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  • Follow-up on Correspondence with Developer: Sadly, the latest reply (immediately below) to my query to Rovio does not state any intent to follow-up with any action. If you've spent any time in or around the Services, it is equivalent to the old "Thank you for your interest in National Security" when offering a suggestion through Command channels. I still hope for resolution but am weakening. It is astonishing that the company has any number of reasonable courses-of-action available to them to address a concern of their core customers but has not given any indication of a plan to proceed to do so. It would be perfectly good business practice to acknowledge the concern and either fix the problem or apologize that company plans conflict with user desires.


    Rovio Support Team, Aug 06 07:24 (EDT):

    and thanks for contacting us.

    All of us here at Rovio just love reading feedback and ideas like this! This helps us to provide the best possible game experience for our customers. We'll keep this in mind while working on new updates.

    Best wishes,

    Rovio Support Team
  • The thing is, it doesn't make much sense to create a whole seperate set of levels that have been cleared by powerups in-game like they did with the feathers, except for the specific reason of retaining non-powerup highscore integrity. What I mean is that it would be weird to "have to" play all levels over again with powerups in order to get a lightning bolt (or w/e) when all you're doing is playing the same levels over again, only they're easier now, unlike ME/SE which provides a whole new challenge/game experience.

    There's a whole other (much larger) segment of players who I'm sure would be pretty annoyed when they see that their beautiful perfect 3starred, featherd savegames are now incomplete, and the only way to get 100% again is to spend a significant amount of $ on powerups. I'm sure most members can sympathize with that at least.

    Actually I'm guessing that that's why there's no visible score-distinction after the update. Powerups are trickier to introduce than Mighty Eagle. But if I were Rovio I'd hedge my bets and impliment a way to differentiate between regular scores and PU scores anyway, even if we can't see it right now, and see how the world reacts to the power ups before deciding on a final solution (to the Avian Question) in the next update, so hopefully that is what they've done :-) (Although I don't know if that's even possible/feasible lol)

    Also jailbreakers don't have access to infinite powerups, there's no way to get free in-app purchases, just free games, although most jailbreakers (including myself) simply pay for their apps and only use jailbreak for customization and such.
  • More form letters...
  • @tenjoker
    Yes absolutely right, also my opinion. And i asked a friend if getting free Power Ups by jailbreaking, and the answer was "yes". So it is absolutely unfair to pay for the Power Ups. You have to pay very much money to play all levels with Power Ups and getting higher scores. So it`s a good chance for jailbreaker and hackers :-)
  • Yes @cosmo2503
    Thats what i mean. So it isn't fair. If i can Play with unlimited Power Ups it should have been no probleme getting better an higher Scores!!
  • @cosmo2503 I won't allow such posts. That's 100% illegal.
  • Ah ok my mistake, well that is unfortunate for Rovio but it shouldn't matter much for competition on ABN unless new scoring tables for powerup highscores are created (which you can choose not to compete on anyway). I guess GameCenter leaderboards will suffer but those are much less reliable anyway (bugs, not multi-platform etc)
  • @AMslimfordy, I am sorry for posting. I Competely understand that you had to remove post, sorry again.
  • It's ok. I'm aware of the existence, I just want to give people the means if they don't know already. No worries. :)
  • Continuing Correspondence: Small step forward - most recent reply (below) from Rovio was not a 'canned' response. This more personal answer acknlowldges the limitations of internal company policy when addressing potential updates. I would have preferred something more definite but must respect their processes. If the developer is considering an update to distinguish Power-Up-Enhanced scored srom Original ones, then it's important to continue to press for resolution. Imagine the impression at Rovio if this initial uproar dies quickly; they'd have to question how widespread or even how serious the concern really was. Rate the update as you see it. E-mail customer support with your thoughts. Maintain momentum.

    Rovio Support Team, Aug 06 08:29 (EDT):

    unfortunately we can't give out any information regarding future updates, nor can I guarantee that the scoring will be changed. But, as I mentioned, will keep this in mind when working on the updates.

    Best Regards,

    Rovio Support Team
  • .08 euro a shot, its complete THEFT !!! against with all my hart
  • the price is double of Facebook !!
  • @pietspin
    Wow, You have it converted per shoot in Cents. Yes 8 Cent is enough!!
    Thanks :-)
  • @jwgardenwiz
    Thanks for latest information about this!!

    I don`t know what you posted but i think something about jailbreaking!!

    Yes that could be right, but they buys for example once for a unlimited package!!!
  • Just wanted to add that I received response from Rovio similar to those of @ernor63 & @sparty83. I have little faith that they will correct the power-up situation with ABO and left me thinking that they could be coming to Seasons? "...........blah, blah, , but we have also had many inquiries to include them into other game versions than the Facebook version. " If that's there basis for including them in ABO than chances are if enough users are purchasing them I would expect that they would want to include them in Seasons.

    I think @PlayDBird said it the best. "I'm no longer a fan.....just a consumer". Very well put.

  • I'M ALL FOR IT!!! it's part of the game, and from what little i read here, it's not just fb anymore, it's not being unfair or cheating, or "not a purist" *rolls eyes*, i really get so tired of hearing about it all the time and the references to the ones who use them, like they do something wrong, that is the reason, i took all my scores and made them zero, and for anyone who thinks it's because my scores were with pu's, you're so wrong. i'm rarely here anymore because of the hassle about it, just don't have time for that nonsense thinking (attitude) about it, but i had to weigh in on this and voice my problem about it, it's only fair as everyday (oh look, another fb user) ALL FOR POWER UPS!!!!
  • @maryspitfire That's already ok. I accept all opinions on this Thread. That's why i post this Discussion. Everyone have his own Personal opinion. So i accept yours and i Hope you accept mine. But please Tell me not this Thread is nonsense. Thx
  • Hi Everyone. Now, After this Post from maryspitfire I have also somerhing to say. IMO for those Players, which Play AB for a Few months, the pu's are a nice Thing, nothing special, and Part of the Game. Let me try to explain how I feel now. The really interesting and special in ABO is NOT to get 3 Stars or complete a Level, but to have a Battle with others for highscores. In my Case it's fact, that these Battles are over for now. I am playing AB for about 2 years now and it was always a Highlight for me to Take the next hurdle to a Top Score. First Top 10.000 in Game Center, motivated for top1000, then Top 1000, Top 750, Top 500. At least about 420. And now, since a few days, the Place in GC went in the other Way. This is really, really Frustrating for me.
    So please Rovio, I know its Business and you have to Pay your bills, but do Not destroy These Special Feeling in seasons, Rio and Space too.
  • @cheetaa I understand your and everyone else's frustration. I haven't been playing AB for that long so i guess it's easy for me to say but I really can't blame Rovio for intoducing the powerups. To put things in perspective, there's like 3500 people who've entered scores for ABO on ABN. I'm ranked 1500th and I've only entered scores for just over half the levels (to get score addict achievements). Many probably aren't active members, so to say that there's 500 people on ABN who are very upset with the changes is probably still stretching it.

    According to GameCenter there's 25 million players on iphone alone (not couning ipad and other devices) most of whom will either like the powerups or not really care one way or the other. So can you really blame Rovio for going against the wishes of what comprises around 0.01% of the total player pool at best? Especially considering that ABN is a community that operates largely on good faith and seems pretty good at self-moderation besides, so that there's a good chance that competition can continue on as usual when things cool down a bit.

    That said I dfinitely understand your pain. Artificial challenge will lead to artificial joy for the die-hard competitor. But there's always hope that a perfect solution can be found sometime in the future :-)
  • I agree with @heathen - Game should track high scores obtained both with and without the powerups. Powerup high score could display once the power up has been activated on the level and be indicated with the little lightning bolt next to it. When my son demonstrated how to use powerups to me on the ipad, the score he got on the level showed that little icon next to it, unfortunately that detail did not show up next to the high score when he restarted the level. Maybe Rovio could make this adjustment and release it with the final 15 levels of S&T?? Please?!?!
  • I don't get the power ups at all. On any level! It just seems like a money trip and really makes Game Centre useless. Guess I'll have to read more about how to use them, but really I've just been plodding along to get 3 stars on all levels, then increase my scores and now.......??? Arghhhhh...
  • My tweet to Peter Vesterbacka: Hope you're following opinions on ABN: … … ? When will you implement separate scores for PU and non-PU?
    Tweeted reply from Peter Vesterbacka: yes, following discussion as always. On the case.
  • One more thing - If Rovio really wants to gain the support of power ups from the hard core fans, they should set new power up only, three star thresholds for each level to be used with the power ups, while retaining the original three star scoring for users that do not use the power ups. I could see many people from this site getting excited at the prospect of new and different challenges faced by playing the levels with a new set of parameters. Just maintain a way to play the original way as well and differentiate the two! In this manner, they could convert the one original angry birds francise, which doubled with the addition of the ME, to effectively triple with power ups added, plus generate an ongoing income stream with which to further support the development of the franchise.
  • I notice that my ABO position is going down - 0ver 20 places today. Used to seeing it and high scores changing/going down but I usually hang around within a few points of other scorers for a few weeks. Are Pups users sneeking in, even with the polite 'squawk' not to. For all the good this site has done (and that's loads) Rovio might end up ruining it (hope not). Perhaps ABO scores should be suspended altogether until a solution is found as I think that (even though I am quite a positive person normally) the lure of a high score for some may just let them forget they used pups.

    On Facebook over 18,000 like the new Surf N turf with pups so I suspect all we say will fall on deaf ears.

    Ah well, back to noughts and crosses (or is that Tic Tac Toe?) At least a new series of Dr Who is starting this autumn.... :)
  • I think the leaderboards for ABO have been lost forever. The "honor rule" is just so hard to follow and trust. I used a few power ups on a couple levels and was going to enter my scores and released that I forgot which was which. Now I have to go through again with PU and enter after each non PU 3*. It's just too much work

    If Rovio were smart they would make the lightning bolt stick to each level on the home screen like the feather. It would make it easy to distinguish PU score from non and I think it would actually drive up PU sales. There are so many people that would feel the "need" to go back through all levels and 3*PU each level just to have the icons on all home screen level buttons. Similar to the urge of feathering all levels. I know I would.
  • @dasa51, I'm not entirely sure your drop is due to the power ups. As I write this, you are sitting at #212 with 318 scores entered. There are a possible 333 scores to enter. If you get just the 3 star scores, you will add approx 1.2 million points. That would take you up to around #68. (your current total is 29,696,280, adding 1.2 mil would take you to about 30.9 mil)

    My AB0 total is about 30.3 mil, #114, I have only dropped 2 places since the update. The person at #113 has entered all 333 scores. Thats most likely the reason they jumped above me.(I only have 318 scores also)

    Also, the 18,000 likes for the post on Angry Birds facebook page does not destinguish between what they like. Do they like that there are 15 more levels or do they like the power ups or both? No way of telling.
  • @dasa51 @lostgreybird @sparty83
    Quite right. We are keeping a vigilant eye out for significant changes in the leaderboard. I'll be the first to admit that we are primarily looking at the Top Scorers, but I do go through and check, say, the Top 20 to 50 for some notable levels to make sure those stay consistent. In general, I do think there are a couple still in there that we know of but are actively talking to those users. But I still think the ABo leaderboard is quite legitimate.

    And please know that we are still working hard at this. It by no means is on the back burner. We have abandoned all other tasks on the to-do list for this. In the meantime, do not hesitate to flag scores (silently). I am watching the flag system like a hawk. Ca-cawwwww.
  • Folks.. I'm really against powerups but also have to ask for help as I simply don't 'get' how to use them!! I mean if you are using the blue 3 split bird what use is one of these power ups? Can someone explain each one, more or less, to me or point me to some info on them? (Btw my scores are sans power ups).
  • I also dont know. I dont Look to these Power UPS. Not interested in :-)
  • @sparty83 - thanks for that. Of course I had not taken into account the new levels which I have not downloaded yet (doh). Don't doubt the hard work being put in on site, appreciate it.
    Have now played a couple of levels on facebook with pups - can't see the appeal myself. Happy for pups to be there but not as a simple upgrade of original AB. Think I'm repeating myself now (too early in the morning -coffee time.......)
  • @Lovetocurldids the PU are all explained in post made when they arrived on Facebook. I've been playing around with the. And they are acquired techniques just like using the birds for the first time. IMO the one that causes the biggest jump in score is using Pigquake to try to cause extra debri damage while getting that last pig to pop rather than shooting another bird. In this scenario you get the bonus for not shooting the bird and the additional debri/pig point. This can give you a good 16,000 easy. I don't use super scope much. I have used super seed & sling before. They make the birds stronger allowing you to either break through harder structures or pass through more levels of structure. They are actually pretty fun to use.
  • Totally against "Power Ups" and everything that's associated to them!! Please save our Angry Birds, boycott ROVIO's latest scheme!!
  • @marc987 Right right right
  • Perhaps this thread is just mistitled -- for or against. I am not against them and like most (all?) of the other dissenters simply ask that the developers distinguish between Power-Up and Original scores.

    Rarely does a company have the opportunity to satisfy divergent segments of its customer base with a straightforward modification.

    I'm all for Power-Up users enjoying the new capability. I choose not to do so and mourn the loss of being able to openly, fairly, and confidently compete on an equal footing with others in the Nest.

  • Well, I don't know are there lots of players using power ups. My position in GC is still about the same. Or maybe I am the lausiest active player. It's pitty that there is not leaderbroad for episodes 18 and 19, I'd like to know how many people actually play and download updates regulary.
    Before update I had 4 episodes to achieve score addict, I wonder are they going to close these achievments as they are much easier to achieve with couple power ups not to say with buying as much power ups as levels number. Pointless achievement with power ups in game if you ask me...
  • Wondering if the same gamers who dubbed those of us who glimpse "Walkthroughs" as cheaters are now embracing the PU's.
  • @lostgreybird. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. So far I haven't been successful using one - but almost & there was a brief lightening bolt... Anyone know what happens when you 'score' using a Pup?
  • I hate powerups
  • @love2curldids, if you want a perfect example of how the power ups can increase you score, go to Poached Eggs, Level 1-2. This level is usually a one birder. Fling the first bird over the top and bounce off the far structure/wall. It will bounce back and take out all the piggies. (Not 100% of the time but enough that a one birder is quite common). The average scores is 61,133 with a High of 63,780

    Now, using power ups this can be done with 0 (zero) birds. Just use the bird quake. Again its not 100% of the time but enough that a 0 (zero) bird solution is quite common. In Angry Birds Friends (the facebook version) this is how I did it and I have a score of 70,940. Nearly 10k higher simply by using a power up.

    This is just one of many examples of how power ups will dumb down the game while sending a constant stream of cash to Rovio.

    No skill, no luck (like some levels where a lucky bounce can yeild higher scores), no thinking involved. Players can now blow away thier old scores with little to no effort. Is this what Rovio really wanted?
  • I've been trying to get 3* on the "new" S&T levels (16 - 30), which are the "same" as they were on facebook. I got 3* on all of them in facebook without PUs, and am still above average on many, even though the average includes PUs (and I haven't played for months). Some of the ABO 2.2.0 levels are pretty difficult to 3*. There seems to be a lot of discussion on the walkthroughs about the "new" levels in ABO 2.2.0 being more difficult. Is there a consensus that Rovio deliberately made them more difficult to provide more incentive for buying PUs (love that acronym)?
  • Hey guys.

    I want to be as open with you guys as professionally possible. Obviously there are some things that I just can't tell you, but we are still having an active conversation with Rovio and (regardless of your personal opinions on the matter) Rovio is very much aware and has read through the majority of this thread. Furthermore, we are looking into getting more information about how the current (v2.2.0) scoring system is actually working within ABo for iOS. This would provide us with an insane amount of knowledge about how feasible it would be to make some of the adjustments suggested in this thread.

    In the meantime, since we are not entirely sure how Rovio would change the PU system (if they do), we will not be making any obvious tweaks to the leaderboards. We are still disallowing any scores obtained via PUs and will actively monitor as much as we can, especially S&T. If you see any issues there, please use the flagging feature.

    OK, I think that's all I have for now. Cheers everyone.
  • @AMslimfordy: Thanks for all your work on the issue and your updates.

    I noticed tonight that all AB leader boards are down in Game Center. Do you know if this may be related?
  • Against. They should stay in AB Friends only. I don't even use them there & 3-star everything without them.
  • I'm for. The new power-Ups could lure non-Angry Birds fans who think" I don't wanna play it because it is so boring, only birds and pigs and materials!" and turn it into " WOW! these power-Ups make this game more fun!" They should add the power-ups to the other games!
  • @SuicideSolution I'm not seeing anything down in GC. It could have been a temporary move by Rovio, or a temporary glitch on your side? I'm not sure.
  • @suicidesolution The leaderboards are still up, but we are close to Thursday Updates
  • @AMslimfordy and @bigbrotherbird97: thanks. All my GC leader boards were back to normal this morning. Oddly on first check just ABs & ABr were up, then moments later ABo & ABs came back. While they were out on my iPad I could still see friends, but that was it. I was first unranked, then #1 of 1 player after launching the game. Likely a glitch of some kind. I was hopeful for a little while though...
  • Without using power ups, I got a top score on S&T Level 29 last night beating the current top score on ABN by over 6,500 points. My happiness was immediately replaced by sadness because in the current environment I'm afraid to post it now. That's really too bad. Along with others, I hope that Rovio comes up with a way to distinguish between regular scores and power up scores so I can post it eventually.
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