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  • @Lisko, yes I can, but the background (behind the bomb bird) is the grey image of the "no avatar" showing. This is because it is a transparant avatar. This could be intensional, that is why I wanted to check first.
  • @E-star - Oooohhhh, okay! I tried clicking the name to see the account and at that point it was showing the backround completely black, but then it went to Rio again so couldn't check the profile.
  • You can make the background for me @E* and I'm using Gravatar
  • Oh and I have changed my nickname into Firebombbird but don't know why it shows up as fire bomb bird in this forum
  • I don't think you can change your username, maybe @admins could tell it better?
  • Not sure myself, but I know they are working on a new forum system, so maybe hang in there for the moment and wait for the new forum, which will be much more linked to the main site and these things should not happen as much.
  • This is completely off-topic - But @E-Star - you're probably the wizard of avatars :D I think that's just absolutely GREAT! :D
  • Thanks, it looks great, @E-star. I changed my nickname for a week ago
  • @fire bomb bird - I tried it too, but I don't think it's possible (at least at the moment).
  • Didn't work, so this message can be deleted :)
  • No worries @lisko its okay :)
    And your welcome @minh as to the name, I don't know why the forum doesn't take the change. The new one is going to be much better, so just hang in there.
  • OK, I will wait
  • Sorry for the off topic but how do you add a picture or video when you post a comment
  • Not sure what you mean @firebombbird like you mean add a link so someone can see a wait till E-Star wakes up she can help:)
  • Yes, I want to add a link so someone can see a picture or video. Like what @E-star did with the "HERE" word
  • Ya @firebombbird i am no good at that lol..I've to wait till tomorrow when bE-Star can help.sorry..I've tried..i just don't have the hang of , it @rdnzlrips82 , may be able to help..but not sure he may be sleeping also..sorry:( uhm there must be a place on site is it a screenshot? If so
  • @minh in order to do that, you have to use html coding. But please be advised, when posting a video's it is not appreciated to make it show in it total format and there for need to be made a text-link like the "HERE" and pictures need to be resized so they don't take up to much space. There are a lot of websites that have examples of the html codes, but if you want me to give some examples, let me know.
  • OK, could you show me some examples please :)
  • @E-star Please also give example of "How to make thumbnail of an uploaded image" :-D
  • Thanks @e*
  • Thanks for the info @E*
  • Can I show the gif type image ? @E-star
  • The link worked @minh! And yeah you can show the gif image as well if I am not mistake.
  • Thanks again @E-star :D
  • You are welcome @minh and @amandeep
  • I would like power ups to appear for Rio on my Android getting tired of each day logging in to not get any ,,,,,others seas orig star wars space all give power ups except for what was my old fav RIO
  • @dundee it's very unlikely your going to get any sympathy here since this is a NO pus forum, just saying. However, just so you know it's not just android, it does seem that the Rios free daily pus aren't coming up on any platform.
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