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  • @pjng. I'm on vacation, but had to try this. It looks like it might happen every time? Do you think it does? Happened the first time for me. Vertical column of stones starts bouncing, very slowly. Eventually top stone falls over to left, starting chain reaction. However, leaves level in configuration that is impossible to complete.
  • @mvnla2, I also try this on my Symbian phone (2.0.2), similar happen, but wait time more that 5 minutes, and wait time maybe not same everytime. Yes, can say it will happen everytime, but need some time to test it.
  • @mvnla2 Seasons Mooncake 1-11 (today's challenging challenge) I noticed in a post in the walkthroughs about the right hand tower collapsing spontaneously, I gave it a go, and got the collapse six times in about 70 restarts. It always fell to the right, not left and onto the TNT, and gives about 25k. Main two advantages: all pigs in tower are killed, and when you launch the first bird in a high arc into the TNT, there is no debris to block the path of the rocks into the left structure.
  • @hunnybunny. Surprised that I never added this : ((.
    Collapsed for 18k, one pig remaining
  • @mvnla2 regarding Mine & Dine 15-7 I'm wondering if they fixed this one. In a few hundred restarts the pig that's supposed to tip over & self-destruct has never moved for me. I tried waiting for various time intervals but nothing happens. I posted a comment to Kimmie to see if she remembers anything about frequency.
  • @karen68, i can confirm there fix this thing, has been added a small wood below pig, prevent it swing.
  • I can see there is no block under the pig in the walkthrough video, but there is now. Thanks @PJng :)
  • @all -- Returned from a largely internetless vacation (not by choice, the internet part, that is). Lots of catching up to do. Will get to this as soon as I catch up. Thanks for the info.
  • @Pjng -- Took me ~50 restarts; got 63 K, but not higher score. Did you see it more than once?
  • @Karen68 @PJng -- Wow! That is one tiny block of wood! Had to look a couple of times to see it.
  • OK, I think I have updated p. 1 to include all comments. Please let me know if I missed anything.
  • @mvnla2, on GE 28, when i see it happen i report it here, not yet see second time, i will try again about frequency.

    On 15-7, i still have old version i can check back, that why i see it.
  • ABO GE 28, it took more that 50 restart, it ok that you update in pg 1.

    @karen68, I just testing upload a video, if you interest you can see below this video, ABO 15-7.

    -broken link-
  • @PJng -- Your video doesn't show much (stops before level starts).
  • @mvnla2, not sure how to upload video, try again...
  • @PJng -- Worked this time! Nice!
  • @PJng Interesting -- The embedded link always gives 18150 for me. Do you get total destruction? This is on my Mac; maybe should try my iPad or iPhone.

    This is Facebook Pig Tales level 28.
  • @PJng -- Have you played the entire game? Does the same thing happen if you play the whole game?
  • @mvnla2, no total I see, I'm using windows 7, try both (IE & Chrome) browser same results, I'm not sure work on mobile device or not, it using flash.

    I do not have facebook, i will play using embed link if that level i interesting.
  • @Pjng -- It does not run on either my iPad or iPhone because it needs flash, as you suspected. Where do you get the embedded links?
    Not sure what you were saying above. Do you see total or partial destruction?
  • See ABO 5-6 33840 K, very slow, right part of structure fell to right, then left fell left.
  • Well here we go. Danger Zone 4. Never tried it before. Ten minutes in, lots of wobbling, 230 points. iPad plugged in, all night to go..........
    Update: one hour in, 1240 points, definitely moving. Rather enjoying it whilst I write as a guest contributor an article for a gardening blog, and watching the Tour de France. Can never do one thing at a time!
    Update: two hours in, 34010, ahhh, well
    Try again
  • @mvnla2 after five attempts at DZ4, one all night, always stalled at 34,010
    Today flung the first bird, which froze, but not killed the left most piggie, and it's surrounds. DZ4 then went on its normal slow turn, exploded some two hours later, with much the same result, ie loads of points but no total destruction. But this time for 64,150, and stalled.
    More experiments I think!!
    Playing on iPad 4 with Space downloaded about two weeks ago
  • @Hunnybunny -- I hate to tell you this, but I think it took most people a lot more than 5 attempts. Good Luck!
  • @mvnla2 There's a comment from Dr O'Neski on the walkthrough for Mine & Dine 17-6 which I added to, there's a partial collapse of the right side.
  • @karen68 -- Thanks, will add soon.
  • @mvnla2 - I think, you forgot to add Easter Eggs 1-7 self-destruction to Page 1 list.
    I mentioned about it on Page 17.
  • @Aman -- Oops! Will check, may have forgotten it because I was on vacation. Haven't updated recently. : (
  • @aman @karen68 Added these two. Hopefully I'm now really up-to-date.
  • ABS Summer 1-28: within 7 seconds at the start of about one in 10 resets, the left tower section above the pig in the square box will sway and then topple over onto the middle structure. The collapse of the middle might take out both pigs, but mostly only the conehead one will die. This gives a headstart score of ~9.2k (if the large pig in the middle is still sitting there with that smirk on its face) before launching Matilda.
  • @SweetP -- Thanks, don't have time to add this until at least Wed.
  • ABS Summer 1-28 more like 25th restart; 13 K
    3 more restarts: 7.8 K
    13 more: 12.7K
  • ABS YOD 1-3 Partial, about 10K - 36 (kills highest pig on right), no birds launched. When level is reset, the structure on left bounces and upper level sways until the top level falls off the concrete block and far right wood block suppports. Top of structure falls left, (edit) either does minor damage or just had one collapse completely for 36k. Happens about 1 in 30, takes 1-2 minutes total.
  • @tbk1 -- Thanks! Excellent description, will add soonish.
  • See Piglantis 1-10
  • ABS YOD 1-3
    3rd restart: left structure fell left for 22K
    ~20: left structure left 17K
    >50: L fell L 24K
    @tbk1 -- What platform are you playing on? How many restarts until you got total collapse? 36K + 4 birds won't even get you 3* -- a pity.
    Just saw right structure lean so far to left, I can't understand why it didn't fall; did allow me to get to 113K
  • ABS YOD 1-3:partial to total; 10 - 76K (including extra birds); left structure may rock to left and/or right structure tilts to left; left structure falls more often than right; takes 1-2 min; motion obvious almost immediately; ~1/30
  • ABS YOD 1-3 I am using iPad mini, v3.3.0. Started taking some screenshots. The collapse of both structures unfortunately doesn't kill all the birds (leaves the two on the right ledge), and since it's in slow motion, the wood pieces don't totally disintegrate so not a lot of points. Have screenshot of one that ruined both structures but left the two birds on the right shelf, for only 34k in damage. First time happened during the first 100 or so restarts. Sometimes they lose momentum and only weeble (for those not old enough to remember, "Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down!").
    I have screenshots of right structure collapsing 5 more times (10k, 34k, 21k, 8k, 9k), then I finally saw the left structure fall over for 20k. Falls of the right structure for me still happen about 1 in 30. Left was a one shot wonder, or it could be that I just wasn't watching for it to be unstable, too.
  • @tbk1 -- Any chance you can put some of the screenshots in your album? I'm really curious about the right side collapse, which I never saw. Weird that the right vs left collapse was exactly the opposite for me, and I play on an iPad, but not a mini.
  • OK, I uploaded 5 right side collapses (one has 2 shots because I forgot I could just zoom out and get everything in one - oops), 2 left side collapses, and one for each side where some roof pieces dislodged but nothing breaks. First shot starts here
  • Thanks @tbk1 -- Very interesting. I did see several cases where I couldn't believe it wouldn't collapse. I'll have to see if I can try hubby's iPad mini to see if it is different.
    I need to remember to change description on p.1 also, because you only saw partial. Were you able to get any good scores with the collapse?
    BTW -- Like the photo of Mandy -- why did you stop using it as your avatar?
  • Really didn't help with scores, as it usually just made a messy scrap pile, although the one that dropped the left side might have given a better score if i had been better with my aim since it gave a clean shot on the right structure.
    Mandy is in the process of being replace with a peacock mantis shrimp, but I haven't got it loaded to gravatar yet. It's on my list of things to do this weekend.
  • @mvnla2 - Played on both regular iPad and PC for YOD 3-1. PC had a single puny left structure fall, while the iPad had 5 right and 5 left structure falls during he about the same number of resets. Pics uploaded starting here
  • ABS Moon 2-11: The very first time I started this level, I noticed the boulder starting to roll to the right. It tipped the plank up as it went off the edge then hit the wood piece sticking out of the right tower. This caused the cement pieces to fall and pop the pigs below. The boulder continued all the way down, taking out the little pig and detonating the tnt. This gave a headstart score of 39630 before using the first bird.

    Apparently, this happens often! I just did my 6th reset and the boulder started verrry slooowly rolling. There was more damage to the right tower so this time the score was 42980. At one point I got 33840 and few more resets later (~16-23 times) with my best starting score of 44900.
  • @SweetP -- Thanks!
    @tbk1 -- Even more interesting / strange. How many resets on iPad to get 5 collapses each side? Am I not waiting long enough? How long do you wait (I know you said 1 or 2 min). I assume that once motion appears to stop, it won't restart. Correct?
    BTW -- Like the shrimp!
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