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  • @CCJolly --
    ABO RMF 2: partial; 33K; left tower fells right; starts slowly, takes ~10sec; ~1/30.

    On ~25th restart 23-2 left tower fell right for 33400. Tower occasionally rocks either to right or left; starts slowly in 2 secs, and increases; takes ~10 or more sec to collapse.
  • @StevieP147 --
    ABO RMF 23-7: partial; 3K to 30K; left tower falls left; blocks on top may fall right and detonate TNT; ~10 sec; 1/10.

    Red's Mighty Feathers 23-7
    3 -- left tower collapsed left 7510, ~10 sec, started rocking after restart
    6 -- 3520
    21 -- 30860 -- left tower fell left, but blocks on top of pig in box fell right and detonated TNT.
  • @PJng -- Not sure what you were talking about on ABsp 1-22 -- It looks like you hit a sweet spot. Is there something else?
  • @Kathy
    ABS Tot 2-11: partial; 43K;top of central tower fell left; ~1/50

    40th restart, top of central tower fell left for 4340
  • ABS Tot 3-11: partial, 20 to 6.6K; top right fell pushing top to left, and stone block may fall right smashing pumpkin; ~1/50.

    restart 28 right top fell and pushed top to left for 380
    79 -- a whopping 20!
    123 -- top right fell to left and vertical stone block fell right to smash pumpkin for 6680
  • What platform / version / operating system were you using?
    Does right hand side move right before everything moves left?
    In ~100 restarts, most I saw was one case where center looked like it moved left a smidge.
    I'm on an iPad running IOS 7, and ABS 3.3.0.
    @Karen68's comments on ToT 1-13:
    I’ve seen a partial collapse on this level a few times. After reset there is slight movement of the top of central tower fell left scores of 30-46k. The level can then be cleared with one bird depending on how the debris falls, I’ve scored 98-105k with the collapse.
    Doesn’t happen too often, I saw it 5 times in hundreds of flings.

    ABS ToT 1-13: partial; 30K to 46K; top of central tower fell left; ~1/100?
  • ABS WW 1-11: partial; 2K to 26K; top or more of tower with blue ball falls left; part of far right tower may fall right; few seconds, ~1/100.
  • See ABS CB 1-14 Karen68 comment
    there is potential self-destruction here, I had the rocks slowly fall right & detonated the TNT. The boulders both went to the centre & took out the middle of the structure for 56k. This left parts of the structure on both the left & right, impossible to take out with just 1 bird.
    This only happened to me once, in maybe an hour of flinging, although I noticed the rocks moving a few other times after I’d thrown the 1st bird. Movement seems to start within 10 sec or so. Perhaps the possibility of a zero-birder on this is possible.

    50 restarts, large rock pushed small rock against TNT and caused upper TNT to slide right, but no points.
    150 total restarts, 4 times TNT slid to right but no points.
  • I hope I've caught up with everything except ABS CB 1-14. Please let me know if I missed anything.
    Boy, was that a lot between the new releases and my vacation.
  • @Karen68 -- Your profile says you use iPad, as do I. I just recently updated to IOS 7, and I'm running ABS 3.3.0. What do you use?
    Does what I wrote above sound consistent with what you observed?
  • @mvnla2 that sounds about right, the TNT does get pushed to the right. And it only exploded the once for me but I haven't played this level much.
    I've got Seasons 3.3.0 as well, but my ipad is 1st gen so I'm still on ios5.
  • Opps, sorry @mvnla2, that is not self destruction, just weird why will have 50 pts when lazer bird is not hit anything. End of video ignore.
  • @PJng -- Didn't notice the 50 pts previously, but yes it does happen on my iPad. No clue why.
  • Star Wars II SW-2
    I had 90 points before I realized that a block had fallen from the bottom. I waited a little bit longer because the blocks were still moving. Then the 2 birds fell taking out the birds below. When everything finally stopped, I had 22,000 points!

    Of course, I screwed up the shot.
  • I don't know if these should be counted, but here's 3 I found at ABS: (updated: found another one)

    Go Green Get Lucky 1-2: most times either grass on top of right structure or second-from-top clover at right side of left structure will automatically get destroyed right at the start of the game, giving 100-200+ points.

    Piglantis 2-4: strangely when I went into the level, 30 points were given straight away, I don't know what caused it but it hardly happens.

    Abra-Ca-Bacon 2-15: the four hollow blocks (two stone and two ice) at the left side of king pig will slide to the left, right at the start of the game, no points will be granted though. Frequency: about 1/2 or 1/3
  • I was thinking I was caught up, but guess not. Have some work to do.
  • @mvnla2, about GGGL lv 2, that top clover is not destroy immediatly in previous version.
  • @Xanadude -- Sorry, but I can't figure out which level you are talking about. Please specify by complete episode name and whether bird or pig side. Sounds like it was pig-side, but that's a guess (people frequently mix up birds and pigs).
    Would love to include it, since it would be the first report in SW II.
  • @SeasonsKing --
    I do appreciate your reporting what you saw, even if I am not going to add anything right now. Always willing to take a look.
    Go Green GL 1-2 is already on list on p. 1. I think both items that pop immediately are clover, and it is apparently possible, if unlikely, for the right tower to fall for a lot more points.
    Piglantis 2-4 -- Will not include unless someone sees more.
    ACB 2-15 Others have mentioned the lean of those blocks on walkthrough, maybe here also, but so far no one has reported any points. The lean may help your score.
  • @PJng -- Not sure I need to change writeup for GGGL - 1-2?
  • ABSW 2-1
    All the pigs died at start. (only once)
  • Found another one, and someone else also spotted it too!

    Trick or Treat Golden Egg (not pumpkin): Rarely, the pigs on top of the glass block will die one by one after about 1-2 seconds. It WILL affect the final score as the stones will be able to destroy the glass block, falling to the ground.
  • ABS Back to School 1-4 had a total collapse for 117610. iPhone 4.
  • @HTA -- If the pigs just popped themselves, that would be 15K for pigs. Is that what you got. Any idea how frequently it happens? 1/100 or ???
  • @SeasonsKing -- Were you able to get a high score when this happened? Should have been ~30 K before the start, but not clear how many extra points you would end up with.
  • @SeasonsKing -- Was going to say it seemed only to happen after you'd flung the bird, but before anything had gotten to the piggies. But then it really did happen without flinging the bird, for 41440K (wasn't watching, of course). I would say it happens with no bird flung about 1/30 times, but takes 20 or more seconds. Happens ~1/20? after you've flung bird. Definitely helps your score, since glass cracks and stones fall down.
    The top right structure is highly cantilevered, and it is probably possible to excite resonance frequencies that can pop pigs or break glass.
  • @mvnla2 I got 55k. It won't damage to any structures. Happens ~ 1/100.
  • @Zebung -- ABS is on the list for partial collapse, but you're the first to report total collapse. Any idea how many restarts are required for this to happen? Does it follow the same pattern and timing as in the list on p. 1?
  • @Zebung -- What device, operating system, and version of Space are you running?
    I am using an iPad, running IOS 7, and Seasons v 3.3.0. I can't believe that I can't even get the partial collapse in 100 restarts!
  • ABS abra-ca-bacon 2-15
    Colum under the word Z moves left.
    It gains 0 score but makes easier to gain higher score. Happens ~1/5
  • In ABS WW 24
    The stone plank fell left. Happens in 3 seconds. ~ 1/10
  • @amslimfordy sorry about that...

    Naboo Invasion Pork level S2

    The level has magnets holding up wood and metal blocks. I'm guessing it was the rectangle block in the center that had fallen. Not sure how many times I had played the level to guess as to how often it may happen. But like most levels, there is always a slight settling of components after a reset.
  • @HTA -- Others have reported the same on ABS ACB 2-15, but so far no one has gotten any points from self-destruction, so it is not on the list.
    ABS WW-24 -- is already on list on p. 1. Do you think the description needs to be changed? Also what platform and version of ABS are you using? Comment says it may only happen on PC, would be useful to know if you see it on something else.
  • @Xanadude -- Thanks for the reply. Just wondering what platform you are playing on. Tried ~50 times, with nothing more exciting than motion.
    Any corrections / additions to this:

    ABSW II NI PS S2: Partial; 90 to 22K; block may fall from bottom, and 2 birds may fall on birds below; few sec for block to fall; ~30 sec for birds; ~1/100.
  • @mvnla2 -- I play on a 7" Kindle Fire (not the XD)... so far. Looking into upgrading to the newer ones just coming out that have front and back cameras. Then I can use my Telepods! LOL

    Your description looks good. I've been trying many more times to duplicate what happened and nothing as of yet.
  • @mvnla2 I am using v3.3.0.
    cherry 1-4 when I started the level some wooden triangle blocks fell right. Only one pig left. ~ 1/?
  • @Hta -- Are you playing on PC or something else?
    ABS CB 1-4 -- Do you know how many points you got? It sounds like you got more destruction that described on p. 1??? P. 1 says 3 sec, 1/50 -- Does that sound correct?
    Restart 8 -- 55K with 2 pigs left (bottom right and mustache)
    68 -- 50 pts
    93 -- 45530 two left pigs left, noticeable motion in ~3 sec, takes several more to actually fall.
    100 total
    Not able to improve score.
  • @mvnla2

    The one @Hta said happened to me a while ago! The triangles on top of the middle structure fell right and moved the triangles at the right too. Killing all but the small pig beside the sushi cart and the Moustache pig, giving about 53,650 points. And I restarted the level about 10 times for this to happen, and I waited for 2-3 seconds.

    EDIT: Managed to do it again, seems like the frequency is 1/8, I got a picture of it before the self-destruction really happens.
  • @SeasonsKing -- What platform and ABS version are you using? As you can see from my post above, my high was 55K, but the frequency was more like 1/30 than 1/8 -- original p. 1 description said 1/50.
    Oh, yes; I'm on iPad with IOS 7 and ABS v.3.3.0
  • @mvnla2 -- Mine's just the same as yours, (iPad 2, iOS 7, version 3.3.0)
  • @mvnla2

    Tried it again, they collapsed again at 8th replay, and the 2 pigs survived again. But when I retry again, then go to the level screen, then go to the level again, they collapsed again, but this time, all the pigs were killed!!! I got 89650!!!
  • @mvnla2 -- How many Nesters would you say play the SWII game (based on entered scores)? I can include that in my next correspondence with Hasbro.
  • @Xanadude -- Replied in other forum. I'm in Los Angeles, and haven't been up that long.
  • @ mvnla2 -- I guess that's why I didn't see my post...
  • Looks like I've been neglecting this again. Will try to catch up soon.
  • Caught up to here 11/16/13
    Check out comments on ABO RMF 23-3
    Most I have seen in >50 restarts is that ~1/10 horizontal plank under TNT taps right support a few times and top of tower may lean slightly to left.
    Will not add for now.
  • ABO GE -29 Just got 105840 pts from self destruction while reading strats. Took a while.
  • ABO GE-30 -- Seems to start out with 30 - 40 pts fairly quickly. Got up to 660 while reading strats. May be caused by upper right suction bouncing and damaging fan?
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