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  • Estar do you have a tally list or something for how many people have the sign? I's gotta be over 100..... Is this stuff easy or hard to do cause I'm not familiar in the field of photo editing and stuff...... I can't do things like that you know....sandwich : [
  • @e_star Thanks , I did not made it myself. I just changed the colors of an icon downloaded from internet using Photoshop. I am not expert in photoshop, just knows the basics of it. And thanks again for info. :-D
  • Nah @theanonymoussomeone I don't, but I don't think there are 100 just yet. For me the adding of the sign is just a couple of minutes work. Making a whole new avatar takes me a lot longer, for an really personal one like Kimmies, JLZ-666, Mumsies and a couple of others I use Adobe Illustrator. It is a vector based programme, which means the resolution is not fixed, it is mathematical and therefor can be enlarged to any size I want. Those ones take me at least a couple of hours. But it is really fun to do for me, knowing the end result is loved by them. But than again it is easy for me, cause it is my real life job and have gone to school for this. So these programmes are my friend for I think 16 or 17 years now.
  • @amandeep you are welcome and if you need any help with photoshop, let me know :D
  • @e-star, count me in.
  • @werewolf69 not sure what you mean with count me in... do you want back on the wall of black and whites? Cause I know you had that one running for a while, but I don't tally the color ones, that would be an immense task and I don't think it won't help anything if I do make a list of NO_PU flingers, but if someone else wants to, please be my guest :D
  • Nice avatar @WereWolf69 ;) did you create that yourself:)
    Nice to see you joining the movement:)
  • @Kathy, thank you and yes I used Roxio Photo Suite to give it a more personal touch.
    @theanonymoussomeone, thank you, I think so too.
  • @e-star, no I don't want B&W but according to your reply you're stating that there's no longer a list of players against PU's.
    If not, then are we just simply relying on Rovio to see the players' names against PU's on this Forum?
    That being the case, then it would make sense not to have a list at all.
  • @werewolf69 I only made a list of the black and whites NO PU flingers, I might be able to make a list with the color ones, but I think that list will be almost the same, with of course the acception here and there ;) So I am not sure if the colour list will add much more to the wall of flingers with b/w avatars that is already on page 1. There are still Nesters with the b/w sign, so maybe the color list will be even smaller than the b/w one. And yes Rovio is montoring the thread of Cc and this one. But if there are more people wanting to see the list of color avatars with a sign, I can look into making a second wall.
  • hi @estar could u redo my avatar in color pls (my wife thinks she is funny editing a picture of me)
  • this one is better kids are on this website dont want em to have nightmares about me
  • @crivit awww did I miss the one the misses made wellll pooh, now my curious mind is wondering how bad it could have been hahahaha... Will get on the computer in a few and make your with sign (thats what you meant right?) see you in a few!
  • No way... @crivit, just went to your profile to check if the nightmare was to be found in your album... :(( but what do I see... another Dutchie :D whooo hoo! Hey Neighbor!
    Okay back to the job I was about to do... back in a bit :D
  • This might be a stupid question, and may have already been asked - but is there anyway within the site software where we could set this to show against our avatar instead of the site ranking?

    For example, I am currently "Well Traveled" so show a briefcase.
  • Oh, and could I have one please, here is a larger size of my Avatar -

    Could I have it in the top right corner?

    Many thanks.
  • @estar thank you for the avatar its awesome :-) I just put that freaky avatar my wife made in my album. Cheers neighbor I wouldnt have guessed you are from holland as well!
  • Hahahahah Ermmm thanks crivit, I get the nightmare part now :D.... Thanks, but ermmmm think removing it is indeed the better option... not suitable for a family website like this :D
    And of course you are welcome, anytime!
  • forgot to @mention you @crivit
    ow and don't forget to update your Gravatar account :)
  • @crivit your avatar was my old avatar :P, but that's okay cause I don't use it anymore :)
  • Haha, no i don't :D. maybe i'll save it later.
  • @birds it? (honored, but hope for Crivits sake you are not gonna use it though) Your a dutchie too?? those are the colors of the flag of the Netherlands in case you are not a Dutchie.
  • Thanks e-star.
  • E-Star, thank you.
  • Your welcome @CmdrBond and @yuriyigolkin :D
  • I'm with this movement all the way, E* :D Thanks for the shout, but I don't wish to change. In fact, once I decide to change my current pic I might ask for a greyed version of my next avy :D

    I never liked spring anyway :)
  • @hinarei repsect and always happy to help, you know where to find me if you need help :)
  • it's been cold and windy lately, but not so rainy, so may have to find a "windy" anime image we can grey out :)
  • Thanks for the offer @E-Star, but I’ll stay gray. IMO, adding PUs to existing games (especially paid apps that were ad free) was wrong on too many levels. Seasons was the proverbial final straw. What I hate most now is updates give levels that are available only if you buy ME/PUs, and there is a neverending barrage of advertising to get you to spend more, more, more! I’ve given up playing on the iPad because I can only play in peace if I turn off the wifi. Now I can’t take a break online without resetting the wifi, which brings the ads back. Boo, hiss!

    Sadly, I can’t even muster enthusiasm to complain on iTunes anymore. After all, the only time Rovio seemed to listen was when they first introduced ads in the paid apps (they called it “news”, but it was then, and still is, just ads, ads, and more ads). Lots of mad people gave 1* ratings, and their overall rating plummeted . . . then the little postman piggie hid the ads, but he was short lived, and finally dead and gone. Now every time I replay a level, I see that disgusting picture of some kid with his/her finger shoved up his/her nose. Definitely CRUDE!

    Bottom line is, spring or not, I’m not happy with my AB games, and my poor little fishie will stay gray to mourn the loss of my happiness.
  • @E-star no, i'm not dutchie, it's just that avatar looks,AWESOME
  • @E-Star I was going to leave my avatar in b&w but since you already changed it for me, I uploaded the new version to Gravatar.
  • @burpie, I didn't mean to make you switch, it wasn't my intention to push anyone back to the color ones, just wanted to leave it here just in case you wanted it. So don't change on my account :s
  • @birds ow okay haha, well thanks :)
  • @tbk1 respect, And I couldn't not agree more on the PU system and add system, I hate the "news" as well, my record button (for the videos I make) appears right on top of the "news" and I can't count the times anymore that I hit the wrong place and was send to the store to the "news" item. That postman piggy was my friend indeed and morn his disappearance as well. So I understand and respect your decision and hope you didn't see my message as a push for you or anyone else to turn back, just wanted to be prepared in case people wanted to go back.
  • Not a problem, E-star. Appreciate the offer (although I'm pretty self reliant on any tinkering with images in photoshop, if I should ever have a change of heart).
  • @E-Star Thanks for sorting my Avatar.
    Re the artwork, its a photo of the back of a jacket of mine.

    Green Woodpecker
  • You are welcome @green-woodpecker and thanks for the re on the artwork, cool! Love the nique avatars with their own meaning!
  • Sorry for the double/tripple announcement, but not sure who reads what and I think everyone with an opinion about the Power Ups should know this if they don't already...

    For those who are against the Power Ups system the way it is now, like me, you might want to check your "pauze screen" in AB Seasons, Rovio has a survey up and it is about Seasons AND the Power Ups, so each of you can voice your dislike of them or the system there. I know they are monitoring this thread, but I think it will be an addition for all of you to do the survey if you have AB Seasons. Just a thought :D
  • Thanks E*, I changed my AV back to color (of course with 'NO PU' sign)! :)
  • Sorry for the late reply @mighty-eagle but looking ever so mysterious and impressive as always :D
  • Can you add the no PU sign to my avatar too? Thanks @E-star
  • @minh (aka fire bomb bird) Sure no problem, do have a question though... you have a transparant avatar, which means it is showing the grey template which is seen if someone doesn't have an avatar... do you want to keep it transparant or do you want the background to be a color of image of some sort?
  • @E-star - I can see fire bomb bird's avatar, can't you?
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