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  • ABSW II NI P S-2 done
  • @HTA -- In ABSW 2-1 there are only 3 pigs. I am assuming that if the only self destruction was the pigs themselves, the most you could get from the self-destruction was 15K? In which case the 55K you mentioned is a typo, or your final score.
    Please let me know if the following is correct:
    ABSW 2-1: total; 15K; pigs pop at start; need to fling bird to get 3 stars; ~1/100.
  • ABS ToT GE -3 (not pumpkin): partial; ~40K; pigs on top of glass block die one by one; ~1/30 times: takes ~20 sec
  • @ZeBung -- ABS BTS 1-4 modified to include total
  • ABS CB 1-4 updated
  • ABO RMF 23-3 -- Continue to monitor for any reports.
  • Added:
    ABO GE-29: partial; 105K; left structure bounces on restart; not sure of frequency.
  • ABO GE-30: partial; 30 pts to ~700 pts; starts with 30 pts quickly, very slowly increases; may be caused by upper suction hitting fan.
    This has been running now for 1.5 hrs and is up to 1870. I thought it had stalled at ~1100.
    Everything is quiet for long stretches, interrupted by violent shaking. Gives hope that the top suction machine will break off entirely.
  • OK, I think I'm caught up and ready to move list on p.1 to new forum:
  • Having a good conversation here? Seems a bit one-sided to me.
  • Yeah, the person I was talking to is interested in self-destruction, the same as me. : D I guess I could have made them all into one post, but there was a page change between the original posts and this.
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