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  • @Bob0 your welcome and thank you for the support!
  • @Surfcow -- Great slogan! Would love to have a t-shirt with the no-power up symbol and an angry bird!
  • Thanks, @E-Star
  • Keep up the good work all! @E-Star, amazing job kicking this off and helping the members get squared away. Just keep it positive and constructive and hopefully we can get our message across. I know it's being heard.
  • I apologize to any I may have offended by sending them unwanted PMs asking them to sign the "tally-up" forum or to change their avatars to BW. I tend to get carried away in the name of a good cause. P.S. You could complain to me directly, I won't be offended, and might see the error of my ways sooner.
    Best wishes all
  • @BirdLeader -- Is Rovio aware of this forum or only of CC Jolly's? I sent you a PM on the subject, which may be lost among all the ones you receive.
  • @mvnla2 Rovio knows what is going on.
  • *sigh.* I guess I really am the only one who actually likes power-ups. Forever alone. :'(
  • Me too please!!! If it will fit, the lower left corner, or under the cat, so it looks like a cat toy :D

    When I get mine, I'm going to change my GameCenter avatar too.
  • Ty @BPC for your support I'm sure E-Star will work on it tomorrow time zone difference she's having a well deserved rest tonight:)
  • @e-star – thank you so much! The new picture should be active soon.
  • Sorry for the delay in response in here, guess the playground in the Nest that got bigger as of yesterday made me run all over the place except in here!

    @Birdleader, thanks for the props and I will :)

    @BBinMiami I guess you are and don't think as being alone, just see it as unique!

    @BPC I am on it, will respond asp!

    @danimario9 you found it! thanks for the support!
  • Thank you E-Star, it is perfect!
  • Your welcome @bpc I have added you to the wall as well! Thanks for the support!
  • You've done amazing on these @estar! You know this can relate easily to the reformation. We've been earning about it in school. The Church was taking advantage of people by saying that if they payed money they could have their sins repented or something. Then Martin Luther spoke out against the Church and others joined him, eventually forming Protestant Catholocism. Sound familiar?
  • @e-star can you share the 'No PU' sign image? Thanks :)
  • Sure @birds, but I can't seem to find your avatar to put the sign in. Do you want the NO PU sign as an image on it's own? And if yes, which file format to you want to use? (psd/gif/png)
  • @estar - thank you for the link, however...I would like to keep mine in color too! I do want to join the cause so can I please have to "NO PU's symbol added to my avatar in color? Thank you so much for taking the time to help everyone ;-)))
  • Yay!!! Spring has sprung color and life brought back to the nest:)
    Don't worry it doesn't mean we have given up!!! The good fight against pu's is still strong
    And now we all know Rovio is well aware of our protest , we can shine our avatars again:)
  • Springtime! Colorfully colorful colors!
    May I have one?
  • Sure @anonymousomeone, on the one your are running currently on the mainsite?
  • Aww @lesleyg she's tooo cute:) :) good job E*
  • Did i hear someone say spring !?! I have had 5" of snow dumped in the last 36hrs and you say spring is here !! lol Any how ... can you pls change the kiwi to the noPup sign in my green avi :-) Thanks in advance
  • @kinkykiwi Sure :) same place??
  • Dispatching request for back-in-technicolor picture still with the sign.
  • Yes please hun, the same place will be just fine :-P
  • @kinkykiwi -- Not sure where you are, but if you want a breath of Spring, stop by the party for E-Star in the Bloated Pig forum.
  • Yes as mvnla2 has suggested Everybody welcome;: ) find the Bloated Pig in the forum..join the celebration for E-Star:) food and drinks on the house come one..come all:)
  • As always E-star its perfect, Thank you :-)
  • You are welcome @Kinkykiwi :)
  • @e-star even though my weather is hardly spring-like, I'd love my avatar back to colour (not that it's all that colourful to begin with) but with the no PU sign. No rush, just whenever you get the chance, I won't have time to make the change back today. Thank you!
  • @E-Star -- Thanks for the avi, but I think I'll do without the no-PU sign, not that I like them or use them, but just 'cause my real objection is to the lack of distinction.
    Don't think I ever realized what @Karen68's avi was before -- Always thought it was more like a shooting comet.
  • totally agree on that the main thing that needs to be done is the distinction between the two scores, I like to think the sign not only shows the agony they caused us hard core flingers, it also shows I am a 100% NON PU AB flinger.
    And no problem, you don't need to, just didn't want to leave you out, given all the nice party planning you have done!
  • @E-Star -- Didn't think of that meaning. Will have to think about it, because I am certainly a 100% non-PU flinger.
  • Well it is there if you want to and if not, certainly not a problem ;)
  • Hi, E*! I too am ready to celebrate spring (well, as soon as the snow here finishes melting). So I uploaded a new avatar, and would love to have your special touch added. No PU's for me! Thank-you for all of your help, MS Admin!!!
  • Thanks E*!!! Nice placement, the cat can keep an eye on both the bird and the new toy.
  • Congrats to you E-Star!

    Oh, and yes, please colorize me too for Spring! Do you still have my original avatar to work with?

  • Looks great @catsnbirds:)
  • @e-star could I have some lovely colour on my avatar, thank you :)
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