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  • sorry for late respone @e-star, and yes, i want it as an image. I want to use the png file, but you can share any other file format. Thanks anyway!
  • @e-star heck yeah, it's better! Thanks! Again, picture should be up soon.
  • @e_star Could I have colourful No PUs' sign on my avatar :-) Thank you
  • @estar sure, the no PU sign for my current one. Thank you for all your hard work!
  • Hi @E-Star, could you add a no PU sign to my avatar when you get a chance please, thanks.
  • Thanks @Estar, looks great.
    @mvnla2 I guess it is kind of hard to tell what my avatar is as it's so dark, but it's the lazer bird, I love the tribute to Battlestar Galactica.
  • @fran Sure I am happy to do so, but not sure which avatar you mean, could it be your main site and forum avatars are different? (which means you have a picture in your profile on the main site, which overrules Gravatar, which is used in the forum section) Or did I searched the wrong nickname on the main site? Let me know which avatar you want the sign to be attached to!
  • @E-Star They sure are, didn't notice this. I changed my avatar to the one with the ribbon and books which is the one i meant. can u put it on both ? if not please put it on the main site one, thanks.
  • @E-Star -- I like the "I don't use PU's" meaning of the icon, so have changed avatars. Thanks E-Star -- I think you worked some of your magic with the image also?
    Hope it shows up soon.
  • @mvnla2 :D Hope the "new" meaning will spread widely enough so others will know that when they see the sign the user is clean of any "steriods" while flinging hahahah and yes, did a little magic on yours as well!
  • Thanks again E-Star, it looks great!
  • Thanks @estar ;-) She looks wonderful with her new "clean-up & No PU's sign! Thanks again for all the time spent on everyone's avatars ;-D
  • @e_star Thanks again friend for awesome work :-)
  • @e-star thank you for the colourful avatar :)
  • @E-Star - I would like to have the "no Pu's" -sign in my new avatar :) I got bored of being a tarsier so I'm going as myself for (at least) a while :) So could you pleasepleaseplease add the sign to my avatar? :)


    I have to admit that I've got no idea what you're talking about? I completely understand e-stars statement. And I also wonder what you mean by @Kimmiecv's comment? I can't found any comment like that?

    We all know that you did a lot of work with the petition so why do you want to give up? Personally, I think it's just nice to get back into colourful avatars, 'cause the b/w's got me confused of who's saying what. All the avas with birds looked exactly the same. I hope your not taking this comment as an assult, 'cause that's not what it was meant to be (my english just isn't so good), but I hope you get my point of view :)
  • @leggy -- No links will be sent to Rovio. Rovio apparently monitors CCJolly's forum, so that is where people are free to express their personal opinions.
    I'm sorry you feel so hurt. There are still plenty of people who hope you will stay around, not to mention celebrate each day we see you haven't permanently left. I think BL is at a conference this week, so if he has to delete your account, I don't think it will happen immediately. : )
    Please remember that Kimmie has had a really awful toothache and has had to wait several weeks to have tooth removed, which happens today, I think. So she might not really be herself. I'm not really trying to make excuses for her, but interactions on the internet sometimes get more negative than intended.
  • @leggy -- Didn't you just request that no links be sent? I'm confused. I can't control what is said in this forum vs. CC's. As you recall, I wasn't part of the discussion about what forums remained open. In any case, E-Star also requested that the link to her forum not be sent.
    It will be "interesting" to see if Rovio ever does anything about the PUs, but I'm not going to hold my breath, and I probably won't ping them again for a while. I am MVNLA on twitter, so you can see what I've done if you are interested.
    If you send me a new friends request, I can tell you more.
    Best Wishes
  • Count me in as one of the people that hopes you will stay around, not to mention celebrate each day we see you haven't permanently left, @leggy:D
  • @leggy I am sorry you feel this way. But I have had to much head and heartache of the petition, from the start. I was glad I could move on in a more colorful way and yes I am using the NO PU sign for a different reason... BUT the b/w wall still states we all joined turning our avatars to show the dark feeling the Power Ups and the un even playing field have created. This in my eyes is a general meaning and therefor can mean anything. But on your request have moved you out of the wall. I used this thread for the "new" reason with the color avatars, yes and did not make a new one, correct. Maybe it would have made you happier to see two separate threads, but it would only be more confusing to those with a b/w that want their color back. I hope you can let the failed petition be and start seeing the beauty in things soon. I know I did and it is a much better feeling.
  • @Lisko , sure no problem. I am not home right now, but will make it tonight and send you a note when it is up.

    @all up above with new shiny and colorful avatars, you are welcome! Anytime!!
  • I changed back using Paint.
  • @leggy -- For the record, I did intend to send the links. We all know and appreciate the amount of time you spent. I'm sorry things turned out this way.
    I don't think you need a twitter account to look at other peoples tweets, but I may be wrong. Clicking on the blue t at the top of the page will take you to BL's twitter page. You can then search for MVNLA if you so desire, or anything else.
  • Yeah, @mvnla2, you don't need a twitter account to view other peoples tweets;)
  • Thx @estar BTW you didn't need to alter the shadow, but still I love it!
  • Thanks again @estar not just from me but from all of us!
  • @lisko no worries there was no comment made like that so you'd never find it. She's taken things out of context as she seems want to do if it proves a point she feels at that moment. Her circles are making me, for one, dizzy and I'm now of the firm opinion it's a good thing we can all move on.
    @leggy if you need something to fight for try fighting for the severely abused innocent animals in the world or if that doesn't tickle your fancy there are also children who could use lots of help. If your going to as you constantly like to say "put your life on hold" at least make it something that will truely make a difference in the lives and world around you. And just so we are clear I made the comment even leggy doesn't believe it will change anything simply because you yourself have indeed made comments to make me think so just look up as a current example of how I'd get that idea before I wrote it. I firmly agree it's time you moved on and I wish you luck somewhere else.
  • Estar your a sweetheart and thank you for changing my avy to the bright happy one With a no pus sign! Your the bestest!! Mwaaaah
  • @Kimmiecv - Oh, okay :) I got totally confused, 'cause I couldn't find any comment like that.

    But yep, I think it would be best for everyone that we just move on.

    @E-Star - Thank you so much for adding the sign to my avatar! :D
  • Mwaahhh @Kimmiecv, you are back to the living... And how could I not my sweet friend, your avy needed to return to spring asp so you could smile again when the tooth was pulled! Hope the recovery will go as speedy as a super seeded bird :)))

    @lisko indeed that is the motto, move on to the better part of the year... Spring :D And no problem on the avatar, always happy to help out!
  • Thank you my Sweet Dutchie Friend and indeed every time I look at my e-star created avy in all it's coloured glory not only does it bring me a big smile but my somewhat painful recovery problems go to the back of my mind!! We all have much to be thankful for with the wonder of spring at our feet!!! :)
  • Thanks for the no PUs png file @E-Star! Even I managed to update my avatar and layer it on there. I just uploaded it in my profile this time, though instead of through Gravatar.

    And I like that the lovely No PU icon you did color coordinates with my new avatar look. Thank you; I'm sure you did that just for my benefit... :D
  • Oh the heck with it; I added it to gravatar after all! I like seeing it in my forum posts...
  • I made myself an avatar. Please tell me that it looks good or not :-D
  • Just caught up with this.
    Totaly agree that PU's have no place in the game.
    I have never played with them and never will.
    couldn't even tell you what they do???

    E-Star can you add the no PU's sign to my Avatar, please.

  • @e_star Thanks But that seems poor to me :-) I add another avy, edited by me. It is better or poor than previous ?
    Edit : E-Star - Can you please tell me that which software are you using to edit your avatars & how you adding NO PUs' signs to others' avatars ? :-)
  • @Amandeep I like this one as well! Did you make it yourself? I use Adobe Photoshop, but that is because I do designing for a living. I tend to make my avatars at least 400x400 pixels, so it will show up as nice as can be. Also I add my avatar to my album if people want to see the bigger version. In the profile only the 150x150 version is shown. When I add the NO PU sign, I go the their profile page and check if they have their avy in their album so I can use the bigger version. Or if they use Gravatar I search in the behind the scenes info if I can get a bigger version. If I can't find any, I will use the 150x150 from their profile. Open it in Photoshop, open up my No PU sign the right size and move it into position and save the file. Hope this helps :D
  • Hi @estar. Can you add the no PU sign to my avatar? Thanks
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