 Clan Name: Champions
    Clan Rank: Diamond

    MEBC rank: 160

    Clan description: Very active and friendly clan.
    **We complete all events and We win Almost All Clan battles**

    Clan requirements:
    Min FP – 400+.
    Min 3/ 6/ 9 for 200/400/600 pts event.
    ClanvsClan play mandatory

    Falcon Falcon

    Post edited.  We filled up our clan now.  Thanks to all that joined.

    Heather Bird

    UPDATE: We are full and in TOP 100 MEBC!!!


    Pushing into TOP 100 MEBC before summer ends!!

    GO RENEGADES #143223

    You can DM me if you’d like

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew is in need of 1 player. 300 plus flock power please. We are too 300 in MEBC and complete all events.

    Very fun group, family friendly and all around awesome clan getting ready to enter the diamond league. Standard minimums apply 3/6/9 and must play battles.  Just won our last diamond battle.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”></p>

    Swine flu crew 122011

    Swollen Feather

    Still need a player?  455 without any hats.  Swollen Feather.

    Turke Y Birdson

    Swollen Feather, I’ve got a spot for you in AB2 Gamers 05! Send me a PM on Facebook Messenger, Turke Y Birdson.



    ARE U LOOKING FOR A CLAN TO JOIN? I’m recruiting for “RATAB2” #152546. We are a small but active (and friendly!) clan and participate in all clan battles. Participation is the only requirement we are looking for with new members, whether you are a novice or a hardened bird, all are welcome!

    Cheers, RandalThor


    Hi, I’ve created a new clan because I got sick of unactive leaders and players. Feel free to join. All I ask is that you are active player so we can participate and hopefully win tournaments and big rewards.  :)
    My current flock power is 464.

    Clan is: WICKED WINGS #179825


    Join my clan!

    <span style=”-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”>Here birdie…</span>



    Tired of leaderless, uninspiring clans?  Then join our fresh new clan!  We are “Pigs on a Plane” and we are TIRED of those $#%& pigs!!  Our ambition: to make the MEBC leaderboard.  Our rules: no minimums, but freeloaders will be ejected.  Join us at our launch and let’s maximize our skills and have fun together!  Milestones will be celebrated with Community Chests!!  [Banner ad in production.  Will post in a follow-up.]

    clan screen shot

    Clan name:  Pigs on a Plane
    Clan number:  # 179837
    Current members:  We’re Brand New!   Clan type: Open
    Clan location:  United States, but we welcome everyone



    Swine flu

    Diamond clan looking for one 350 plus fp player. Very active, fun, and family friendly.  We complete all events and win most battles. Minimums points 3 and 6. Mebc top 300 clan. Ur participation is needed there also.


    Swine flu crew #122011


    Regular players come join BlackwatchBirds!


    All levels welcome- please just be an active player.  I will be an active manager, and we will get top rewards.


    For the good of all I’ll nudge you if you drop out and will push people out after a week of non participation.   We

    Jesse a

    New clan created today all active members.  Join packerfans, clan #181150.  We will hit top tier for every reward.  Daily players only. Low flock scores ok if you are active.


    Hey guys, we’re looking for 5 new members to join our clan! We do not have minimum point requirements but all players are active and contribute to each event.
    Currently in Amethyst League with 18.5K flock power.
    Preference for players with 300+ flock power.
    Our clan is PickleRickSquad (#98278). Look us up if interested!


    Phoenix Sparrow

    If you’re a skilled 650+ fp player who wants to be part of a friendly winning clan, join us in ABNest3!
    All events are complete, Most battles are wins!


    Hello everyone,

    My name is Mickael

    I’m looking for some active players. I created this clan because I didn’t feel people who were in the same clan as me not so motivated. If you feel like winning lots of rewards, come and join my clan. Some great players are prospecting to  recruit others. Feel free to come

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