NO PU’s Avatars Black & White BACK to color Page 1
  • well done for starting a movement, E*! :D This sort of thing happens from time to time though; people with noble intentions end up being unwilling posterbirds for a big push on something :)
  • @hinarei IKR still a bit flabbergasted hee hee... but loving it :D
    ow btw, can you help out and change your second comment in the petition to a "." This way we can ask an admin to remove the extra comments so the list will be a nice ordered overview of different Nesters that support the cause. Thanks in advance :D
  • @mvnla2 thanks for the suggestion to help @leggy out in keeping the petition as clean as possible. I have changed my comment into a ".", FYI I think you missed one comment (just underneath your first comment)
  • Oops my bad @hinarei... blame it on the late night last night hahaha I heard the early birds tjirping this morning at 5:30 when we turned out the lights... but say basically just keep the petition thread to a minimum and copy the text in here.. again sorry for the mix up and thanks for wanting to help keeping it clean in there :D
  • Edited out my comment, which unfortunately I didn't get copied first. It said something like:
    A statement I think we can all agree on is that we protest Rovio’s introduction of power ups (PUs) into AB games without any way to distinguish between PU and non-PU scores.
    @Mumsie -- You may want to edit your comment, since it refers to mine, which is now "."
  • @Kimmiecv and @Hinarei -- You also referenced my now nonexistent comment.
    Hinarei -- As a reformed sinner, I think it's OK for me to say that your comment on tally-up page is still too long. : )
  • blagh, all right, I'll go clear up again...

    Should tag the OP here with that mission statement.

    *edit: cleaned up! It would be a shame to grey kiwi's avy, and I stand by that comment :P
  • @Hinarei -- I agree with your statement about @kinkykiwi's avy.
  • Thanks Hinarei and I think even though it is a shame to loose the green color in Kinky's avatar, it is for a good cause and could help but put the sign there :D
  • You are welcome @leggy!
  • well fellow nesters, im quite liking my new avi as i have used the latter one ever since iphone gaming came out. For now "kinkyNONPOWERUPkiwi" avi is quite awesome but kinkykiwi will come back when the time is right :-) This insurrection is very much needed and i hope the powers that be listen n programme our concerns into said games...nudge nudge wink wink lol off to change facebook n twitter next :p
  • your new avy has turned out fab, kiwi! E* handled that well and the no PU sign absolutely had to go there.

    it's St. Pat's. Should be going green rather than away from it :P
  • @leggy you are correct. I have send @birddoctor a message on the main site with his or her adjusted avatar. But he or she hasn't changed yet, how ever he or she did sign the petition, so that is why it is up there as one of the protesters, but not yet black and white with sign. As soon as I see a change in his or her avatar it will be updated in here!
  • @E-Star How can I get that "no PU's" mark on my avatar? And how can I make it b/w? (though it already is pretty much that) :D
  • @E-Star Thank you so much! :D
  • @leggy Nope I didn't. Good point, I will post the link to this thread as that comment isn't up to date any more. Did you get my email about the header of the petition? And I can't imagine a whole day without ABN, so to think of a whole weekend is like watching a horror show hahaha
  • You are welcome @lisko thanks for joining the cause!
  • @leggy Yeah, I changed it but it seems that it took a moment before it got updated. Now it's showing like it should be :)
  • I would love to see some consensus regarding power-ups. At the moment, Space sticks out like a sore thumb. Doubt Rovio will go back and change this, but it seems like they're making it up as they go along :)

    missing ABN has kinda become a pattern for me, so I try and get as much out of it at the weekends as possible :(
  • @e-star sweet! Done and done
  • @yuriyigolkin I see you signed the petition, care for a change in your avatar? I can turn it black and white and add the NO PU sign in if you want! Just say the word!
  • @Swelld nice and your welcome!
  • @E-Star Add me, please.
  • @e-star , thanks!
  • I joined.

    May I have an B&W avatar, please?
  • I would like a disclaimer to be added to the No-PU's petition: Some would only like a score differentiation system, not a COMPLETE elimination of Power-Ups. I like them in themselves, I just dislike the scoring aspect of them.
  • @estar Loving the gallery honey!! You've got a real life job haven't you? LOL!! Well done "lil ole you" :D
  • @JLZ-666 thanks dear friend, can't quiet grasp what has happened and ermmmm yeah I do?! have to get in to work tomorrow. Luckily I didn't have any plans this weekend and my Hubby is verrrrrry understanding :D
  • I'll add my thanks to all who have signed up. Just in case anyone needs more explanation on one point: the no-avatars tally forum run by at @leggy really should show your black and white avatar. To get it to show in that forum, you need to change / create your Gravatar avatar to the black and white one. At some point I will be sending both links to Rovio, so it is important to have the BW avatar in the forum. This also means, unfortunately, that it would be nice if you didn't change it back until link has been sent and seen. Thanks.
    @birddoctor @hunnybunny @yuriyigolkin @DonnMega @justadoo444
  • @Estar could I please have a B&W Avatar including the NO PU sign? Thanks Debi
  • Thank you @estar, you rock! On the main site the "no powerups" sign is hidden by my ranking icon, I don't know if you can move it as I don't want to make more work for you :( You can definately tell it's black & white.
    I love it, thanks for all your efforts! :)
  • @karen, thanks!! and no problem, check the same link I send you the first time, I have moved it to the other corner. Thanks for mentioning it, it is something to take in account for others I need to turn... never thought of it :D
  • Got it @Estar, looks awesome. Thank you my friend :)
  • You are welcome @karen68! anytime!
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