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  • See Rat's comments on 4-27
  • @mvnla@ sorry didn't look at the list. Well I my case the second tower took out the first, nothing happing with the third. I think the points and frequency are adequate.
  • ABS Cherry Blossom 1-4: (A couple of details to add to the list) The self-collapse does happen VERY randomly, but it's not really a rare occurrence. It's collapsed within 10 resets, or it could be 40-60. The middle and right towers start swaying within 3 seconds. The wood triangles and planks will collapse in the middle, sometimes getting the pig below, other times it won't. In once instance, the horizontal plank holding up the middle tower fell down, and also popped the pig at the far left. I was hoping I'd get a no-birder but no such luck. (see this screen shot -

    Scoring ranges between 140 for partial collapse to 13K as shown in screenshot.

    I did not see any collapse from the right tower, even though it swayed quite a bit and it looked like the wood triangle started to fall but the motion stopped.

    Hope this helps, @mvnla2
  • @mvnla2, I just found another self-destruct level. ABS Cherry Blossom 1-12...
    After about 6-8 resets, the far left tower sways and then collapses all within 5-10 seconds, and a headstart of 10540 points!
    See my screenshot:

    This collapse happens quite frequently, as I saw it happen twice before I made the screenshot, but I had already launched the first bird. I just reset the level and the tower collapsed again!
  • having found that surf & turf level 12 still had the 0-birder for the latest ipad HD version (3.2.0) by playing it myself, wanted to see whether the mac version (3.0.1) also had it. now i don't expect it has: had my program run the level 15000 times without 0-birder (the longest recorded time the key central glass block was moving, was 1.5 seconds, but even then the structure was still far from collapsing).
  • @SweetP -- Thanks!
    @all -- Can't believe how far behind I am on this. Will try to catch up!
  • ABS YotD lvl 5
    ABS EE-10 Wrote comment?
    ABS Moon 2-11 need to revise?
    ABO S&T 7; On list now -- Any corrections?
    ABS GGGL 1-12
    4-27??? RAt
    ABS CB 1-4; on list now -- any corrections?
    Added ABS CB 1-12
    ABO S&T 12 -- No 0-birder on Mac; revise

  • @all -- I need to make the above additions / corrections to the list. If I missed something, please let me know. Thanks for all your input.
  • @PJng -- Thanks. Added to list, will start with that one.
  • Added -- ABS YotD lvl 5
    Added -- ABS EE-10 Wrote comment?
    Revised -- ABS Moon 2-11 need to revise?
    Done? ABO S&T 7; On list now -- Any corrections?
    Added -- ABS GGGL 1-12
    4-27??? RAt
    Revised -- ABS CB 1-4; on list now -- any corrections?
    Added ABS CB 1-12
    ABO S&T 12 -- No 0-birder on Mac; revise
  • @tbk1 -- I revised ABS Moon 2-11, but not sure I got it right. Could you please review it and tell me how you would write it? If you're not aware, characters are limited, so it need to be very concise.
  • @Moondoggie -- Any corrections to ABO S&T 7?
  • ABS GGGL 1-12: 3.5 - 8 K; central section collapses; not helpful; ~1/50; starts quickly; ~10 sec; left tower leans right ~1/20.
  • @rat @rat9 -- Sorry, I've forgotten, but which game is 4-27 in and is the level self destructing or unstable?
  • ABS Cherry Blossom 1-4;:partial, 140 - 13K; middle and right towers sway and may collapse in middle: may get pig below; rarely horizontal plank holding up middle tower will fall and pop far left pig; 3 sec; 1/50.
  • On ABF Power Up Practice lvl 4 the leftmost part of the structure starts to lean to the left... Only happened once... No points or TD. Probably classifies as unstable.
  • @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster -- Thanks! I don't play ABF at all so can't check this out. Did it help or hurt at all? Once out of how many times?
  • @SweetP -- Added ABS CB 1-12. Strange level.4-27??? RAt
    Still need to look at
    ABSP 4-27??? RAt
    Revised -- ABO S&T 12 -- No 0-birder on Mac; revise
    @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster -- Any more comments?
  • @mvlna2 Sorry- I've been trying to get it to go again, with only 2 more instances. It doesn't register any points, but it does open up a shot for a Blue bird that could help you with the level. No total/partial destruction.
  • I'd say very rare-1/150.
  • Comments from a member:
    Thought I’d give the ABSW self-destroying/unstable levels a try on my Android tablet. I’m using version 1.3.0 of absw. My findings are as follows -

    Can’t get any of these to work:
    *2-34; partial; ~5 K, Bottom pig pops; rolls to viewer’s left at start; after ~2 min starts oscillating and rolls back to right; points increase slowly to ~110 at 10 min with 360 deg rotation; then pops; ~10 min total; may happen every time; may be device dependent; happens all the time on iPad; may not be worth the wait
    *3-11, 20 pts, shortly after restart, not clear why
    *3-17, partial, ~5K, Pig on AT-AT pops after ~2min; frequency unknown; may be device dependent
    *Droid-6; partial 11K to 36K; total ~73K. At ~5 min, carts on lower planet explode; ~11 to 12K; at 10 min carts UL explode; ~22 to 36K partial; ~73K total. Distance between carts UL decreases faster after 1st explosion. Points may slowly increase if carts pushing debris. Cart UR can be nearly stopped by debris. Partial destruction happens every restart; total maybe 1/20 or less

    This one however did work:
    *DS 2-40: 1 bird 90 – 96K; 8 to 10 sec delay before sending Luke to top floating platform; takes out all pigs on screen and TNT, but may have to wait a min or 2; 2 tie fighters and Darth come in and may destroy themselves after a while ~1 or 2 hrs.
    NB. For me, first shot gave a 32k-ish score, final score of 88250 after just 11mins, an increase of over 7k.
  • @mvnla2 this may not be worth mention..but on ABS ToT 1-7 I've seen the front two diagnol cement planks fall just as i was leaving the slingshot. I've been playing off and on for about 10 hours (pretty steady past 3] I've seen it 3 times so far today..not sure what else would collapse as i say bird already in flight. I haven't taken the time to research it.
    But if you have Scouts like Pjing who has the patience it may be something to look into?
  • @Kathy Thanks. Will look at it.
  • No problem :) i like to find them but no patience to wait lol;)
  • @Kathy -- So far I've only seen the top diagonal plank fall for not very many points. Does it help the final score?
    Let me know if you have any more data.
    ABS ToT 1-7: partial, 10 - 40 pts; top left diagonal plank falls; a few sec; ~1/100
    53 -- Left plank fell for 40 pts
    74 -- left for 10
    176 -- 20
  • Not sure about helping final score? I'll keep my eye on it while I'm there:)
  • @ mvnla, sorry I'm slow responding on ABS Moon 2-11. I've had a lot of other distraction keping me from being online much. Yes, that looks fine. You do a great job sifting through this huge amount of info. Thanks for all your hard work!
  • @mvnla2 I've left a note for you on TorT 1-13 walkthrough, I've seen an infrequent partial collapse.
  • @sweetP @kathy @liam Thanks for all your comments on WW 1-11. Will have to update, but may be a few weeks, because going on vacation.
  • @mvnla2, I don't know if there's been any reports of ABS WW-19 since the last update. Anyway, in case you were wondering, the self-destruction in this level still exists. Please read on:

    I just reset for the 3rd time, and noticed the top of the middle tower swaying/leaning to the left. So, I hesitated before flinging the first bird, and got 7250 pts. from the partial collapse.
    17th reset - middle tower collapsed to the right, taking out the far right tower. Debris fell onto the glass plank, breaking it and the small round stone fell down the chute, detonating the TNT in the cave. 55,620 pts.
    20th reset - partial collapse of middle tower to the right, leaving the lower half and pig intact. The glass plank was damage but did not break, so the round stone remained hanging. The right tower was destroyed. 38,870 pts
    25th reset - again, partial collapse of middle tower, taking out the far right tower. This time, the lower middle pig rolled slowly off. 44,420 pts.
    38th - same as the 20th reset, 37,520 pts
    44th - top of middle tower fell to the left, breaking the rope tethered from the stone on the ground to the left tower. The large pig with the Santa hat on the left tower rolled off, leaving me 13,610 pts.

    That's all I have for now, gotta get some shut-eye. Hope that helped.

  • Thanks @SweetP -- Added a reference to p.1.
  • Thanks @mvnla2. Here is another one for you:

    ABS WW Level 21: Within 5 seconds after reset.
    Reset #7, on the right hill, the weight of the structure held up by the top snowball pushed it over, and fell off the hill. I didn't notice it until right when I launched Stella, so I don't know what kind of damage I could've had if I didn't shoot the bird.
    Reset #9, there was partial collapse at the very top of the left structure, the cement plank pushed the wood plank on the right over a bit. Only gave 40 points.
    Reset #13, partial collapse again on top of left structure, this time there was a little bit more damage, 80 points.
    Reset #19, The weight of the structure held up by the snowball on top of the hill pushed it over, and the collapse popped the pig with the Santa hat. Snowball fell off the cliff, with minor damage to the bottom horizontal wood plank. 12,500 points.
    Reset #26: Within 10 seconds, same thing happened as reset #19 above, but this time there was more damage. 24,200 points.

    If there are any more incidents that yield higher scores, I'll make another comment.
  • @mvnla2

    In Original Red Mighty Feathers Level 23-2 the First Tower falls alone!!
  • @CCJolly -- Any info on points, frequency, etc?
  • @all -- Haven't updated this for a week or so because of all the new releases. I've almost survived them, but now leaving on vacation tomorrow for 2 weeks, so no updates until after Oct. 7. If you find anything, please continue posting, and I will update after vacation. Thanks.
  • Red's Mighty Feathers 23-7 partial collapse for 30k. Pic here
  • @Steviep147 -- Thanks! Any info on frequency or time it takes to collapse?
  • @mvnla2, not sure what is it, does happen on your iPad?
  • @ping I'm on vacation will check when I get back, after 10/7
  • See new comments on RMF 23-9
  • Quick report ToT 2-11 as iwas tossing first blue, the structure started to collapse, the left side. But as I had already flung and hit restart too quickly I can't tell any further @ mvnla2 .
    maybe you could put out a scout?
  • On 6th restart left hand side lesns heavily to the left @ mvnla2 idont have a lot of time to research:( sorry oh brb ill check for score
  • No score just n leaning
  • @Kathy -- Thanks! I'd forgotten I had some catching up to do on this, so will look into ToT 2-11 as well.
  • Abseaons ToT 3-11almost full collapse will keep eye on it @mvnla2 as usual i was flinging first brute before i realized it had almost fully collapsed.
  • @SweetP
    What version of ABS were you playing, and what device?
    I'm on an iPad running IOS 7, with v 3.3.0
    During 50 restarts, the only thing I saw was:
    12 restart: center structure collapsed a little for 30 pts
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