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  • AB Rio is out @ mac appstore
    hint: episode 6 will be named Smugler's Plane ( according to the image previews )

  • ABS v 2.0.0. is now available for Symbian via game's built-in update
  • 11/22/2011 - Angry Birds Rio v1.4.0 released on iOS to include Smugler's Plane Chapter 11 with 15 new levels

    http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h427/Mighty_Eagle/Angry Birds/IMG_0370.png
  • 11/23/2011 - Angry Birds Seasons v2.0.1 released for Mac fixing the settings/highscore issue
  • Thanks ME. Btw, don't think that we are snubbing your suggestion above. BirdLeader and I are discussing some sort of system that would do this. I'm also trying to compile all of the data that we have floating around.
  • @AMslimfordy not at all mate. I know you and BL must be busy.
  • 07/26/2011 - Angry Birds Free v1.2.2 released for iOS (bug fix)

    It should be v1.2.1
  • 12/1/2011 - Angry Birds Seasons v2.1.0 for iOS featuring 25 new christmas levels
  • Is there any info on the Nook Color? My mother has it for my nephew and he is bummed that I have all these great new levels to play but he hasn't had an update in months. This is a great site and I know if there is anyone group out there that has a chance to get info, it is all of you! :)

    Thanks in advance! I would really like to see Ham-o-ween and Wreck the halls to come out soon for the Nook Color so I have some new levels (for my nephew).

    In the past, the nook has been late but the updates usually catch up with all the other devices, like PC. They are late but "complete"!

    BTW, I read that the Nook Color uses Android but they are always so behind....what is up with that? :)
  • I tried to flag the spam in the previous post (the one about the knockoff designer shoes), but the Flag function did not work for me -- it looks like a dialog box attempted to open but quickly disappeared, leaving only a shaded-in square and an "x" that I had to hit to close out. Not sure what's up with the coding on that. (If it matters, I'm on Firefox 8.0.)
  • same here with chrome, there are a few other spams in the forums.
  • Went thru and deleted all of those. Weird; never had an issue with spam in the forum.
  • Thanks for the report. I've updated the forum, so hopefully that solves this issue. I've also reestablished the category functionality and made some other improvements, such as growl-like notifications.
  • i loathe spam... it's the damned green pigs who are behind this!
  • Well, the good news is that the flag function now works. The bad news is that the spammer is back (three posts so far on the main forum).
  • ABo and ABoFree(iOS only) are expected soon with GameCenter update.
  • Seasons 2,1,1 this ,orning nothing new only stabillity fix
  • Angry Birds Original v2.0.0 featuring 15 new birdday levels for iOS
  • @suicidebomber -- 25 new levels? I'm showing 15 new levels.

    Also, Angry Birds Free (original version) got an update today, presumably to eliminate the mysterious counter that had appeared at the bottom of the screen.
  • ok AB iphone played 6 levels ***
    just updated ipad
    can start playing bigger screen :-)
  • it looks like ABo is now using the same or similar game engine that RIO has.
  • Odd. Abirds update with Birthday Party shows 60 achievements as the number but only shows 58 in the list... on my iPhone 4. If I click on the Crystal icon I see two that aren't listed on Abirds regular (or Game Centre?) - Wilhelm Tell (hit flying bird with another bird) and Cakemonger. I thought I had only 2 achievements to get - smash maniac (which I may never get cuz there appears to be a bug of some sort) and Score Addict Episode 6 (which I'm working on) so that was 56 of 58 achievements. But now it shows 56 0f 60.. or perhaps I never noticed something out of whack there?
  • There are secret achievements. Check our list.
  • after the update, i noticed some of my achievements were missing:

    - Block Smasher
    - Backward Compatibility
    - Space Invader
    - Wilhelm Tell

    i got the last 3 by redoing them again. but i guess i'll have to do the Block Smasher all over again. there's some Mighty Eagle TD that i need to do so this shouldn't be a problem. is Smash Maniac ever going to be fixed?!?
  • We have discussed the avatar issue with you plenty. It's not a simple fix.

    Second, no cussing.

    Third, Smash Maniac is not bugged, but corrupt settings files can cause the counter to reset.

  • i cussed? did i say anything offensive..?

    how do i remedy this problem for the Smash Maniac? i guess i'll keep on playing...
  • The PC release of AB Rio Chapter 11 was an absolute shock. Never saw that one coming and was not ready for it quite yet.
  • Why the update log says ABS 2.1.0 update for nokia available,but when I check on it,it still says I have the newest version(2.0.0)?
  • I see it in the Nokia Store and several users have reported it.
  • AB android (Birdday level) update live on the market.
  • Quite a few updates today.

    Birdday Party has landed on all of Android (both Market and Amazon).
    iPad users have received v2.1.2 of Wreck the Halls, which should fix the launch issue once and for all.
  • ABO v1.6.3 released for meego (nokia n9/50)
  • Year of the dragon out on 20th jan. Angry bird season.

  • Any idea when ABo v2.0.0 available on Nokia? It's already 1 month since it release on iOS.
  • Year of Dragon Traditions?
    While waiting for Year of the Dragon to appear, thought it might be interesting to find out more about Chinese New Year traditions from our Chinese fellow fans. Are there any specific traditions associated with the Year of the Dragon (YoD)? Any significance to YoD being released on 1/20 instead of 1/22 (New Year's Eve) or 1/23? US fans -- Did you know that the idea of a New Year's parade with dragon and firecrackers started in San Francisco (according to Wikipedia)? They also say that a traditional dish is pork!
  • When do the last level for Angry Birds Rio Smuggler's Plane will come out?
  • @maxblade Nobody knows. No rumors or anything yet.
  • AB Chrome updated to

    Vuelo Tazo's link added, & the newer level complete screens.
  • AB Seasons 2.2.0 Year of the Dragon iOS update is out! 15 levels. Including the Mighty Dragon.
  • AB Original v 2.0.2 with Birdday Party lands on Nokia store for symbian devices!
  • Seasons update-Year of the Dragon for Android up in the market
  • Also added to PC.
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