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  • Angry Birds Rio update now avilable on iPhone!!
  • This is the best website in the world for Angry Birds...I only wish you could carve out a section for us PC/Mac players (although we are the poor step-children) so that we could more easily find the info that applies to us. :)

    I downloaded the Chrome game and have played it to death. Now waiting for Mine and Dine Chapter 17 to open up. Then I bought (4.95) AB Rio and have accomplished everything there and waiting for the next game to show up....would that be Seasons? or is that separate from Rio? I'm a little confused.

    Btw...I'm a 63 yr. old female who is hooked on AB! :)
  • Welcome @minniepauz . Most of the info that applies to the regular app applies to Mac/PC as well. We make separate announcements on the homepage when Mac/PC receive their updates.

    There are three separate apps: Original, Seasons, and Rio -- each require a separate purchase. Currently, Seasons is not available for Mac/PC, though we expect it soon.
  • Thank you for your response. I'll keep checking back here. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to get some work done. :(
  • MAC and Pc just received an update for 15new levels in angry birds!
  • Thanks, Birdman!! Now I won't get any work done the rest of the day...good thing I work for myself! I was hoping the next game on Rio might also be ready but no such luck...
  • @birdman565

    What is the PC-update exactly....I can't find anything...??
    The last 15 levels of Mine and Dine...???
    What do I have to do, because the update doesn't seem to appear, it still says 'coming soon'..
  • I allready found out what to do...just update it yourself...;-)
    Is there also an update available for Rio(PC) if you know...?

    Sorry no I don't but should be relatively soon....
  • What's up with another update to for the PC version? Bug fixes?
  • Probably either a bug fix, or the inclusion of a missing visual C++ file that prevented some users from booting the game.
  • Only for your information: After updating my Nokia C7 (Symbian Anna) I can now play Angry Birds Magic (Free Version with 20 level). Unfortunately I know nobody having a similar handy with NFC technology :( I can only play the first 5 level.
  • Rio Ver. 1.3.2 (Chapter 10) available in Android Market. Just noticed it this afternoon. Probably released this morning! :)
  • Anybody know what comes after Mine and Dine? (PC)
  • No platform is past Mine and Dine yet.
  • Chapter 10 of Angry Birds Rio is now available on Symbian, via in-game update
  • ABS GameCenter has updated to show new achievements and new game badge. (SD only right now. HD in a couple minutes I assume.)
  • They are in the HD gamecenter now for my ipad
  • Updating the list of new updates and levels for ABS are not mentioned here.
    Just want to inform :P
  • Ham'o'ween released this morning for my iPhone.
  • I'm still waiting for Chapter 9 of AB Rio. :( The PC versions of AB are the slowest ever....haven't even seen a sign of Seasons. Is that completely different from AB and ABRio?
  • @minniepauz -- yes, AB Seasons is a completely different game from AB and AB Rio.
  • I now have Ham'o'ween as well. Looks to be 30 levels (1-15 & 2-15). The update now has Seasons 2011 (for the existing levels) and Seasons 2012 for the new ones. I hope that means that we'll be getting a "new" Season's Greetings" soon. :)

    Is there a place to post minimum 3 star scores? Just curious as I started keeping track in hopes of helping to give back to the site.
  • Update on android market the new episode of ham o ween!!! new orange birds is awesomeee!
  • If I update the version, levels has already passed will be lost?
  • Shouldn't but nothing is a guarantee. If you have an iOS device we have directions on manually backing up data here: http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/2011/08/how-to-transfer-angry-birds-progress-between-ios-devices/
  • I'm finding a lot of sites that say "free AB Seasons for PC" but I don't know which ones to trust. Any recommendations?
  • None of them are legitimate, and Rovio is going around issuing many Cease & Desist notices.

    If you want to play the full game, you can download and purchase from download.angrybirds.com for $4.95 US.
    If you are looking for a free version, there are smaller versions at chrome.angrybirds.com and plus.google.com.
  • Thank you....I figured as much. I have the angry birds game for pc and I bought the Rio from the angry birds site, so I will just have to be patient, I guess or buy an iPhone or something! :)
  • I see Mighty Eagle and feather acheivenents in Game Center for RIO versions this afternoon. More fun coming soon???
  • Good eyes. Perhaps on Friday, if not earlier. :)
  • update is now available for iOS (1.3.3 Rio)
  • I'm on iOS 421 with an iPhone 3G, and the latest Seasons update just will not open for me; it crashes at the loading screen every time. Reinstalled and rebooted several times to no avail. A lot of the review comments on the App Store are regarding this same issue. Has anyone heard if Rovio has acknowledged this at all?
  • We haven't heard much about this here. Have you tried [email protected]?
  • Just the auto replay email. "Thanks for your email... blah blah blah..."
  • Give it some time. Patience is a virtue when contacting a company that receives thousands of emails daily.
  • Angry Birds Seasons 2.0 is now available on PC!!!
    Just downloaded the Full Version!
    Looks Great!!!
  • AB download page has not been updated.
  • @smlindahl yes it has, but you may have to hit Refresh when you first go there.
  • AB download page just updated for Angry Birds Seasons 2.0
  • @AMslimfordy yes, did that several times but it updated on it's own a minute later. Thanks
  • Does anyone knows something about ABS v2.0.0 for Symbian?
    It's almost 3 weeks since android version's release... and still nothing
  • AB Rio Airfield Chase update is out for PC !
  • Intel app-up finally released an update!
  • Sorry, it may be old news as I almost gave up on checking AppUp. The version I updated is for AB original v 1.6.4
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