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  • @all, I am closing up shop for tonight, almost midnight and tomorrow is a workday for me. Please feel free to put in a request for an avatar change or to be added to the list up above. I will take care of them tomorrow evening after dinner. Keep spreading the word!!
  • @mvlna2 - @leggy I have removed my comment BUT .......
    I don't want PUs but Rovio are a commercial business and they need to fund making new great games! (And new episodes and levels for AB)
    Sooooo I accept their right to make them available - what I am against is the inability to differentiate between 'true' scores and PUs scores. I also want to choose whether to have them displayed on screen or not.

    Now I don't know whether I can be on the petition cos it is entitled 'No PUs ' Tally and, as I say, part of me accepts Rovio's business drive! I also wonder if we'd get more people going on it - which would boost our credibility if the @admins are going to discuss scores with Rovio - with your (mvlna's) original disclaimer!
    Please don't hate me!
  • don't see why anyone'd hate you for expressing an opinion @mumsie :) It seems to be there's enough people in here who think the same way as you to make it a proper fork opinion.

    Only Star Wars hasn't got power-ups now (well, you could argue that it has and they're built-in, with the stronger Chewie and Luke's progressively more powerful sabers and... whatever the update to Obi-Wan does). If it gets power-ups in the same way as Space, and I see no reason why it couldn't, then I'm definitely split. If it doesn't, and goes the way of the others, then this avy's staying up indefinitely. Just get rid :O

    Future games could come in with power-ups already and I'd be fine with it, though of course it's better if they are written with distinction in mind.

    *edit: bah! thought I'd tidied up! going to fix it now...
  • @leggy -- Did I manage to get myself into and out of trouble in near-record time? Thanks to @Mumsie for PMing me so I could try to fix my hair-trigger response.
  • Hi E*

    Can you also add me to the list please. May i add the Thread also to my Thread "For or Against Power Ups"!?
  • @leggy I edited my message in the Tally-Up -thread, I hope that's what you meant? :)
  • @E-Star , can you please give my avatar the treatment, too? I only enter my scores for AB Space but I agree that the way these powerups are implememnted in the other versions stinks.
  • Rovio, don't take our game away and give it over to those who like p/u's. Distinguish the scores and everyone wins. (Please include a hide option) I agree with @mumsie.
  • Rovio must have a big audience who are in favor of p/u's or they wouldn't bother with them. That's OK with me IF they would distinguish between scores. They're two different games masquerading as one. Why not give them separate names and separate leaderboards??? Oh
  • @leggy - I think what I am trying to say is that, IMHO, there is no way that Rovio are going to stop PUs as it they have already decided on that business path.
    I believe that, realistically, what some of us nesters want is to try and convince them of is differentiating between scores gained with & without PUs AND the ability to choose to have them displayed or not.
    If that is what the Nesters want then, perhaps if the title of the forum page could be altered to reflect that, we may get more 'signatures'. Though the current title is much snappier than my verbose sentence above!
    just re read Page 1 of the thread & you have explained at the front of the forum, perhaps it could be simplified eg.
    sign below if:
    1. You don't want PUs in future games
    2. You want the scores achieved without PUs differentiated from those achieved with them
    3. You,as the end consumer, want to be able to choose to display PUs on screen.

    I really do think the movement is gathering momentum, which is fantastic, but to try to get Rovio to cooperate I think we are going to need more than 38 (0.12%) of nesters supporting us. Thank you for doing your bit! Sorry if I sound negative - I'm just a pedant re use of English I think!!! - thanks again
  • @leggy - cool! Done! Keep up the great work!
  • Nice work! Great job! Thanks @estar for the avatar! :)
  • I can't wait seeing it !!!
  • @Bullet -- Notice that you did change your avatar on main site to BW. If you really want to help make an impact to Rovio, you really do need to use Gravatar to create an avatar that will show up in the forum. It's pretty easy, and there is a forum that tells you how to do it. E-Star can add the no-PU icon for you.
    Nice to have your support with the BW avatar.
  • @CCJolly @Bullet @burpie I am currently at work now, but I will help all of you out when I have the time tonight.

    @leggy Although it would be nice to only have black and white avatars in the petition, I don't think you need to exclude people for it. The more people signing it the better right?
  • Thanks very much estar. It looks great ;-)
  • estar thanks for my b/w avatar!! :)
  • You are welcome my friend, any time!!! [[[huggs]]] @Sunshine
  • These are really awesome @estar! Could you do it for mine? I tried to use gravatar but it won't show up. Thanks!
  • @E-Star sorry I'm so late in finding your forum..the wall is Awesome!!! Quite a movement has started..i read a couple comments about score differentiating as opposed to ridding the pu's altogether..I would also like to add that we should be given a choice as to whether or not to have that lightening bolt in our game,i know the option to turn them of is there, but still of you accidentally hit that bolt you get a pop up which is just as distracting as the pu ..not sure of this was eyes got tired...couldn't read 2 full pages..
  • Thanks Kathy and not to worry my friend, friends are never late... always right on time :D
  • @E-Star Thank you very much. The new avatar looks appropriately depressing ;-)
  • Cool Beans @leggy and E* just curious leggy mentioned 4 ,,i know mvnla2 has offered to help out i think..who's the 4th?
  • Thanks @leggy thought you were going to rest yourself. You certainly deserve it
    Bless his soul @CCJolly he always is willing to help out:) i hope he has the helping hand badge..I'm going to check ..get some rest girlie ((((( hugs))))
  • @werewolf69 the other Forum its for tally reasons to hand over to Rovio at some point..srry you feel that way about the " rules" but it is meant to look professional for presentation. For complaining, we all do plenty of that in BP, and that is why this forum was created for venting if you feel the need..E* and leggy have put many many hours into this to help us all in the be a voice so to speak..if you want you can vent here or take it upon yourself to contact Rovio directly with your concerns, but please have respect for someone elses forum to let it be what it was meant to be
    @SlightlyIrritatedBird if you could also edit your comment down to 5 words, your protest is very welcome this is the place to voice your opinion, leggy is just trying to get a tally up of just how many members are against.the reasons will most likely be made known to Rovio at some point..ty
  • @E-Star thank you for the efforts and for continuing the fight. Too often time passes and things what were once a topic of debate become the accepted. Changing the avatars will be a constant reminder for folks. I genuinely appreciate what you are doing.
  • @leggy my apologies for not including you in my previous post. I can see from this thread and from your own forum you are leading the fight as well. Your efforts as well as E-Star's are greatly appreciated and very much needed. No need to thank me, it is you all that need to be thanked. So, thank you :-)
  • Hey @leggy You should be sleeping. All this will keep till tomorrow.
    Sweet dreams1
  • @leggy, No problem, I just edited it again, haha :D

    I've told my personal opinion about power ups in some other conversations. I think they are ok, but there should be a way to keep PU scores separated from the pure scores. So I'm not completely against PU's, I'm more against the system which is used now. Those who want to buy and use PU's should have that opportunity, but the system should work so that it's fair for everyone. Mainly I'm playing on PC so there's no PU's available, but I'm also playing on my tablet, but haven't used any power ups, 'cause I like to keep my scores clean.
    But yeah, I'm in anyway :)
  • Thanks for your support Lisko :) leggy is probably enjoying some well deserved rest now..but on behalf of all those who have put there heart into it ty:)
  • @E-Star
    I will join your protest. Please turn my avatar to b&w and add the "stop" symbol. Not sure how to do this.
    On the road and just enough time to fling a few birds.
    Sorry I missed this till last weekend. Slammed with work and travel through June.
    At the very least, would like to see a tracking item in the score that PUs were used to obtain the score so the "playing field" can be level again.
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