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  • marioandsonic

    Okay, got the latest update after holding off and waiting for the patch to come out. Here’s my feelings on it:

    The good:
    –Sing Hallelujah and praise the Allspark in thanks, because the game no longer repeatedly freezes and crashes for Android Lollipop users! (Well, it did once when I first loaded the game after the update, but it worked after force-stopping and reloading). Finally, I can summon teammates with no issue.
    –Also, the glitch where Android users could only get two stars at most from missions is also fixed (though I still can’t get 5 keys on Hard missions…)
    –I really like the Energonicon idea, as well as Professor Pig’s lab. I’ve already found a couple that I really enjoy.

    The bad:
    –The grind for materials is pretty ridiculous. It helps that now you can get multiple ones from levels, but the missions still give the same amount, which at this point is way too low. I’d say that the best way to fix this is to increase the number of materials you can get from missions. Fix that, and I’d honestly have little to no problems.

    The indifferent:
    –I still haven’t unlocked either of the Blues yet, so I don’t know how they play.


    Agree withm @arioandsonic, and confirm that latest fix (downloaded and installed in the last 24 hours) has fixed the game startup crashes.


    Same here, after one week of fear that maybe all progress would be lost, the fix-upgrade brought me back in the game at the point where I was before the crash-update


    Still no go for me. Uninstall, reinstall and it still crashes at opening splash page.


    Getting the same thing – loads up then immediately crashes – even though I have uninstalled and reinstalled (and disconnected from Facebook).

    Region UK
    Android 4.2.2
    Level – around 285


    I’m not sure thread on which to post this, but fyi, Rovio has responded via email that they are working on this latest issue that makes ABT unplayable for some of us. (ios 8.4, NE, U.S..) Just thought I’d let you know.


    A) Android 4.4.2
    B) West of Harrisburg PA (small town of Newport)
    C) 299
    D) Device is unlocked/rooted, but no changes have been made

    Device is RCA Voyager 7″

    Bill Anderson

    I am using Android 5.0.2 on Samsung S6
    AM in Adelaide , South Australia
    Level 232 27402 pigs
    Carrier Issued device Telstra

    Game used to crash and after last update was OK until a day ago when everytime I use the Video for increase coins etc the game stopped and crashes

    Also now stops during a sessions and displays unfortunately stopped working – now almost unusable

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Blue Streak Update CRASHES

Viewing 8 replies - 126 through 133 (of 133 total)
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