Angry Birds Epic Update History & Changelog

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  • Walkrok

    Yeah and what they didn’t tell us – they have nerfed the Valiant set!!! Good to know it, when I upgraded both its parts to the max 2 weeks ago…

    They are doing super updates anyway these months. Last time it was the price hike of the cost of upgrading.. I think it is clear why they aren’t telling us also about these changes… :/ (but they should at least annouce it through some official way)


    I can remember when Comcast cable company changed their “Basic Services”….I pointed out that it was simply a price increase without it being called a price increase, but anytime you reduce the quantity of what you used to sell but charge the same fee of the higher quantity, that constitutes a price increase, lol. Same with this Rovio and this game. They may actually make MORE money if they were to reduce costs. I am more inclined to spend MORE if the costs are less….like with the 1/2 price special on classes (helmets) right now. I have taken advantage of it AND purchased additional items that were temporarily reduced. Everything should be half the gold that Rovio is currently charging us. As it is, I tend to get really bored with a game that costs too much and takes too long to earn/save what’s needed to buy special items.

    Allan Renè Steentoft Kjeldgaard


    Bug fixed by un-mounting SD-card!


    3/29/16 — New update gets rid of requirement to tap nest. Took me a few tries of hard close, device power down, restart, tap nest on startup, and follow tutorial, but all required tapping now gone.
    Here is what Rovio said:

    The issue with the hand is due to a bug in the game that is fixed in the update that was just released. You’ll see it the first time you open the game after updating, but then it won’t appear any longer.


    The latest update didn’t initially fix the nest tapping bug for me, but after deleting ABE and then reinstalling it, all was fine. (iPhone 6, iOS 9.3)


    Major Update!
    – Mastery Rank increased to Level 15!!
    – Level Cap increased to 60!!


    Mastery Rank increased again?

    Man…and I JUST finished getting everyone to level 12 too…

    Fabio Borges de Sousa

    sorry for reviving a dead topic but i cant beat the spirit sword at level 28 when i first encountered it, now i’m level 34 and still there is no way in {Admin Edit} hades to beat him, he has 5khp a deals 1.2k (my full hp bar on red) is there something wrong with my game?

    the wiz pig is super hyper strong too cant him either, im in some for some help


    @fabio-borges-de-sousa for the sword spirit use either paladin or for wizpig use samurai, druid and tricksters


    @Arbiter that doesnt work, I have the same problem and the birds can do enough damage, The game is now 10 times tougher than it used to be.


    @etpio what level are you?


    @Arbiter 35


    I don’t like the sound of this 2.0 business… I hope it’s not a Go! like travesty. :-/



    I just commented on the “Sneak Beak”…


    This is BIG! No, actually it's BIGGER… Our first #SneakBeak in 2017 isn't only revealing that we're all wings down…

    Posted by Angry Birds Epic on Wednesday, January 25, 2017


    Chill, mate. I’ve just had a look at the Sneak-Beak and it doesn’t look all that new to me… it may be refreshed graphics and 16:9, but other than that, the event menu that they show looks just like the old one to me.


    @smwforever45 I’m trying to be quietly optimistic… but Rovio has committed atrocities in the past :-P

    Danijel Epic

    Just wondering since i am new here where are Mighty Eagle stamp cards????



    Unfortunately, they stopped given out the stamp cards for the Dojo a few months ago.


    Is this new daily bonus kind of joke? 


    They just fixed it. One of a long history of glitches that seem plague this game…

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