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  • i would like to say happy anni!
  • I'm playing the new levels and find the very fun and challenging. Putting in time trying to 3-star them, then suddenly thinking...what's the point? Someone else is going to just give up and use a power-up and my time and effort is wasted. Maybe I should just get back to work...

    Then it dawned on me. All those millions of frustrated ABo players will go back to work! This is Rovio's way to increase productivity and stimulate the economy! If we all stop playing their game maybe we will do something more productive with our time. Maybe I'll then make enough money to buy my way to the top of the leader board someday.
  • woah....lets not get carried away
  • Not fair for veteran. That power up image already got in v2.1.0.
    Are there is in app purchase and unlimited use? If yes, PC?
    AB original no more original.
  • The reason Rovio does not care about us, dedicated players is because we are a minority. There is only a couple of thousands players on ABN leaderboards, while there are millions of casual AB players. These latest things Rovio introduced that upset us (space eagle, powerups) are aimed at a casual player and will bring Rovio millions in revenues.
  • I guess I never really stated if I was for or against them (but I'm guessing you can tell by my comments)

    I am most definately AGAINST the powerups in ABO!
  • Just so everyone is aware, Rovio has been made aware of this thread. And just to play Devil's advocate with @annach, Rovio does indeed care about its veteran players. We suspect they may take @heathen's suggestion to heart.
  • Slim, I really-really hope you are right.
  • I consider it a bad idea for muddling scores (love to see "power up free" leader boards vs power up leader boards). It is excellent business decision for Rovio for raking in the money (ahem - increasing business revenue) so addicts will spend more than 99 c/game plus 99 c for the eagle. Instead, they'll keep spending and spending.

  • If there's one thing people never seem to learn.. is that when you become complacent, you begin to make mistakes. All it takes is one poor judgment call, and you risk the chance of things not recovering .. or at least not back to the point where it all started. Power ups within the original versions.. are not necessary. I know it's a revenue generating issue, that way for FB.. but was handled very poorly. And since we all know, no one is told about upcoming updates or releases.. we can surely speculate that Rovio has plenty of time to do the research on a decision of this magnitude. If you want more revenue, continue developing the franchise.. continue to expand the many versions we know could become AB... not by shooting holes into the boat you have now and expect it to stay afloat! Personally, I do not use powerups when competing on FB.. I use them in the old versions of AB that are there just for fun.. but I back those that have put time into being on the leaderboards.. and hopefully something can be done about the impending disaster.
  • Ive read ideas saying these power up scores should go in the FB section. I dont think this should be encouraged as they are not necessarily the same layouts/stabilities etc

  • Joy can turn to sorrow so quickly. An ABO update? Of course I downloaded immediately! Then I opened it and felt like I had been stabbed in the back. Revenue issue? I would gladly pay for each update. But changing the gameplay in the middle? I call a foul, and demand drug testing for players! Heathen's solution has merit, make power ups a separate option, like the ME. Until then, I'm done with ABO.
  • To Rovio:

    Dear Sirs,

    It has come to my attention that you are aware of this thread on this board. I hope that you find this and take what I have to say to heart.

    You are alienating your most fanatical players, and that is not in your best interest. It has become apparent that you are making business decisions without fully thinking things through and how they will impact your true fans and your long term financial bottom line. While your changes may positively impact your short term future, it's your long term future that may be in jeopardy. Your recent decision to make Space Eagle a per use charge, and now a per use charge for Power Ups in today's release are prime examples of how you are attempting to have a permanent reach into our wallets. The true fans already see this for what it's worth and the percentages of those that fall prey to your pricing scheme I would be willing to bet is less than you would think, and over time, those that see no problem initially paying will soon do the same and simply quit playing and find other avenues to spend their discretionary income to maximize value.

    You may also see the true rabid "fans" as the minority and think that loosing us and gaining a few to make up for our losses will still have you come out ahead. What I think you fail to realize is that it is the rabid fans that get others hooked (or dissuade them as the case may be) while the casual fan rarely if ever gets others onto a game.

    Also, take notice. While I was not involved in this potential transaction, it has been reported that you scoffed at a potential buy from Zynga because you were wary of their financials. Look behind those financials and the reason why you were wary to begin with: They rely HEAVILY on Facebook in and of itself, and they also try to instill a perpetual hook into your wallet just as you are attempting to do now. Notice that they didn't report the best financial results recently and the outlook doesn't look as super rosy as was once's more realistic and far below what was originally thought when those hooks were cast into everyone's wallet.

    Those that don't study history are doomed to repeat it.
  • @catsnbirds I hope you stay with us. We are working on it.
  • I am also done with ABO, not with Seasons and the rest... So until they change that, I am certainly not done with this warm nest ABN where we can share are concerns :)
  • We are working on the leaderboard issue actively.
  • @AMslimfordy I'm not leaving the Nest, just not competing on ABO until it's (hopefully) sorted out. Meanwhile, I'll be in space with an occasional visit to the challenge. And, as always, lurking...
  • @heathen and @amslimfordy
    Oooooh i hope i have nothing done with this Thread. But i think you Stay by my side !? :-(
  • I'm wondering if Rovio looked at the ratio of users who purchase power-ups verses those who don't for AB Facebook and decided that if they could get the same percent of phone/tablet/etc users to purchase power-ups, it would be a windfall for them?
    As someone else mentioned, once you make your initial $.99 purchase for the game, Rovio no longer sees any income from that game. And Android versions are free, although there is in game advertising. I can't blame a company for trying to increase it's revenue, after all, that's what a company is formed to do, make money. I just wish if they were going to offer the option to purchase power ups, they would have created a whole NEW app and left the original alone.
  • I totally agree with sparty83 above.
  • @heathen
    Thanks for this Text on this Thread. I use the Google Translater and read it in German. Well done, i can`t write it better!!
  • Don't get me wrong. I'm not against them making money...Notice I haven't resorted to flinging out (pun intended) the "greed" card. It's just that I feel that trying to latch a perpetual vacuum to my wallet isn't the answer...perhaps a more reasonably priced permanent Power Up...say $2.99 for unlimited use of a particular Power Up, or a pack of 4 for $12.99. They would still need to discriminate scores for using power ups vs not using them.
  • ... yes but not for future :-) @SMBB
    i dont think i will buy a further AB App or something else ROVIO create!! The Power Ups are in my eyes hacks!!

    Rovio says buy buy and
    i say bye bye
  • @SuicideSolution, you have articulated my sentiments exactly. What a sad day. Hopefully, ABN Admin comes up with a good Leaderboard solution. Otherwise it is on to other games I have purchased until Rovio destroys them too.
  • Yes you`re right @hector
  • I really can't believe they did this!!! It's terrible news! How about we all just agree not to use them and only enter in scores on the leaderboard with out "Power-Ups" I'm sure @amslimfordy and BL are coming up with a plan and hopfully seperate leaderboard for those that want to use them and keep them off our already existing original leaderboards... "Power-Ups" free. Let me please add, no hurry to you wonderful Admins on making a seperate leaderboard for "Power-Ups". I feel very bad for all the wonderful admins right now and want to THANK YOU in advance for caring enough to try and come up with a solution to this disasterous situation Rovio has placed upon us all.

    I know you are thinking, "Yeah, right, people will cheat and put their power up scores in"...

    HOWEVER, this ABN website has pretty much always been based off integrity and faith and trust in the members to put their "real" scores on the leaderboards and for the most part everyone keeps it real, so if we look at it like this, perhaps it doesn't have to change for us die hard competitive AB junkies that brought us here in the first place. Before this update, we all played our best and post our scores and there have and always will be those few "cheaters" that enter in ridiculous scores which is why we have the "Leaderboard Guardian" Badge so going forward, if we all just play with out Power-Ups, and enter our scores in, if members put a questionable score on the leaderboard then why can't we just flag them as usual and have the Admins request proof just like we've always done and use their best judgment on whether or not they think it is a valid "Non Power-Up" score. It can be left up to an "Admin's judgement call" based off the member's merit and past integrity and history, etc. Also, is there a way to tell on a screenshot if a "Power-Up" was used? probably Not! I mean will it show one missing in the top left frame? Probably not or cheaters will just buy a new one to replace it...

    I know it's not the ideal answer but again, all though it's not ideal, it is pretty much no different then the trust we've always placed in our members to do the honest thing!!! If someone really wants to cheat that bad and claim Top Score with no "power-ups" then SHAME ON THEM and I can't see what gratification they would get from this knowing it was done by "cheating" if we so choose to stick together and request our existing leaderboards be "Power-Up" free. (For those that want them, there can be a seperate leaderboard for Power-Ups) Remember, there has always been those few cheaters and hackers out there...they know who they are and usually, so do we!!! That doesn't have to change if we don't let it!!! So I say we keep the "Power-Ups" off our leaderboards, remain honest as we always have and in the end I think we can be our own judge to whether or not someone has put a "Power-Up' score in. It's just something to think about as there doesn't seem to be a perfect way to fix what has now been already broken by Rovio. Please @all, let me know your thoughts?!?
  • Dear Rovio:

    First, thank you for making a game that has provided hours upon hours of fun and wonderful interactions. I appreciate that you are running a business and do want to maximize revenue streams and channels to support your efforts. We will all benefit by a healthy and profitable Rovio.

    As has been made clear by this fabulous forum, one of your most dedicated groups of customers is unsatisfied by your decision to retro-fit Angry Birds Original with power-ups. I am pleased to learn that you are working with the leaders of this forum to gather information and consider solutions. I am hopeful a solution will be found. Were it in my power I would invite you to take advantage of the knowledge and dedication of ABN to inform future decisions of this magnitude. I'm not sure what form that support would take, but I bet the members of ABN would be able to provide many ideas.

    I suspect the resources that could be made available to you via ABN are a marketers dream. I hope I can speak for the members here when I say we would be happy to help. Please take advantage of this tool to empower your company to make the best decisions in your new paradigm.

    Your company has been launched from obscurity into a wildly popular platform worldwide. Your decisions are now going to be heavily scrutinized and criticized by a much wider audience and, as we all know, it is impossible to satisfy everyone. Perhaps there are many out there who are pleased by your decision to include power-ups in Angry Birds original. Perhaps financially it will contribute to Rovio's top and bottom line. Perhaps not. These are the gambles we make as business leaders. And as business leaders it is a responsibility to use all available resources to make the best decisions.

    Thank you for your consideration and the time and effort you are investing to resolve this issue.

    I have a number of ideas that would make money for Rovio. Can't wait to see the new forum thread titled "suggestions for Rovio to make more money without alienating customers."
  • @angryadvisor and @ suicidesolution thanks for thinking the same :-)
  • I would like to add that I can't understand how the new "Power-Ups" would be great fun for anyone? I mean really, we already had the ME and SE...The only differnce between "Power-Ups" and say ME is instead of "100% Total Destruction" appearing on your screen, you will now still get "Total Destruction" except with a score attrached. How silly is that? If we wanted simply to destroy the whole level with minimal startegies, then play ME or SE!!! Same end result with out the gratification of thinking through the levels. How very sad ;-(
  • AngryAdvisor, I think you may be mistaken about the power ups. They are used in the game along side the flinging of the birds to kill pigs for higher scores. They are not the same as the ME or SE which help clear a level (with no score) or get the feather for complete desctruction of the level.
  • i played 5 Levels since now of the new update, i got in each Level 3 Stars and that could be no probleme for any user. I play without Power Ups. I send them back to ROVIO :-)
  • I will also add since I just read that Rovio may see this thread. PLEASE don't ruin Season's, Rio and Space for us. PLEASE, we beg of you!!! I really loved AB before finding this wonderful Angrybirdsnest website, but what kept me coming back was the sheer competetion among the members, the creativety and trying to come up with different strategies to improve scores. It brings a whole different sceanrio to your wonderful games. This website has only deepend my enjoyment of your games for these reasons and more. Perhaps going forward you could make a complete seperate app for those that enjoy Power-Ups, but please don't add anymore to the already existing brilliant games.
  • I have to agree with the majority here. I've played around with power-ups on facebook & they're fun, but I still prefer the purity of the game without. There's a great deal of satisfaction in executing the perfect shot.
    Thank you @AA for articulating so well the general atmosphere of honesty & fairness that exists amongst the members of ABN.
    And we can have faith that the genius minds of Slim & BL will find a solution to keep the leaderboards fair. So many of us live for the competition of the leaderboards, so they will find a way.
  • I have just spent the last ½ hour reading all of the posts and I am in agreement with the majority - I don't like the addition of the power-ups. I updated ABO this morning, took one look and went back to Utopia. The idea of a separate score when a power-up is used is a very good one that I hope Rovio takes to heart.
  • @ph
    But you have to play the whole ABO Episodes again for seperate Power Up Scores, that take also a long time again. I am looking forward to delete Power Ups from ABO and hope for new Episodes!!

    I find it no probleme for Angry Birds Facebook!!
  • @sparty83, I know this. I was trying to make a point that it takes the whole fun of trying to "stratigize" each level. I just meant what fun is basically destroying a level with Power-Ups...with out much thought...if you want to pulmarize a level, then get your enjoyment from total destruction form the ME. I meant it like there isn't as much skill involved and you might as well count on clearing the level with out the same effort, ya know..not nearly as gratifying. In other words, you will definately most likely destroy the level, with a score instead of 100%...I was just venting really ;-)
  • No problem AA, guess I may have just mis-read your previous post. And I totally agree that there is less skill involved getting high scores using power ups. (see my post earlier about poached eggs level 1-2)
  • @sparty88, I read it and as you know, totally agree. I think we were making the same point ;-)
  • If Rovio is truly monitoring this thread than I will hold out hope that they will resolve these issues.

    Though it might be a small group of players that are as dedicated/obsessed with AB compared to the masses that play it, we are the first to champion the game to players who play casually or who unfamiliar to it. We are Rovio’s voice and their biggest supporters. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely disappointed this afternoon when the update hit the appstore and the realization of power-ups had come to ABO.

    I was really into Rio at the beginning and posted some very good scores. Then I started to hear about birds being "double counted" and then Higgins (one of the best Rio players on the planet) posted that it happened to him. That was the end of my desire to try and score hunt in Rio. If players that were not even looking to cheat their scores were able to then I lost all faith in the scoring of that game. My fear is I will ultimately have the same feeling about ABO.

    PLEASE don’t mess with Seasons.

  • @donnmega
    yes i think ROVIO have to read a lot on this thread :-)
  • I personally will not replay using power-ups and I did not play the FB levels. I enjoy the game as is. Just trying to get my scores above the averages posted here at ABN keeps it interesting and I still have a way to go to achieve that goal.
  • Not uploading any more updates (at all) until this is resolved (one way or the other) in case I get unwanted additions. I will just look to better my score with my current versions and compete against myself instead of my fellow ABN flingers. Loss of income for Rovio right away and I certainly won't be uploading 'Alex' or any other Rovio games in protest.

    Power Ups seem to be another game altogether (had not heard of them until now - I don't do facebook).
  • i think over 90% in this Thread are against that, so i hope now ROVIO find a solution for this i will say "probleme"
  • I could have lived with the power ups, had they been restricted to the Surf & Turf levels, since that's where they originated on facebook. But now, too many of us now face the utter invalidation of all that we've put into AB to achieve our individual scores.

    To Rovio I ask that they patch this update to do as I suggest above. I'd hate to see what far too many regard as a mistake be the beginning of the end for the franchise.
  • scoring with and without powerup has to be separated, I hope Rovio will make a move soon to make a difference!
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