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  • Mindaugas Jonaitis

    Samsung Note 4
    a) which OS version is affected – Android 5.0.1
    b) Lithuania
    c) 250+
    d) factory settings


    iOS 7.1.1
    East coast (mid Atlantic)
    Level 95
    No Jaibreak


    My problem exactly.


    backed up to computer. deleted app. re installed app. opened nicely, but held my breath as game 1st played from beginning. THEN, as awards began to load, ALL
    coins, pigs, gems showed up as before. 2 new characters, i,m guessing they,ll be found on a mission. new equip to be made/collected…not clear but theres a multi page screen where they,ll be stored. @birdleader


    Hello All,

    Well this time it worked for me…. Sort of…. I downloaded the update and like most others would not load kept crashing….. Unistalled / reinstalled app. Rescued BB and then logged into Facebook….. My accomplishments came back ( I play on both my Sony Xperia Lollipop phone and a Sony Xperia tablet…I like Sony and they are water proof for play around the pool.)

    Keeping my fingers crossed…

    Level 281
    Not jail broke….


    I have devoted an inordinate of time of cash to excel in this great game and was at a level of over 275. I am very worried that I will lose all my accomplishments. I am sure that all my missions that I started last evening were completed within 4 hours so I don’t think the program is waiting on my activities to finish.

    You are right to be worried – so am I. It’s not about when our upgrades and missions were due to finish, it is that they were in progress when the game updated. Those upgrades and missions are forever in limbo and I’m not sure I can see how the situation is going to be easily resolved. Even reverting to the previous edition wouldn’t save things. The only solution so far is to delete and re-install, going back to the last position saved on Facebook. Those of us without Facebook have, I suspect, lost our progress for ever.


    Whew, that worked. Thank you so much. I was very worried that I had lost everything. Jenga has come back, my gems have come back. Now, I wam just waiting for my progress to come back.


    Here we are again, to release another update that fail to work is unforgivable!
    Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if you took alittle more time making sure your new better than ever before Super fantastic updates, weren’t such a let down.
    Crashed and burned me again. Shame on you who ever you are.


    Kindle fire OS 4.5.4


    on a nexus 7
    A) android 5.1.1
    B) Western Canada (Alberta)
    C) 287
    D) android, rooted


    I updated after completing the current missions and upgrade. It took a while but worked.


    on a Galaxy Mini S4
    A) android 4.4.2
    B) France (in Hungary now, where the upgrade was applied overnight)
    C) 292
    D) not rooted, but RAM and SD card encrypted

    Patrick Wayne Morgan

    Android 4.22
    191 level

    Tried the reinstall, didn’t work. Still crashes. Sure there were no missions or upgrading going on when update went live.


    First post here, I signed up specifically because of this issue. Annoyingly this was the first time I updated with checking on here if there were any problems… *sigh*

    I have sunk loads of time into this game, I will be very displeased if I lose all progress (I don’t do Facebook).

    iOS 8.4 (12H143) (iPad Air 2)
    Level: Prime 258
    Not & never jailbroken.

    I had a character upgrade and missions in progress when I updated.

    *nervous* Hope this can be fixed soon!


    Angry Birds Transformers 1.6.13 wont load on my Samsung Galaxy tablet.

    OS Android 4.2.2

    Im in the UK

    Level 100

    Don’t know the last question.


    iOS 8.4 / iPhone 6
    Brazil – Center Region
    Jailbroken device


    So, if I playing on Android and not using Facebook, all my accomplishments lost? Why did the game ask me for google+ account? So, now I need to start from zero and pay you money again just to get to what I have? Looks like fraud …
    a) Android 4.3
    b) UK
    c) Lord
    d) Factory



    “So, anyone who has not updated the game yet, we recommend you to wait patiently until your Character upgrade and portal missions are finished, after that you should be able to update your game without any problems!”

    So you’re confirming that this is the final fix?

    Or will another update be pushed out that rectifies it?

    I’m going to sit tight until I know everything is resolved before I update.


    Rumblebee has basically said that when the update is loaded during a mission or upgrade, the necessary data files can’t be uploaded because they don’t exist. This suggests to me that unless people have a backup on Facebook or Game Centre, their files have been lost for ever and will have to start again. The silence is deafening.


    Yeah, I have no intention of updating the app until I know for sure everything is nailed down.

    And I’m quite happy to continue playing the existing version (1.5.19). I don’t think I have the energy to deal with another set of fundamental game changes at this point.

    I think I’ll wait until I hit Rank 405 at which point I’ll be forced to upgrade to get the new TFs, unless anyone can suggest a good reason(s) why I should upgrade now?


    “Just wish that the update had corrected the bug with the Travel 5000 miles achievement…long ago I was a couple of miles away from the achievement when it pooped out. I’m at rank 305, believe me, I’ve travelled the 5000 miles…and more!”

    Until v1.5.15 that achievement didn’t work for me at all! Three months later and I’m only at 1,160 miles.

    Been playing regularly since the end of October 2014. I’m pretty sure I would’ve hit 5,000 by now.



    “I guess we’re their QA? :)”



    @optimuspig I wish I had held off, the new Energicons don’t really benefit gameplay, and I’ve been inundated with bugs. New characters are nice, sure, but I’d wait until Rovio get the game itself up to par.


    @cerpin Yeah, after the previous update fiasco, I was “no way I’m updating” especially after coming into the forum and seeing the plethora of crash reports.

    Also, I’m glad that I’ve had my wi-fi turned off most of the time to fight the “update progress” bug, otherwise I might have seen the new update arrive in the app store and been tempted.


    Mine crashes too. Basic question: When they say “backed up” or “synced” to Facebook, does this just mean like when I’ve been playing with other Facebook friends? Or is there something else specific I need to do to BACK-UP to Facebook? Nervous to clarify this before I try an erase and install. Thanks.

    For What it’s worth,
    iOS 7.1.2
    Prime 270+
    not jail broken
    (was definitely mid-mission and upgrading characters when update ran itself)

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