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  • Chapter 9 in Airfield Chase is the easiest chapter to 3-star all the levels. The Same goes for finding and collecting the 7 Goldden Apples that are available.
  • Angry Birds Seasons now has an update for iOS (v1.5.2) which adds Mighty Eagle.
  • Seems bugged, but I'm investigating.
  • I have an iPhone and the icon for the Mighty Eagle shows up, but it won't let me connect to the store. Wasn't sure if the issue is on my end or not. Any thoughts?
  • Not your end. Rovio has already contacted this site to let us know that they are aware of the problem.
  • Did I mention how much I love this site? You guys are awesome.
  • Just updated Seasons version 1.5.3 and still have the same problem...won't connect to iTunes store. Hmph...
  • Just kidding! Now that I whined about it, it lets me purchase the Mighty Eagle. So sorry!
  • 1.5.3 works keep trying.
  • Final Mine and Dine is released
  • angry birds Rio update 1.3 released for Symbian on Ovistore, But download failed. Anyone The Same problem?
  • how come there are scores for stage 17 when it hasnt even been released yet?
  • "Moon Festival" icon now appearing for AB:S on GameCenter.
  • Loving Angry Birds! Does anyone know when the update for Mine & Dine is coming for Windows Phone 7? I've completed all levels, even golden eggs, thanx to all the wonderful walkthroughs! Just wondering if the update will be available soon, I have version 1.5.3 if that helps! Thanks again!
  • Sorry, we don't know about dates for future updates.

    On the other hand, have you received updates before? I'm not much aware of W7P process and merely curious.
  • Yes I have received updates in the past, in fact I used to have the Mighty Eagle egg, but it disappeared after the update. Thanx for the info! I'll just have to wait & see what happens.
  • Users reporting Angry Birds Rio v1.3.0 (Airfield Chase) is now available for Android Market.
  • @btown:

    Same here! I'm just gonna wait untill the update lands in to the game. From Ovi the update doesn't work here either :(
  • New AB update just popped up on Android Market. Doesn't say what it is. Waiting for it to download now.

    Yay, it's Level 17 of Mine+Dine
  • New iOS update for AB Rio just landed (v1.3.1) -- not sure what it does (it did not unlock the remaining Airfield Chase levels).
  • It is a stability issue fix release.
  • The v1.3.1 update for Angry Birds Rio fixes the crashing for older iOS's.
  • AB Seasons Mooncake Festival v1.6.0 out for iOS
  • Angry Birds Seasons Mooncake festival update for iPhone!!

    30 new levels.
    Looks like we have to find 8 pieces of mooncake to get a special reward!
  • how do you get updates mr. birdleader.
  • @ninja6060 Can't really answer that question, as it totally depends on what you're playing on.
  • I'm from Brazil and my english isn't very good, but I'll try..
    so, do you know if the levels "Ham ‘Em High" and "mine and dine" are avaliable for the PC version of Angry Birds??
  • Currently is for the standalone version from download.angrybirds.com.
  • why dont i have airfield chase?
  • @FatBird Airfield Chase is available for all mobile devices I believe. Mac/PC seem to only receive full-episode updates for Rio -- not half-episodes like mobile.
  • eh, at least i dont have to deal with the waiting
  • The Amazon store has Seasons 1.6.1, while the Market only has 1.6.0. Any idea on what the difference is?
  • "Fixed an ad issue found in the previous version"
  • Any possibility of getting AB 1.6.3 and ABR Airfield Chase for the PC anytime soon? I'm just about ready to ditch this game.
  • @banzaigtv It seems that Rio updates for Mac/PC are full-episodic updates -- or at least this has been the pattern -- as opposed to half-episodic updates on mobile devices. Thus far, mobile only has half of Airfield Chase, with the remaining half expected soon. I would guess that Mac/PC will receive the full-episodic Airfield Chase update within a couple weeks of the mobile update.
  • But AB 1.6.3 has been out for mobile for over a month now. Why is it gonna take several months for the PC version to show up??!!?!!!
  • Sorry, I don't have an answer for that. You'll have to contact Rovio.
  • Are we certain what the next Original Angry Birds Episode will be? I think I read something about playing on the moon! I know that there is one or two moon stages on the Summer Pignic Episode of Seasons and I do believe on Mine & Dine, there is one or two. Are they setting us up for a Moon episode of is it possible I confused it with info regarding the Chinese Moon Festival Episode for Seasons? Thanks in advance!
  • I haven't heard anything one way or another. Rovio put up a poll a few weeks ago with some options, including space, underwater, the sky (i.e., in the clouds), and more.
  • Angry Birds v1.6.3 released for symbian on nokia store ;-)
  • yes, it is playable! It will soon be available through the ingame update, I think.

    ps: OviStore has a new name, it is now called "Nokia Store".

  • Thanks for the info!
  • My gamecenter as new achievements for Rio today...looks like we will be collecting apples.
    no Rio update yet tho... iPhone 4.
  • @cwheels we collected Apples in Ch. 9 as well.

    Also, AppStores are not open on the weekends, so it will probably land next week on iOS and Amazon AppStore. (Android Market roughly 1 week after Amazon; Symbian is anyone's guess; Mac/PC within a few weeks probably)
  • Right.. Wasn't thinking.. Just saw a collect all apples achievement. Looking fwd to Monday! :)
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