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  • Any idea when the update for Rio will be ready for android :S :(
  • The update was released for Android via the Amazon AppStore the same day as iOS.
  • thanks @AMslimfordy , do you know when will be ready via android market? or should I pay the 99 cents hehe
  • This week we think, but only a guess
  • OK thanks lets wait!!!
  • Hello Everyone. Can someone clear something up for me. I can't complete Ham Em High in Angry Birds because level 14 isn't available. There's message that says comming soon on the page and in Angry Birds Rio I can only get to level 3 (Beach volley). Are they not updating the PC versions or am I supposed to get an update for somewhere and do it manually?
  • They are indeed updating PC, but these updates you are asking about have not yet landed. They should be out soon. You will be notified in-game (and on ABN) when these updates land.
  • Ok. That's what I wanted to know. I thought I had to do something to get the update. I'm good now. Thanks for clearing that up. :)
  • HEY EVERYONE!!! THE UPDATE FOR ANGRY BIRDS RIO (Android) LEVELS 8 1-15 CARNIVAL UPHEAVAL is ready in the Android market for free !!! maybe @BirdLeader can update the log :D enjoy!
  • World 16 (2nd page of Mine and Dine) should be coming out on iOs soon, because if you look in Gamecentre achievements, it lists a new achievement "Cave Conqueror - Finish World 16." Looking forward to the 15 new levels!
  • World 16 Angry Birds v1.6.2 available for download on iPhone today! :-)
  • Angry Birds Mine and Dine Update July 25 is out! 15 new levels and Golden Egg on level 16-9! Top right just zoom out and use Yellow bird!
  • Cravings... Easing.... ;D
  • Angry Birds Free v1.2.1 released for iOS. Update "fixed a minor issue". Not entirely sure what that issue was, however.
  • When is the next update for the PC version? Still waiting for the rest of Hang 'Em High and Carnival Upheaval on Rio.
  • @banzaigtv No ETA on a PC or Mac update. I am really hoping soon though.
  • @BirdLeader Angry Birds v1.6.2 (Mine and Dine) now available in android market tooo!!! ENJOYYY!!!
  • 08/01/11- Angry Birds Rio v1.2.2 released for PC
  • 8/2/11 Angry Birds Rio Free v1.2.0 released for iOS.
    Includes 3 Carnival Upheaval levels (listed below).
    Check out Beach Volley 3-2 to unlock all 15 "Golden Beachball" levels. (see post in previous comment)

    Free 4-1 = Full 7-14
    Free 4-2 = Full 7-5
    Free 4-3 = Full 7-9
  • Got Rio on BluRay today and just got my free levels! Yay...something to get me by until the next update!!
  • Hi there, I bought AB(the original version) for PC a few months ago via http://download.angrybirds.com/ , got my code and everything works fine on both my laptops(I used the same code for both laptops and that seemed to be no problem either)...
    Today I got an update(Mine and Dine) and it works fine on both my laptops..
    The last 15 levels of Ham 'Em High doesn't say 'Coming Soon' now anymore since today/the update, but they are still locked!!
    Does anyone know how I can unlock them and play those last 15 levels???
    Hope someone can help me out...
  • 1) Make sure you have completed the previous level (13-15).
    2) If you are still "locked out", try beating 13-15 again.
  • I have completed EVERYTHING.....every level and every star...every golden egg...there's nothing I can think of anymore!
    I even tried advice number two and after that I get the option to go to the next world and if I click on that, every last 15 levels are still locked!
    I assume those last 15 levels of Ham 'Em High are out yet(on PC)? Right? I can play Mine and Dine, so this is a little odd don't you think...?
  • @AMslimfordy

    Somehow completing 13-15 AGAIN.....WORKED!
    The first of the last 15 levels of Ham 'Em High is now unlocked!
    Thanx so much for your advice!
    Now we have to wait for the update for Mine and Dine for 'his' last 15 levels.....;-)
  • Woohoo! Great solution @AMslimfordy and thanks for reporting back @CAREFREE.
  • You're welcome!

    That was fast and easy by the way! Total Destruction in all levels...hehehe
  • anyone here has a rough idea when the next (new) vesion would be released, traditional (mine and dine) or Rio??? i heard the later would be in Sept.

    i just managed to complete all levels with 3 stars and got all GEs and fruit ..... wondering what's next for me during spare time .... hehehehe
  • Looking forward to Rio-Airport, Seasons-Chinese and Mine&Dine-17. Just wanted to thank everyone at angrybirdsnest for their wonderful effort! You helped me a lot with finally three-starring the old levels. Keep on!
  • is the last part of ham em high released fpr pc yet?
  • Yes, along with two chapters of Mine and Dine. Check the ABN homepage for relevant posts.
  • (:O but i dont have it on mine, and plus that last episode of ham em high is sooo hard i cant beat it if you need to beat it to get the next parts

    ~~i just beat it with three stars and i had 1 and nothing, what is this device restart and i better not lose my progress~~
  • I don't understand your question. Check the " i " on the home screen to check what version you are running. v1.6.2 has all levels of Ham 'em High and 2 chapters of Mine and Dine.
  • it says version 1.5.2 how do i update it? and thanks for the quick reply
  • Are you using AppUp? If so, I don't know if that update has landed.

    Are you using the standalone? If so, you may be prompted to update in-game. Else, you can download the new "trial" from download.angrybirds.com, but your game should stay activated as full version.
  • idk, the first angry birds ive played was the chrome version and i got angry birds from the website in the link in-game to the webstore. i use a pc.
  • It sounds like you are using the standalone version from download.angrybirds.com. Navigate there and click "Download Free Demo". This should get v1.6.2.
  • Is it possible to update the Intel AppUp version of the game this way? There is no other way to update it unless I purchase the standalone version.
  • I have asked Rovio if they are still (planning to) update AppUp. Will post the response when received.
  • thnx slim!it works now.
  • helo Everybody! I'm new here from Hungary. I've all AB games on my Android device fully done. There are no words about updates, so what about Rio next episode, and mine'n'dine last chapter updates?? please let me know if somebody have infos. thx and greetings from Hungary!
  • Yes I noticed that last few times:) I used to it. THX!
  • Rio airport update just released on iOS
  • Yes, rio 'airport chase' is out, with 15 levels. Fun and easy levels. Got 7 of the 15 golden fruit, but don't know if I missed any.
  • Achievements from last levels were also updated.
  • 3 starred inside an hour.
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