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  • ok sorry i will change/delete the Thread Text!!
  • I can't believe that I love ABo more than Rovio.
    Nothing lasts forever I guess.

    Besides all the other comments I read, one level of 'mistrust' I have is I now wonder if the level is designed for the birds included or a using a particular power up maximizes the scoring. I haven't used a power up...maybe when I am no longer sick to my stomach.
  • I hope Rovio is listening.

    I have been playing AB in all it's variations since 2010.

    I purchased Amazing Alex sight unseen because I felt Rovio put out good products.

    Since yesterday, I feel a lot less interested in this game than I did prior.

    I wish I had known what was going to happen... I would not have purchased AAlex, and I wouldn't have downloaded the new update for AB Original.

    I hope, with others, you don't add Power Ups to Seasons, as that is my favorite game.

    I will think twice before I purchase Rovio products in the future.

    I am no longer a fan...just a "consumer".

  • Rovio is indeed listening. They listened enough to create a company-wide response to the issue. That's not something that is simply done on a whim. I guarantee that someone high up had to sign off on tht response and it will be used universally.
  • Good to hear! Three Cheers! I'm copyrighting my idea on how to fix it...LOL If it's that big of a deal, they should pull the current version and put the older version back on until they remedy the situation.
  • @AMslimfordy What is the company-wide response?
  • I was afraid you would refer to that. I got my hopes up for a new response that would take into consideration our views in this thread. That response shows we have different views on "development" and gives no hope for a enjoyable solution.
  • Just what are these power ups that are being discussed? I haven't seen anything on them.
  • Sorry AMslimfordy, that's not a company wide response...that's a marketing blow off, just like with the Space Eagles...You got my hopes up, only to be deflated again. I guess they don't want to learn...if they have to keep coming up with marketing propaganda or spins to consumer complaints about issues that they themselves create, then there's a deeper issue at stake, and eventually it will whither away customers and their $upport.
  • When I did the survey I said one compelling thing of ABo is you can make the game what you want. Finish the levels to get to next-->try for 3 stars-->try for big scores-->see how good your scores really are-->try to increase rank in Game Center (ABN, for real)-->get to the top-->try to stay there.

    From that response to Sparty, Rovio seems to think players need Power Ups to find new ways to play. I guess for most in ABN the real game started somewhere after they got the 3 stars or maybe that first good score. I guess the power up is for the 'struggling player'. Everybody-gets-a-trophy syndrome if you ask me.

    I have literally played some levels until my hands started falling asleep and gotten ticked at my hands. :-) Now $10 bucks and a couple of flicks of the bird is all it takes. Blah!!
  • @haddock5 @heathen -- By definition, if the entire company is responding that way, it is a company-wide response.

    I have also had a private conversation with them as well, though I am not at liberty to include the details of that conversation here.
  • As much as I don't want them, it appears that the power ups are here to stay. The genie has been let out of the bottle and there is NO way its going back in. That being said, I think Rovio needs to integrate this update immediately.

    When a power up is used, it is shown below the score on both the active playing area and on the "finish" screen.

    I know some people have been asked to show proof of thier high score. This is usually done with a screen capture or picture. If it were possible to show what power ups were used for a high score and always show them for a given level then there would be no question as to whether or they were used. All Rovio would have to do is creat 4 small icons that are permantely displayed under any score (if power ups are used). Sorta like how the stars are shown when you finish a level. It will show your score for the just finished level and your high score. Both have stars under them. Just add the icons for the power ups.

    Now I know there is the issue of photo-shopping the icons out. Photo-shopping is (or can be) an issue currently with submitting proof of score. We will just have to leave final judgement up to Slim, BL and the others as we currently do.
  • @AMslimfordy - When you first said "company-wide response" and "Rovio is indeed listening" and didn't clarify further what you meant, I took that to mean that they called an all-hands on deck meeting to discuss how to remedy this situation. Since there is no remedy forthcoming as explained by you in a later posting, that is the source of the let down.

    However, in my books, issuing a company-wide propaganda marketing response with no real substance does not show me that "Rovio is indeed listening". It's telling me to simply take it like a with it on our own terms.
  • Maybe tech does have a few drawbacks. Waited for the PC version of S&T and was rewarded with no PUs. 3's are no easier or harder than in any other AB game. On the flip, also didn't get a whack at King Pig. Life's a trade-off!
  • @angryboy I think you have misconceptions about why most of us use this site. It is a place, unlike Gamecenter, where we can post scores and be reasonably assured that we are competing against other good and dedicated (addicted?) Angry Birds fans. Thanks to ABN Admin, hackers, cheaters, trolls, etc. are quickly disposed of. It is also a place where help is available, friendships can be made, and your enjoyment of the game can be enhanced.

    Most of us have spent a lot of time and effort obtaining our scores and have pride in our achievements. If you do not have the skills, patience, or acumen to obtain scores that we have worked and played so long for and price is no object, I will sell you a hack far cheaper than the corporate hack that Rovio has incorporated into their own game. I will guarantee you a GC score of 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 or your money back. Your friends will be impressed and you will not have to bother playing the game again, or visiting this site.

    Edit: I meant to share with @all
  • Hey Rovio staff, if you’re still reading these comments, I’d like to add:

    I few of the comments in this thread refer to the money factor i.e. those with more money will beat poorer people simply because they can afford more power ups. I agree this is a factor but not the major one IMO. The main problem is that power ups turn your ABO into an entirely different game. Up until you introduced these to ABO, I rarely saw any complaints about your games, if there were any, the main complaint I kept reading was that they are too easy. All of these players must be stunned and thinking the whole thing is a joke because (obviously) power ups make the levels easier. Any challenges that were there have now disappeared.

    I know you’ve been doing surveys. Is this a result of one of them? I participated in one of them and wish I hadn’t now if this is a result although I can’t remember the questions I definitely would not have said I like power ups since I don’t use them!

    I can’t believe for a minute that a complaint you kept receiving was that the games are too hard. If that was the case, you would not have sold so many/have so many fans. Where are you obtaining your feedback from?
  • I’ve made this a separate post as it concerns ABN rather than Rovio.

    There’s been mention by our members re power ups users stealing the top score spots. This of course is a problem but not the only one as all power up scores will affect the leaderboards. Players can be categorised into ones who just go for 3 stars, ones who just want to beat the average and then there’s us score addicts who ultimately want to be the top scorer. Fake scores have been something I accept because unfortunately our moderators don’t have time to remove them all – only the top fake scores are removed. Scores further down the list are left. My concern is that these already compromised “average scores” will now be ridiculous if with and without power ups are allowed on the same leaderboard. It will make a mockery of the word ‘average’. This is why I would like to have separate leaderboards. Slim’s a “numbers man” he’ll know what I mean.

    Please note @amslimfordy, this is not a criticism of you. This website is massive now and you do an excellent job of keeping it in order – I wouldn’t want your job that’s for sure. There are only so many hours in a day plus we do not live in a perfect world.
  • I can not express how disappointed I am with Rovio. They just ruined the game. I have been playing ABO since it basically came out (along with Rio, Seasons and Space since they came out) and at one time I had the highest score in ABO (I am still in the top 40 in all of the games) but now all the fun of competition is gone. It takes makes very little to 3 star every single level. That was not the challenge. The challenge was competiting against the other good players to try and get a higher and higher score. That is all now gone. Very sad day. Let's hope they don't ruin Seasons, Space and Rio in the same way. URGH!!!!!!!!! The Orignal was always my first addiction.
  • Actually @Chicadee, I do take a bit of offense at that. As far as I am concerned, there are absolutely no Top Scores on our Angry Birds leaderboard that reflects the use of power ups. And the extreme majority of the Top Scores on all of our leaderboards have been verified. And frankly, there is no reason to suspect that any scores significantly below the Top Score would be "fake".
  • @amslimfordy
    I added now my new scores in Surf and Turf and much scores are unreachable playing normal way. Can you take a look to leaderboards. How can you find out if scores are played with or without Power Ups!!??

    The Levels are very hard to play, i got 3 Stars in all Levels and earned the feathers but i have no fun to try better/higher scores because of the faked Scores :-( Whats your opinion?
  • Hi Slim (amslimfordy), I am sincerely sorry to have offended you and apologise – it was most certainly not my intention. I agree with you that there are no Top Scores on ABO leaderboards from power up users. If you would kindly reread my post you will see I said “the top fake scores are removed”. My whole post was technically hypothetical re having with and without power up scores listed on the same leaderboard.

    I had two reasons for expressing my concern over the average scores. One was, a while back someone posted a fake score on one of the Challenge games and it was not removed before the Challenge finished. The score was not an overall leaderboard top score but was around 6th or 7th I think. I continually flagged if for a number of days but ended up giving up because it wasn’t removed. I just went back to find it but am pleased to say it’s no longer there. Obviously I need to be more patient and allow more time for flag reports. My second reason for not trusting average scores was that I could have sworn that I read a comment one day in which a member had reported a couple of possible fake scores – they weren’t top scores and I’m sure you replied that you weren’t worried about lower scores. Maybe I’m wrong and read it wrong. Either way it doesn’t matter. What does matter, is that I’ve offended you and my punishment for that is to send myself to the sin bin where I will not be able to post any comments for a week and am only able to log on to post scores.
  • Promised follow-up on correspondence with developer: In light of the customer support response citing a desire to increase the level of fun by adding a variety of play mechanisms, I wrote back proposing that they could simultaneously accomplish both adding Power Ups and appeasing our core concern by implementing a fix that distinguishes a Power-Up-assisted score from a score obtained by using only the games original capabilities. Several potential fixes have already surfaced in this thread; another is to simply display such a score in a different color. No one should begrudge the casual player the option of using such an assist nor should there be any heartburn with a for-profit company making a profit. If the developers don't get paid, updates would grind to a halt and no one would be served well by that. The developers have responded quickly to fix bugs and glitches in the past. They clearly are capable of implementing a fix if priority is placed upon it. I asked that this be surfaced at their next management meeting.

    Bottom line: Rovio cites a desire to make the game more fun -- we have proposed mechanisms by which the company can can do that for us without compromising their plans for the casual user. I have not yet heard back from customer support but that can attributed to traffic after close of business and the weekend. Standing by & will advise.
  • @jwgardenwiz
    Yes i Hope so that Rovio will make a separate listing for Scores using Power Ups. But i find no fun using them!!
  • Yep, glad I'm compulsive enough to read every post in this thread.

    Was just about to chime in with a solution much like those mentioned by sparty83 and jwgardenwiz. (Nice one, guys!) Distinguishing power up-assisted scores with, say, a different font color would be an elegant way to improve the game and satisfy nearly everyone. If a power up was used to obtain a personal high score on a board, the font displayed for the score within the game for the applicable world and episode might be similarly colored.

    In a perfect world (yeah, right), this fix might be extended to the GameCenter rankings to either distinguish such scores or eliminate them from the lists. Here at the Nest, where it seems pretty clear that most of us want rankings free of powered-up scores, screenshots might be required to be forwarded when new high scores were entered, thus ensuring a "pure" score for each top entry.

    Sure, cheaters could find ways around such a requirement, but it would be a bit more difficult to do so under those terms than with the methods we use currently. Moreover, top score boards here seem to suggest an overwhelming culture of honesty in these parts; absent that, our top score police appear to be pretty skilled at calling the b.s.'ers out.

    Sure would be great if Rovio did something like this - they could preserve their new potential revenue stream without alienating the Faithful, the fanatics who by themselves are a pretty damned good advertisement for their product.
  • Not sure if you can post images here or not, but I took the time, very little of it, to create a picture of what I mentioned above. This is from AB Facebook but you should get the idea.

    (excuse my photo shop skills, i am serverly lacking in them).

    But basically, if Rovio could place a little icon of what power up was used, I think that could help verify a pure score versus a power up score.
  • on Twitter I have the feeling that Rovio is indeed listening, and it's not a standard reply to everyone.
    So maybe there is still hope.
  • @sparty83 That would solve the problem for sure.
  • Good idea @sparty83. It may not even be required to be so specific, rather than just a symbol to designate that SOMETHING was used (e.g., a lightning bolt). The biggest key would be that it appears as such when you look at your "Highscore" -- and have both numbers listed (w/ and w/o PUs).

    A further issue could be the "Total Score" and things like Score Addicts, but that's perhaps minor and secondary.
  • Slim, I hadn't even thought of that. Having both numbers, a Power up high score and a Pure high score would be incredible! That way we could keep them seperate.
  • @sparty83 - That's what I proposed at the beginning of this thread...
  • They already have a lightning bolt next to your score if you use a power up when they show you your total after a level. The key is making leaderboards reflect this lightning bolt.
  • Well, I finally 3-* the latest release of Surf and Turf without Power Ups and entered my scores. Per usual, I thought that I did pretty well only to find that I was below average on many games with one probably shortlived high score. Give Rovio credit for trying -- still kick them for the yet-to-be resolved Power Ups question -- and be sure to check the Golden Eggs level for some interesting diversions in the King Pig. I saw a reference to it in the first Apple Store review and happened to chance on it. Open Golden Eggs and you'll see it.
  • The Nest is a fine way to share our opinions but I'd encourage you to also take a minute if you ave not already done so to rate the most recent release in the Apple Store. You'll reach a wider audience and provide another source of input (pro or con) to the developer.
  • I appreciate everyone's well thought out opinions in this thread. I rarely chime into these discussions (for good reason), but this time I definitely want to share that I am in complete agreement.

    I feel that power-ups should yield a completely separate score, or, at the very least, there should be an identifying icon that shows that a power-up was used. The latter wouldn't be as good, but it's better than nothing. This simple addition would maintain the competitive aspect of the game (maybe even increase it) and allow players to retain their original scores. It would also no longer negate the value of the amazing highscore walkthrough videos that e-star and others have take so much time to create.

    I have voiced my opinion about this to Rovio as well. I hope for a positive outcome, but only time will tell.
  • I'd like to add to my previous post that I understand the game needs to evolve so different things will need to come up at various points in its development.

    I'm not sure this will make the game more or less fun (I'm having plenty of fun without power-ups) but anything to make the game more accessible is a great thing for the franchise. Separating scores sounds like it's more left to the player now than the game, and I don't approve of this. If Rovio could incorporate two separate scores in the high score display that would be the best option, I feel. It would give those who've used power-ups incentive to play the level again, same as the ME does, and those who haven't used power-ups can get a separate score when they do decide to use them :)
  • Thanks @birdleader that you do this kind of engagement for us. Please let us know the latest news you get from ROVIO. Hopefully we can looking forward to a happy end!!??

    @hinarei same opinion like you but i think its very hard work again to play all levels again to show a second score with Power Ups!? I only add scores without Power Ups in future!!
  • For, just wish it was less pricey and there were more in-game chances to win power ups. For example, earning three stars or 100% M.E. I also hope next update will separate leader boards (Game Center)
  • @terencerocks
    Yes i think we all hope so!? For me no more fun playing with power ups!!
  • @cc-jolly it's not a problem for me yet but when Android/Play Store get the update I'll investigate the power-ups but won't submit any scores I get from using them.

    It takes effort going back through every level and playing the ME/MD/SE again, isn't it? All right, its less effort than getting the scores without using those special aminals, but I'd figure it'd be less effort getting scores using power-ups too?

    @terencerocks I've only gained Space Eagles by opening the game once a day (save the bonus for completing Utopia) so it doesn't make much difference to me, pricing-wise :)
  • @hinarei
    Yes maybe i will do this also in the future, but not yet because i can`t enter separately scores. So i hope ROVIO plans a new menu for ABO to show 2 Scores (with and without Power Ups) for each level. If i play now, my original scores are deleted :-(
  • I've been offline for about three days now and just caught up on this thread. I think my biggest disappointment is the fact that they released this type of update on their flagship product apparently (and unbelievably) unaware of its impact on people who have played the game for since it was released. The fact that they were so out of touch with how their game was played pretty well guarantees that I am done with Rovio purchases. Why on earth would I purchase another game from them when they feel its totally cool to change the fundamental rules of the game years after its inception? I just simply won't do it.

    Second biggest disappointment: their continued reliance on in-app purchases. I think enough was said about this when the SE fiasco cropped up, so I'm not going to belabor the point here. Just another reason to never purchase their products again. I am not now, nor will I ever be, Rovio's personal cash cow. If others feel differently and spend a boatload of cash on these extras, then good on Rovio, but you can definitely count me out.

    My only decision now is whether to even continue playing the existing games. Jury is still out on that, but I'm not sure what good the ABO leaderboard is anymore. The cat is already out of the bag, and at this point, I'm not sure what the admin and mods here can realistically do. I'm just too cynical to believe that a polite "please don't post PU scores here" will have any meaningful effect. Sure, you can weed out the obvious outliers, but it's the ones that fall just under that "obvious" margin that concern me the most.
  • I don't think Rovio is going to take away power ups, since they sold more power ups already. Refunds will be hard to give. The only thing they can do is what Birdleader said and hope for the best.
  • @bigbrotherbird97
    I don't think ROVIO will add Power Ups for the other Angry Birds Apps/Games. I think ROVIO will think carefully about this Thread. Much Users are annoyed!!
  • I don't know, only time will tell.
  • yes future will tell us more :-)
  • Sadly, I have little hope. As @ChaosTsar indicated, the Space Eagle fiasco is long and distinguished and it is painfully obvious that Rovio not only didn't listen to its customers, but took it to an entirely new level with the introduction of these power ups.

    For the record, I am not against the Power Ups in and of themselves. I can fully understand them wanting to revitalize their franchise and earn more money. It's how they incorporated them and the effects on long standing players and their scores and the penchant for trying to become a perpetual siphon to my wallet that I have issues with.
  • I gave my comment on the first day of this thread, I am against Power Ups in all AB games. But as for adding power ups to other games, I am not sure. They sell bunches of power ups to people who like them, on the other hand they give very satisfaing number of updates yearly for free to all their customers, so if their goal is maximizing (or only growing) revenue they will add power ups to all games. Devoted players would be somewhat dissponted because they can't compare with others on fair base, but still they would keep playing new episodes (well let's say it is addiction, every new episode is better than previous one, you can't simply put them away). I think that "prices" for games are ridiculsusly low, actually "prices" could be considered as fee of support to developer. Packages of power ups are pretty pricely. Of corse that Rovio has developed marvelous marketing and they sell whole bunch of lincesed product and probably that major of their income came from selling other merchandise than game itself.
  • good description @cosmo2503 :-)
  • Against powerups due to being a PC User.
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