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  • Jules

    ipad mini – version 8.4 of iOS
    Atlanta GA US
    level just over 300
    iOS is not rooted


    I waited to update the last time until it forced me to. I think I will do the same here and spend the time upgrading. It is slow, but dependable and reliable.


    @angerissues I am also not on Facebook. Had a crashing issue with previous update. At that time, I deleted the app and then reloaded, but opened it to play using the Game Center “play” option. If you’re also on Game Center, that can also be a way to get back to your progress.

    , thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately I don’t ever use Game Center either. It’s either Rovio do another update to fix the problem or all progress lost for me I think. :(

    I accept some responsibility for not having my progress saved somehow, but I think it’s very poor that such a devastating bug can happen with such an apparently obvious trigger (simply playing the game…). Just wish I’d never updated.


    @AngerIssues – I’m in the same position. I wish Rovio would just admit they have stuffed up and our games are lost. Then at least we could deal with it and move on rather than keep checking back here in hope of a miracle.


    Kindle Fire OS 4.5.4
    Zhengzhou, China
    Level 152
    Device is clean


    Has anyone noticed how much storage this latest update now uses on your devices??? I can’t help but think this might have something to do with some crashing so much. I know many also have music & tons of photos on their devices. I pretty much use my iPad for gaming only & recently decided to remove some games I really don’t enjoy or want anymore. Might be worth having a lookie at your settings on your device to see how close you are to capacity???

    >>>>Manage Storage

    App Size = 122 MB
    Storage Used = 931 MB (this is 1/12th of my available storage)



    Ok I took a look at mine, guest what a full gig! That’s a lot on my little iPad mini. gezzzz


    Wow, my data is at 1.4GB!

    Rather hilariously, on Apple’s iOS app store Angry Brids Transformers is included under a list of ‘Best New Updates’! Most of the recent reviews seem to disagree, for obvious reasons…


    @rumblebee that happended to me and also here:
    a: iOS 8.4
    d:its not


    Same for me


    Crashing, crashing, crashing!

    A) iOS 8.4 (iPad mini 2)
    B) San Francisco
    C) IDK it’s my kids game, but it happened last update too and everything got wiped
    D) Not jailbroken


    The un/reinstall worked on my iPad. I was indeed in the midst of upgrading Grimlock when I first tried the update. I AM connected to FB and Game Center (ABT is actually the only reason I keep my FB account these days.)

    Since I un/reinstalled the game, I had one initial “Restart,” but have had flawless gameplay since then. It actually performs 100% better than it did before, with the continual Restarts and coin/gem/materials losses I used to experience daily. I still have the older version on my iPhone, and haven’t updated it nor played the game on my iPhone; I guess I don’t want to chance another glitch. I do want to mention that it was pretty cool to see that there are people all over the world playing this – I hope everyone gets their game going again!


    1) Android 4.2.2 (on Asus Fonepad HD 6)
    2) Lithuania
    3) around level 305 (I’ve been trying a couple of times and got few levels inbetween tries)
    4) not rooted.

    I tried to use the advice above: finished upgrading the transformer and all portal missions before updating the game, but it didn’t help. Complete deleting and reinstalling the game didn’t make it launch either. Fortunately I was foresighted enough to make a complete backup before upgrading, so I still can play the previous version.

    I also can’t log in to Facebook. Actually, that started long ago – a couple of weeks before “Stella update” it simply stopped to log in no matter which way I used. After the Stella update, though, the game started to crash on startup. Only removing ABT from the list of allowed applications in Facebook allowed me to play again.


    Just installed the latest update (shame I didn’t look here first) and guess what … it crashes every time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s still the same.

    Region UK
    Android 4.2.2
    Level – around 285


    1. iOS 8.4 (on iPhone 5)
    2. US East Coast – Outside Washington DC
    3. 320 out of 540 points
    4. Yes, JB

    (Note also has happening on iOS 8.1 [on iPhone 4] prior to hardware upgrade)


    About my iPad:

    A) iOS 8.3
    B) Lisboa – Portugal
    C) ranking between 156 and 160 I remember I had the title Fighter but not the level with precision.
    D) It is not jailbroken.

    Best regards and thanks for the help


    Question for folks here that use Android:

    Does this new update fix the issues with Lollipop 5.0?


    Galaxy tab4 8.0
    Wisconsin/central time zone
    Level 289
    Factory set

    At the time of the up date I had 2 missions in progress and was also up grading Dark Megatron. Now the game crashes shortly after the splash. I CAN NOT PLAY MY GAME. Please stomp this bug out.


    Woke up this morning to see the app updated, and what do you know? Crash city. Last major update I could still play on my iPad, but this time I can’t play on either of my devices. After the last major update, I couldn’t play on my iPhone for at least a week, maybe two. I wish I had the option of reverting back to the version that works instead of just waiting till they work out the bugs.


    For those of you on Android devices who have uninstalled then reinstalled the game to fix the crashing issue, is simply being connected to Facebook without any other backup ie Game Center enough to retrieve your data/progress? As it appears a fix isn’t forthcoming I don’t want to do this unless I’m safe. Also playing on Kindle Fire if that matters.



    Well for me thats all I did…. And i am back to playing on both my phone and tablet when I get home from work….maybe I got lucky….. I just keep my fingres crossed on each update….


    Is this still intended for iOS only? Can you make one more for Android if it’s so?
    I got same problem as the iOS users


    The App Store has the fix, newest upgrade is out! Ya i’am back in the game!


    Yay, me too, my addictio- er, game is back! Thank goodness for that. I think!?

    Of course the first thing that happened was I played a gold dome and it crashed half-way through… but that has happened before, and everything else seems alright now.

    Hopefully user name will now be ironic rather than accurate ;)
    And maybe I’ll stick around on here too, seems like a nice forum.

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