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  • ph

    IOS 8.4


    OK, you reassure me. My stock of coins will thus continue to increase and the time thus remains the same no extension of the game (except with the new characters).

    But for upgrade to level 10, it’s :

    – 7 of 1st element
    – 5 of 2nd element
    – 0 Super Rarium

    If you tell me it’s with the update 25 and 12, it’s more than double !!!!
    And Grimmlock isn’t a Deceptihog. If it’s just an example, can you tell me real numbers ?

    It will just be necessary to make missions more quickly (use of pigs) and well to select these to have the good elements.

    What about Great Rarium ? Is it also doubled ? If yes, it is a little more complicated…


    OS 8.4
    Europe (netherlands)

    Not connected to FB.

    Sort of disappointing that this happens twice in a row :-(


    For all droid users the uninstall and then reinstall fixes the crash at start up issue. Keep in mind you have to be linked to FB or you lose all progress. Again for droid users. Sorry I don’t know for IOS.


    @grimmjow To update Optimus Prime from 11 to 12 will now
    cost 200,000 coins, 40 Birdium, 20 Anger chips, 4 Rareum and 1 day + 16 hours.


    Ios8.4, California, 280, no

    Bad piggies

    Reinstalled and now it works fine for me!


    iPhone 5s; iOS 8.4; rank 282; not broken


    Android on Galaxy S5, not rooted.
    SouthEast USA, T-Mobile
    Level/Rank 310

    I had major crash problems, game would not load past the flash screen. Then I uninstalled, reinstalled and played until I could reconnect to FB. Now it works though I still do get an occasional crash.


    Other than the crashing issue is there any advantage / disadvantage to updating now?

    Just when I was getting used to all the changes in the last update, sigh …..


    Are the TFs still maxing out at L15, or have they extended that as well?


    The reinstall seems to work like last time. It takes a few minutes to reload your data, but as long as you’re connected to FB, you should be alright. (IOS Version)


    A) iOs 8.4
    B) U.S./Eastern
    C) 301-302 currently upgrading
    D) no


    a) OS version: 8.4 on iPad 2
    b) Central Florida, USA
    c) Reached level 78
    d) Device is not jailbroken

    Crashes before loading.


    I really wish i had looked up issues before downloading the new version. hopefully it will be fixed soon!


    Ok, it’s more than double…
    Prices of missions are increase too ?


    I have delete the game on my Ipad then install again and launch by GC, bt after the 1st level, the game don’t restore my save.
    I have my save on Iphone, but why my Ipad doesn’t restore my save ?

    Bad piggies

    @grimmjow Don’t know… worked fine for me. Did you update the game on both devices?


    @grimmjow Don’t know about missions because I started 12 hour ones without really paying attention. Guess I will find out in 6 hours.


    iOS 8.4
    Don’t remember my level – think 254
    IPad Mini, not jailbroken

    I get to 95% then crash.

    Don’t you guys do ANY QA?


    I just deleted and reinstall the game on Android and it is the same, it doesn´t start at all!!!

    I am really intersted how some guys can still work at Rovio´s with this history, I don´t think I ever had a game with so many bugs, update after update it is worse…


    The update causes ABT to crash upon launch on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0.


    Samsung galaxy 3S NEO

    a) Android 4.4 (Lollipop)
    b) Region Europe/Belgium
    c) Level 310
    d) No idea, what’s jailbroken?

    Game crashes during start-up
    Not connected to FB.
    Update was going automatic

    Is a re-install possible without FB-connection or back-up?


    Are the number of gems required to accelerate upgrades the same? After the last update, it dropped by about 2/3.



    iOS 8.4
    East Coast, U.S.
    Not jail broken

    Drover’s Dog

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
    lvl 301
    not jailbroken

    Update crashed

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