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  • Hi.

    I am not happy Rovio added Power Ups in Angry Birds Games. Are you for or against Power UPS? I think the time is over to compare Scores!? Whats your opinion :-)

    The Admins of this Webside always gave their best and made a good Job keeping Fair Play Scores of Angry Birds. So thanks @birdleader and @amslimfordy for helping!

    !!! With this Thread i want to start a worlwide/international Discussion against Power Ups ROVIO added in Update ABO !!!

    Thanks for your ideas and opinion on this Thread!

    Nice greets from Austria CC :-)

    Please also follow here on this Thread and enter your wishes to ROVIO for future. Maybe some ideas might be implemented by ROVIO. I think it's a good time and chance for users to Open some eyes!!!

    Please also take a look at the following Thread!
  • im FOR! just wish you could get infinity power-ups like the M.E.
  • Yes but for comparing Scores it isn't a Good idea. Jail Breakers can earn unlimited Power Ups. Makes that sense????? All Levels are so created to reach 3 Stars without Power Ups!!
  • Just updated on iOS. Power ups are available for every classic AB level which makes the whole AB original leaderbord pretty useless. For FB it was ok but i really don't like the power ups for the original games.
  • A really strange move from Rovio. They must know that there are "hardcore players" out there that have spent countless hours trying to beat each others scores on a equal basis. Now they changed the whole setup and the leaderboards will never be the same. Sad.

    Would gladly pay Rovio in some other way for an awesome game. Every other update or so, but this is just nuts. First time i'm really disappointed in Rovio.
  • @argon and @antwan83 yes you are right. The Angry Birds Genesis is breaked :-( So the Fun to Play and the Hard work is over :-(
  • I posted this idea elsewhere, but they need to have separate scores for using Power Ups vs not using Power Ups, much like the feather is the "scoring" for Mighty Eagle. This would retain and protect the essence of the original game play as well as the ability to add and use the Power Ups. Of course, they would need to identify by some measure which score is which...perhaps identified with a Power UP symbol next to it.
  • Are you sure @heathen?? That would better News :-)
  • That's a "hypothetical" solution. Honestly, not a bad idea.
  • my knowledge they haven't done that, but what I was saying was that they need to.
  • @heathen I have forwarded this idea to Rovio.
  • A real shame this has been added and I love using power ups in FB. I think Heathen's idea is a great one, it always suprised me this was never the case when I started playing.
  • Definetly Againts Power-ups,it'll be an apocalypse for the ABO leaderboards u.u
  • In answer to ccJolly's original question - I'm definitely AGAINST powerups. Why did they have to apply them to already established games? It's ruined the leaderboards and a lot of us don't even feel like playing anymore. It was the even playing field leaderboards that made the game so much more fun. Simply 3 starring levels would have become boring to me - beating someone else's overall leaderboard scores was what made it challenging/interesting. Fortunately BirdLeader recognised this and created this wonderful site for us.

    I can see the appeal of the power ups to some people but why couldn't they have just kept them separate/different games - don't destroy what we've already got.

    Rovio, Rovio, why didn't you ask/get some feed back before doing this?
  • I am also against power ups... Just updated and the overall feeling I have got is that all the hard work that I put into my highscore video making and climbing up the rankings can be swipped away with one single update... Luckily my beloved Seasons is still the same, but I am affraid they will power this AB game as well. The idea of heathen sounds nice... But I guess that can't be done untill the next updat, so there will be people with power up scores that aren't identified as such.... O my... I am so so sad Rovio crushed me wanting to play ABo ... I guess I will never finish the 150 levels I still needed to do and head over to Rio... They don't have power up right?
    Dark dark day for all the AB addicts :(
  • Thanks @AMslimfordy. However, since this update has already been released into the wild, I'm afraid it'll fall on deaf ears because of the scores that people will be obtaining with the power ups will already be recorded. Sadly, another indication that those at Rovio are not really thinking things through when they are implementing their features and how it will affect their core users (i.e. rabid fans). The power ups feature is rather intriguing, although I have some issues with the high cost of them, but that's another story. What it means though is that for everyone's hard work leading up to the Power Ups, you score will be eclipsed by a first timer who is essentially buying their high score against you. I'll be honest, I'm both excited by this update and had the wind knocked out of me at the same time.
  • Totally against the power-up idea for ABo. It was a good idea for ABF, but now ABF doesn't seem to have much meaning anymore (except for 15 Pigini beach levels).

    Doesn't seem skill would provide high scores anymore, only money :(
  • I concur with all above. I've climbed the AB Leaderboard steadily over the last year with hopes of cracking the top 10. The single act of adding Power Ups has removed any motivation for continued play. Surely the developers considered this unwelcome effect on the game-playing community. If they hadn't, perhaps you can capture the essence of the thread and relay to your contacts. Still a great game but now the competitive aspect has been diluted to the point that it is far less fun to play.
  • I'm really disappointed with this addition as well.
    @heathen that is an awesome idea. A separate scoring system would be great. A third layer of gameplay so to speak.
  • @angryboy - you don't understand. You don't have to use them, but you're playing against people who are using them - so your scores will never be as good as theirs.
  • This is a sad day. I have played for over 2 years. Through genuine hard work I have scores I'm extremely proud of....... Now this:( I feel so sorry for @estar:( don't know what else to say but I'll reserve judgement for a few weeks,see what happens & hope people stay honest. Good luck with this @admin.
  • i'm alright with that, i enjoy playing, not just for a good score
  • It was ok for Facebook, where is no Game Center/Leaderboard behind.
    But it's not ok for iOS. Game Center is already hacked from too many, now with the power ups it will be nearly impossible to reach a good rank.
    And no idea how the leaderboards of ABN will look soon...
    Not happy.
  • I'm pleased to say ABO Leaderboards have been temporarily frozen/removed until our mighty leaders work out what to do. They've done it pretty quickly so I doubt there were many/if any powerup scores added.
  • I think leaderboards should be temporarily disabled until this is sorted? A real shame it impacts massively on this site and its players. Its a money maker, nothing more.
  • @AMslimfordy Any idea why my avatar doesn't show up here? Sorry off topic post, feel free to delete.
  • I am AGAINST POWERUPS IN ABO... Leaderboard should be made powerup restricted
  • I am happy trhat I finally got three stars on all levels in each episode last week. I know that I mastered game on my own no matter who lousy and novice player I am. I've been playing all AB games only since late march this year and can't compete with even average player here, but after all I really achieved my goal. Now I will try what power ups are and what totaly new dimension they bring to game. Let's see!
    But generally, as answer to question I am against power ups, there were not any need for extra power ups or at least there should be new achievments for games mastered without using any of the power ups.
  • One more thought -- Power Ups is to Angry Birds as Steroids is to Sports. I know of no one who favors performance enhancing drugs in competitive sports. It's not too late for the developers to remediate the problem. Thet acted quickly to fix inadvertent score-enhacing glitches like the Exploding Santa Hats; they can do the same for this. I hope that they do.
  • I did write to Rovio on their homepage:
    "This is a sad day. To bring power ups into the old classic AB game is a outrage against all the thousands of player that take scoring seriously. Most of us would happily pay for new episodes if needed. But not pay for silly power ups. Please rethink Your business statageys for the future. For AB Classic the damages is sadly done but dont touch Seassons after this.

    Regards Erik aka ernor63"
  • We have some plans.
  • Just another move by Rovio that sends me off to play a different game. Sad.
  • Another disastrous mistake by Rovio. Haven't updated yet, but this sounds like they are turning top spot on the leaderboards over to the most wealthy.
  • it is original, its just that ABF had it before, that doesn't make it un-original
  • SMBB, totally agree. If Angry Birds had the powerups from the beginning, then this update would not be any different from any other update. Powerups would be available before the update and available after the update. Since they never were available and with this update they now are it's a whole different ball game.

    @angryboy, it makes total sence.
  • now i agree with the SE, terrible idea for that one, you dont have to play with the power-ups if you dont want to @SMBB
  • oh wait, read his comment wrong, @SMBB its still original
  • Just updated ABO and see the power up b.s. Honestly it couldn’t be more disappointing. There is a certain joy that comes from putting together the perfect shot(s) and achieving a great score. Now all you have to do is pay for it!!! Sad, frustrated, & angry.
  • Extremely against the power-up idea. This implementation was clearly done to increase the revenue generation potential of the game, however it creates an uneven playing field and saps the motivation to play. With the power-ups added people can either spend their way or hack their way to high-scores. Completely invalidates the leader boards and what made AB so much fun. In my opinion this just kills the original Angry Birds UNLESS they follow recommendations like the one made by @Heathen. Since the power-ups have already been released it is unlikely they can make the change.

    The more I think about this, the more upset I am. Something I loved being destroyed by greed. I've stopped playing many other otherwise great games that I was happy to pay for when this kind of economic model was introduced. Sad sad sad. If they needed more money they could have come up with a better way than corrupting the competition of the game. Imagine if Olympic winners were determined by who invested the most in equipment? The sense of competition would be gone and nobody would watch. Isn't the whole point of playing to compete? Shouldn't those who invest the most time and effort to be the best be the ones who win? Ok, I have to stop...

    I will continue to play the game, but I will do so without power-ups. I will no longer be able to compete for top-scores and will only be able to play to achieve 3-stars on every level. This severely limits the time and enjoyment I will get from Angry Birds. I suspect as my scores dip lower and lower on the leader boards I'll have less and less motivation to play.

    Thank you @AMSlimfordy for forwarding thoughts and ideas from this forum.
  • sometimes the power-ups dont even work that well, its not like the second you get it your score will be better
  • @angryboy, don't tell bill that (@dollarbill2208). If you go to the FB Leaderboards, you will see his name plastered all over the high scores. On almost every level he has posted a strat on how to duplicate his methods and they all use powerups. I'm sure if he could post his Poached eggs and Mighty Hoax scores from FB to the leaderboards, they would blow away the competition.
  • Im am going to play devils advocate her.

    I find that ABN is one of the best websites surrounding a gaming community, its gives the user another level of game play which is separate to the game itself.
    Although ABN has permission to do all this wonderful stuff here we must not forget that this site does not belong to rovio and rovio is a company which must maintain its database of players and keep them spending cash ( its quite a smart move on there part)

    I Dont like this introduction of power ups so late on in a established game and feel sorry for everyone that has worked so hard in achieving there scores.

    I hope they listen to the fans and think twice for any future migration of power ups to the other games.
  • To Slim, BL, Fugi and Sal, you have your work cut out with this latest (monstrosity of an ) update. This really throws a wrench into the works.

    To Angryboy, here is a perfect example (just one of hundreds that will apply) of how the powerups will instantly improve scores.
    Angry Birds (Original) Poached Eggs Level 1-2
    On my phone with no powerups it's a one birder solution, my current score is: 61570
    On Facebook, with powerups it's a 0 (zero) bird solution, just use the birdquake, Score: 70940
    Almost a 10k improvement using absolutly NO skill. That score can be obtained on your very FIRST try. What is the fun in that??????
  • If they had included power-ups from the beginning the game likely would never have been as popular. When success requires more $$$ true competitors will become discouraged and choose not to compete, or they will reluctantly succumb to the new paradigm. I love the earlier comparison to steroids.

    The level playing-field of true competition that Angry Birds created is what led to their phenomenal success. Introducing a pay-to-succeed strategy once everyone is on board and playing is a surefire way to alienate their best and most dedicated competitors.
  • Does anyone know when the update will be on Android?
  • I found it very Bad to the Admins who alway give their best and done a very Good work :-(
  • And today is the 2 year anniversary of AngryBirdsNest? Jesus, it's even more sad.
  • The whole (original) premise behind Angry Birds was to fling birds to kill the pigs. Now you don't have to even do that to kill them. It takes away from the original premise of the game.
  • i can understand the earthquake one, yea, thats cheap, but the other are amazing it sling and kill a pig
  • Sorry guys, I'm not really keeping up here. If anyone had asked me a question, can you plug me again?

    Anyways, we are indeed working hard on our anniversary, so I will try to update you guys as much as I can during the day.
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