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  • I'd like to weigh in and add my disappointment with Rovio. I've never used a power-up and I [email protected] is absolutely right. True, if they had always been there it would be a different matter. But
    they haven't & this changes everything - and not for the better. @E-Star, I am so sorry all your hard work has been nullified. You, who are always there to lend a helping hand to us less talented players (and sometimes to the very talented). @heathen...hope your recommendation is taken seriously and implemented quickly. This is a sorry situation for all of us at the Nest.
  • I agree with @DonnMega don't mess with Seasons. ABO, my favored game is ruined. Let's gard what we can.
  • I wrote earlier but somehow it wasn't posted. Just want to add my support to the Nest & agreement with those who do not want power-ups. I'm very sorry @E-Star that all of your hard work was nullified by this decision. I hope Heathen's letter will be taken seriously by Rovio. Their decision certainly feels like a slap in the face to the Admins who have worked so hard and have been so loyal to Rovio, even if the slap was unintended.
  • Power ups mess up the leader boards. Get rid of them!

    Adults play traditional poker, while children play with wild cards.
  • I 3-starred all without the power ups and found that a few had levels that were challenging to 3-star without the power ups. Kind of the point of the game that has made it so enjoyable for so long!
  • I do like the power ups but I don't like cheating in one level I used the bird quake I think I have a high score but the scores in GC will get a lot worse
  • Well, it appears that the question asked in the title of this thread has been adequately answered.
  • I feel like a three year old who has had her favorite toy taken away. I want to throw my phone at Rovio. I won't be updating any of my other AB games until I can confirm they won't have the stupid power ups. I was so excited to see an update, that I immediately updated. Now all I can think about is the hours upon hours that i have spent in competition that is now pointless. I would have paid for updates, they didn't need to ruin the game. Cut the Rope just did the same thing. I don't understand why these companies are ruining great games just to make more money. I'm willing to spend .99 on a game that is enjoyable, but does Rovio and other gaming companies think that I want to spend all of my hard earned money on a game for my phone? I think they are taking advantage of us and I really wish they would stop doing it. Diner Dash, Cut the Rope, and now Angry Birds. Great games that I have spent so many hours enjoying, that I can no longer play. At least I still have AB space for now :(
  • Rovio, if you are still reading these comments, please DO NOT add power ups to Seasons, Rio or Space. If you need to make more money, then go and create new games that have power ups from the start. As far as I'm concerned, you just sunk your own Flag Ship.
  • I hope the comments on this thread convince them to not mess with any of the other ABs including Seasons, RIO and Space.
  • I really wish they had left ABO without power ups, I liked it the way it was. I wouldn't mind buying a version with power ups, so I could play it both ways but keep the original game pure. So sad, I play for both the fun and competition of getting the score & comparing it to others, I hope you can solve the leaderboard issue. They better leave Space & Rio alone.
  • It just feels like all the hard work of three staring those levels is gone I hope ABN fixs the leader boards and just like other I feel like not playing ABo for a while I am going to play space
  • I am totally against Power ups on ABo. Somehow it twisted the real meaning of the game and like most fans here, it'd make the leaderboard very confusing and difficult to keep. I've never use them at all so far and will not.
  • How do you know that jail broken devices will get unlimited power ups?
  • I'm against the use of power ups that take the eliminate achieving the required points level the normal way, make it like mighty eagle then by all means game on. It takes the fun away of trying to outdo my other half on the scoring front. I'll will have no way of really knowing how she achieved the score if it is only marginally higher than what I've currently got.
  • I am not in favor of the addition of power ups for an established game. @E-Star, I understand your disappointment, but please know that so very many of us are extremely grateful for all of your efforts. I learn so much from your videos.
    Power ups would be fine in a new game, not an existing one. Rovio should have created Super Angry Birds, similar to Super Pac Man in the early 1980's. If I wanted to play with powerups, I would rather purchase a separate game and maintain the integrity of the original AB.
    Thank you to the @admins here for your quick response re: the leaderboards. You guys are great:)
  • I'm somewhat against the powerups, since there's a really hard work being made to 3-star all of it, and power-ups causing me to get stressed out. IMO, they should create an entirely new AB game that is focusing on PUs.
  • ...But i'm glad they didn't put the PUs on the PC version.
  • It is with great sadness I read about the power up-addition. My spirit is somewhat uplifted by all the intelligent comments posted here by other furious users and by the hard work from the admins.

    It is mentioned that Rovio knows about this thread. Have anyone heard anything from Rovio headquarters? Have anyone an idea why Rovio thinks it is a good idea to alienate the hardcore fan base?
  • All - FYI, I am probably one of many who contacted the developers to express concern and disappointment with the fundamental change to an otherwise pure game. I was tactful and received an equally tactful reply (immediately below) which doesn't encourage any hope for an alternative that addresses our main complaint. I will draft a response but want to give it more thought before hitting the 'send' button. Will advise when I hear back. I have already dropped 8 in the rankings but I have no doubt that that's because those pesky better players have once again legitimately beat the most recent release and entered their scores more quickly than I. Add my appreciation to the growing list of thank yous to Admin for their work to date and to those very good and helpful players who have shared their strategies via detailed descriptions and videos -- your time was not wasted on us, we figured that you'd get tired of hearing it every time your insights improved our scores.

    Rovio Support Team, Aug 03 07:29 (EDT):
    Hi James,

    and thank you for contacting us!

    We are sorry to hear that you feel this way. We are always looking to develop our games further and to make fun adjustments with the aim of adding new variations to the playing experience. The power-ups offer an additional element to the game and provide new ways of playing and completing levels for those who wish to use them.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this update may have caused you and we honestly appreciate your feedback and comments. We hope you can still enjoy the game!


    Rovio Support Team
  • Why is everyone so disappointed about the powerups? I understand that they break the leaderboards/scores, but is that really something to complain about? You can still 3-star levels the old fashioned way!
  • @ABFG's got the idea
  • Yes, you can still do it "the old fashioned way", but now because scores using power ups vs not using power ups are one in the same, those that have spent trying to maximize their scoring potential can have it instantly wiped out by someone willing to fork over more money. It's like studying for a test that is very hard, getting a 93 on it, and having the kid next to you buy his 95 and put forth no effort to study...and this time, instead of cheating, it's actually sanctioned.
  • but you would still have the top score that didn't use the power-ups, which is still
    good cause you and others know that no one else could get a better score without using power-ups
  • Actually, the problem is you wouldn't know because they use the same scoring mechanism and it's reported the same...there is no differentiation between the two...therein lies the problem or issue...
  • but you would know, and probably others will to
  • Totally agree with Heathen. With the addition of 15 new Surf and Turf levels, lets say I get a high score on one of the levels without using powerups. That score stays tops for, lets say a week. Then one day, someone beats me by 10 points. Not huge, but enough to knock me off the top spot. There is NO WAY of telling if they used power ups or not. They have the top score which could legitimately be obtained with out power ups but there would be no indication either way.
  • but your still top 5, and if someone beats by 10,00 or something, then there's a good chance they used power-ups
  • I got the exact same response from Rovio, same words.That proves they don't listen to us at all. To bad now I'm really angry. Do they think we are stupid?
  • @ernor63 I think they don't care. The hunger for higher profit blinds their judgement.
  • I'm for power ups in Angry Birds. I can see problems about the high score on the leaderboards being a problem, but here at AngryBirdsNest, they are working hard to work around the problem. Power ups are just a way for people to get help. Maybe they are not pros at angry birds, and they want to 3 star levels without any help. This is what power ups can be used for.
  • finally! i thought i was the only one for them
  • @ernor63 @haddock5 They had listen to us before. When space eagles were new, everyone hated how you had to buy, it was not unlimited. So Rovio sent out an update so that everyday, we can earn a space eagle.
  • @angryboy I already 3 stars all the levels (Thanks to AngryBirdsNest) but I can use power ups to get the score addict achievements. Since score addict achievements are my weakness, I can use power ups to help me the achievements.
  • i'm working on 3-starring, its kinda hard for me, thats great use for the power-ups, just wish they were unlimited
  • also already 3 Stars without Power Ups all levels Surf and Turf!!
  • No offense @bigbrotherbird97 @angryboy but you are struggling with 3-starring levels. I myself have played thousands of hours refining my score point for point, sometimes breaking in to the top ten. My scores are now easily achivable with the power-ups. With no way of telling the difference! This is why so many of us are so upset.
  • if someone beats you by about 100-1,000 they probably didn't us PU's, but if someone beats by 10,00 or something, then there's a good chance they used PU's
  • @angryboy - by your own words, "probably" or "good chance", that means there is nothing definitive, and that's why those that strive for high scores without paid for power ups are upset. Sorry if you don't understand.
  • @wanda thanks, I am just glad it was ABo and Seasons. I spend a lot of time on Abo, but luckily not as much as Seasons. I got sidetracked at The Big Set up part 3 and of course I know my work hasn't been ALL for nothing. I got lots of response of them showing I helped out and I know nothing will last forever. But I would have loved to finish ABo so I would have a complete set of video's of ABo. But I will wait until the storms settles and everything is cleared up. Till then I will be checking my Seasons scores and see if any of you lovely birdies left a new strat after me, so I can record a new video... up my score (always a good thing haha) and serve you guys a video to go along with a written strat. By the time I have revisited all Seasons it will be clear where the road will lead to... a sorted out ABo or otherwise AB Rio... which sounds kinda nice right know *looks outside at the rain* :)

    I just wanted to thank BL and Slim for giving us the platform to respond and communicated about this. It kinda makes it al a little better, knowing I am not the only one. Also the response of you guys really is amazing and personal (unlike the standard response of Rovio, which I think is *blieb*)

  • @estar
    Yes the admins here make really hard and good work. So a big thanks to @amslimfordy and @birdleader.

    I played today the new Surf and Turf Levels. I got 3 Stars in all levels without Power Ups! I hope ROVIO does not add something like that in ABS, ABR and ABSp.

    The new Space Update is available soon, so we will say what ROVIO plans in future!!??
  • angryboy, you assumption that if someone beats my score by 10k then they had to use powerups is not valid for all levels. If you look at my ABO - Mine and Dine Level 16-4, I have the 16th best score and I am off high by 11,490. In the entire Mine and Dine set, I have about 30 scores that are off high by 10k or more and all are 3 star scores. So based on your logic, every one of those levels someone used power ups.

    Depending on the skill of the player, it would be possible to beat my scores without power ups (i.e. a good player) or it would be possible for a bad player to just barely get a 3 star. There is absolutely no way of knowing either way. I have spent very many hours getting my 3 stars on every level that I have played. (thats for all 4 versions).

    The frustrating part is that someone can now start the game, spend very little time (compared to many of us) and just shatter our scores with powerups.
  • but if the record of the user that beat your score is ranked in the 100s then they probably used power-ups
  • @angryboy - your logic is flawed. Plain and simple. Don't mean to hurt your feelings, but that's just the way it is. It's obvious that you don't understand, care, or a combo of both. No hard feelings, but there are those that feel cheated because all the effort can be rendered moot to someone who just ponies up some money.
  • Sorry Angryboy, not sure what you mean by "but if the record of the user that beat your score is ranked in the 100s then they probably used power-ups". My overall Angry Birds ranking is 81. Of the episodes, the only one I am in the top 100 is Mine and Dine (currently 84). All the others I rank lower than the top 100. I have 3 starred every level. I have Score Addict for every episode that has one.

    With the addition of power ups, I can see the possibility of someone getting better scores than me on numerous levels and not being able to tell if they used power ups or not. Like I stated above, there are about 30 levels where I am off high by 10k or more. If I spent more time on those levels, I could improve my scores. (I play on an Android so power ups are not available to me right now). I already have spent numerous hours, too many to count, to get where I am. Now, with power ups, someone can better my scores, not neccessarily by a huge amount and pass over me in the leaderboards. Again, thats the frustrating part. All the time some users, myself included, have spent trying to improve scores just to have a new "feature" make most if not all of that work meaningless.
  • I will say now that I've not installed the latest update yet ( guess it's not yet available on Android). When I do, I will not use power-ups on any levels until I can enter scores on here.

    I'd be all for this if the game kept separate scores, but I'm guessing by the reaction in here that it doesn't, and as such I would like to add my voice to the chorus of disapproval.

    The Eagles/Dragons/Space Eagles I have no problem with, since they are demonstrably separate to the score total, and you have a specific "completion" rate listed.

    Speaking as someone who's got his scores and very sore thumbs by playing this game without power-ups, I am in favour of the leaderboard being revamped in order to keep a distinction between scores achieved by using power-ups and by not using power-ups.

    Power-ups are not unlimited (limited only by time and cash, but still...), but this now means that there is potential for better scores and level clearances when using them. While stating honorable intent on the internet is pointless, I don't think I'll even use these power-ups, given the choice. I don't like the idea of my scores being artificially boosted, after having to play the game without them. If they'd been in since I started playing, I might of course think differently.
  • @CCjolly a worldwide campaign against PU's!?!?
  • Yes i want to say that Power Ups kills the real scores !!
  • technically they are real score, just easy to get scores
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