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  • We are testing out a new feature that will allow everyone to track and contribute to the update history for specific Angry Birds apps. This update history and changelog below obviously for Angry Birds Epic. It will allow you to quickly see on what date the last updates were released, the version number, and what changes were contained therein. The last part isn’t always so easy, which is where you can help.

    Note, we will be adding platform information here to this list soon. As always, you can see the full list of updates across all games on the updates page.

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    Angry Birds Epic RPG v3.0.27463.4821 (Chronicle Caves, Arena Repairs) (v3.0.27463.4821)

    Added on Jan 1, 2019

    Just when you thought Chronicle Caves couldn’t get any tougher: We’re proving you wrong and digging a new one!
    Only for the bravest-est: New Chronicle Cave 26’s swines may break your spines.. Or not! Are you up for the ultimate challenge?

    Arena repair: A bunch of handymen fixed the banner and emblem issues, along with other Arena problems

    Read the full patch story:

    Angry Birds Epic v2.1.0 (Ancient Relic & Ancient Set) (v3.7.0)

    Added on Jan 19, 2018

    Angry Birds Epic v2.0.2 (Rise of the Hogrider) (v2.0.2)

    Added on Jan 19, 2018

    Angry Birds Epic v2.0.1 (Rise of the Hogrider) (v2.0.1)

    Added on Jan 19, 2018

    Angry Birds Epic RPG v1.5.5 (Enhanced Chronicle Caves) (v1.5.5)

    Added on Dec 9, 2016

    Enhanced Chronicle Caves:
    - Not sure your birds are strong enough to enter a cave? The new level indicator has the answer! And now there's a maximum of five waves to clear each stage.

    Angry Birds Epic v1.4.5 (Elite Stoneguard) (v1.4.5)

    Added on Nov 7, 2016

    - NEW WORLD BOSS EVENT -- team up and defeat the Tinker Titan to win Matilda's Elite Cleric!
    - NEW MINI-CAMPAIGN -- enter the Jungle to unlock the Elite Stoneguard!
    - EVENTS & LEADERBOARDS -- we improved every aspect of our event system!
    - BUGFIXES -- a lot!

    Angry Birds Epic v1.4.3 (2-Year Anniversary) (v1.4.3)

    Added on Nov 7, 2016

    - NEW WORLD BOSS EVENT – team up and defeat the Tinker Titan to win Matilda’s Elite Cleric!
    - TWO EPIC YEARS – celebrate the second birthday of Angry Birds Epic with an exclusive campaign and unlock Bomb’s Elite Pirate!
    - INCREASED LEVEL CAP – boost your team to level 60!
    - ADDITIONAL MASTERY RANKS – master your birds up to rank 15!
    - MORE ELITE CLASSES – upgrades for your favorite premium classes are now available. Watch out for a special introduction rate!
    - Bug fixes & improvements

    Angry Birds Epic v1.3.0 (Halloween) (v1.3.0)

    Added on Oct 28, 2015

    - NEW CLASS – unlock Matilda’s Witch powers!
    - BIRD CAMP CHANGES – check out the redecoration!
    - DAILY DUNGEON PREVIEW – easy access from the bird camp!
    - NEW SET ITEMS – power up your birds with epic items!

    Angry Birds Epic v1.2.11 (New Chronicle Caves) (v1.2.11)

    Added on Aug 27, 2015

    SONIC DASH EVENT : Play the new mini-map with Sonic the Hedgehog!
    NEW CLASS FOR CHUCK : Complete the Sonic event to unlock the Illusionist!
    MASTERY LEVEL INCREASE : Classes now go to level 12
    2 NEW CHRONICLE CAVES 16 and 17
    RAISED XP LEVEL : Get your birds to level 50!

    Angry Birds Epic v1.2.10 (Big Fixes) (v1.2.10)

    Added on Aug 13, 2015

    Epic fixes incoming:
    - Fixed an issue with friend lists. Now see ALL of your friends!
    - Fixed issue with the Arena leaderboard. See your friends scores!
    - Daily Golden Pigs are now easier to find.
    - Other minor improvements!

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  • MVNLA2

    @birdleader — I was just about to start a forum on changes in 1.0.9, so this is great!
    The biggest difference I see between the walkthroughs and what I experience playing 1.0.9, is that many levels get progressively harder with each restart, whether or not you’ve passed them even with 1*. I don’t see any of this mentioned in the walkthroughs. Did you all really pass every level with 3* on the first try? I have documented many of the changes in characters and health on the walkthroughs; don’t have time to give details now.


    @mvnla2 Most levels have randomness to the enemies to increase replayability. It does not need to be noted on every single walkthrough page. This has always existed.

    Bird Leader

    Glad you like the idea!

    Yeah, I actually asked Epic’s project lead about this and he said it was by design. When I first started playing I thought it was annoying, but now that I’ve played extensively it makes sense.

    IMO, the more notes we can take the better though. We can figure out what to do with them.


    @AMSlimfordy — What I’ve been documenting is not random. It is a monotonic increase in opponent health from restart to restart. The opponents are always the same as shown in the video on the first start, and change on each and every restart. On levels where I went through ~6 restarts, the opponents stopped changing after the 6th restart or so, and remained at the high level. I have never seen a level where this increase occurs and the opponents change back to those in the walkthrough. The implication is that the videos were all made on the first attempt (getting 3* no less).
    I agree that there are some levels where the characters occasionally change (especially with the wealthy rogue), and the change in health is minimal. On these levels, the set of characters shown in the video is the most frequent. There are also some levels in which the characters do not seem to change.
    I suppose you’ve been deleting my numbers? It’s really too bad if you have, because that is the only record I have. It would be nice if you would consider this a possible change in the game with the latest update, and investigate it as such.

    Bird Leader

    Deleting what numbers?

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that most of our videos were definitely not captured on the first attempt. Heck, in many we don’t even obtain all 3-stars. With games like this videos really just showcase potential strategies that you might employ. The best thing we can do as a community is comment on the walkthrough pages with your own strats. This way we all can learn.

    Rovio will be constantly tweaking gameplay, so it’s absolutely possible that changes were introduced in v1.0.8 or .9.


    @mvnla2 Your 6 restarts observation appears true for the Golden Pig back in v1.0.8 as well. The pig’s health increased each restart but just a few times and then it stayed constant. The pig’s size also went from small to medium then large. The background scenery altered between two versions until it stayed constant with the version that has the pig fishing through the cloud.


    @BirdLeader — Thanks for the reply. I assumed from Slim’s comments that he might have deleted some of my lists. Haven’t had time to check yet.
    So I assume from your comment that you think it’s fine to continue documenting opponents on the walkthroughs?
    What I don’t understand is that in most cases where I’ve checked the walkthrough video, it always has corresponded to the first set of characters presented. Seems an awfully strange coincidence if you aren’t recording the first attempt.


    @all — Would be interested to know if you get the same characters as a function of reset as I did.
    These are the levels where I documented characters vs restart:
    Northern Slingshot Woods Level 1
    Slingshot Woods Level 6
    Eastern Cobalt Plateaus Level 5
    Bamboo Forest Leve 3


    1.0.10 seems to have fixed the max friends issue. Someone with 150+ friends said his 16 pages are working now.


    I’m now on version 1.0.10 and finally decided to pay to open friendship gates. It seems that many of the first friend’s levels require that you use a friend’s bird, while this wasn’t true in the walkthroughs. True, you can use Piggy Mc’Cool, but only for one level every 12 hours. Haven’t found out if all the second levels require a friend’s bird (for obvious reason).
    These are the levels so far that require a friend’s bird:
    Beard Forest Levels 1 and 2
    Northern Slingshot Woods-2
    Eastern Bamboo Forest – 2


    @mvnla2 – all friendship gate levels are 2+1 since version 1.0.8. They can be passed without using the friend bird, but are definitely more difficult that way.


    I noticed that in a recent update (9 or 10?) some of the costs for items has dropped. The ones I am sure about are

    Vial: 225 –> 150
    Great Vial: 325 –> 200
    Crystal Water: 225 –> 150
    Magic Water: 325 –> 200
    Seeds: 150 –> 75
    Pig Cherries: 450 –> 200


    Level cap is raised in v1.0.11 but not sure how high.


    Thanks @TomC. The top post has been updated with a few changes we’ve noticed:

    – Fixed: Negative millions of items in inventory
    – Fixed: Rested Bonus and Rage Chili improved
    – Changed: Removed “unlimited replay” of Daily Dungeons and other levels that require borrowing of a third ally
    – Changed: Level 25 cap raised (new cap TBD)


    @AMSlimfordy — How is “Removed ‘unlimited replay’ of Daily Dungeons and other levels that require borrowing of a third ally” a bug fix? Does this mean you can only borrow an ally once a day, and then have only one chance to pass the level or rack up snoutlings? Sounds awful if this is what you mean.


    @amslimfordy: I have installed v. 1.0.11 but level 25 is still the maximum.

    piggy smoosher

    @MVNLA2 Just played Portuga n sure enough only one round. Not a good bug fix!


    “You’ve got a present” bug still not fixed.

    Prof. Pig’s Lab bug seems to be fixed.

    “New” label on sold out Training Dojo still not fixed.


    @mvnla2 I don’t claim it’s a bug fix. It’s a change. If you borrow an ally, you can reset the level each time you fail, but you can only succeed once. (For a comparison, this is the same deal as Golden Clouds: You can fail as much as you want and reset, but you can only succeed once.)

    Hrm, we had a couple reports that it was raised. I’ll investigate more.


    It was possible for a short time to level – but now its lv.25 maximum again ..


    Two steps for item recycling has been added.


    The unlimited replay of the daily dungeons was a great way to rack up experience and snoutlings. I don’t think I want to upgrade to the latest version then.


    I was going to buy some set items since things are awfully difficult with the level 25 cap, but now I’ll just wait to see what the maximum level is raised to before I improve my equipment.


    It seems that’II have to wait more before crashing the piggy bank. Well, the golden one armed bandit it’s safe, for now *mwahahwa*. On a more serious note, some changes’ll greatly affect the gameplay (the dungeon loot looks even more disapointing now) and there is always something hidden (easter egg hunt every day? That sounds interesting! ). These changes look like a preparation for something much bigger, with a bit of misterious green-looking dust, and filled with even more pigs (it may allow development of more chronicle caves)

    Squeaky McGee

    What exactly is meant by “Rested Bonus and Rage Chili improved“? I thought they’d maybe fixed the bug with the Rage Chili where if you drag it onto a bird at the beginning of a wave and it just empties the Chili and does nothing, but I’m still getting that bug occasionally.

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