For or Against Power UPS in Angry Birds Original/Seasons/Rio/Space/Star Wars!? Page 15
  • Space, Star Wars, and Seasons are separated. ABo we expect will be next -- the scores are logged separately, just not displayed separately at the moment.

    Unfortunately, a friend of mine said that Rio's coding currently does not log the scores separately; bummer.
  • But slim, when PU out on first update of ABO there is no lighting icon when using PU, how sure score is log separately?

    Until now i never touch a PU on all apps.
  • @pjng

    Yes that is the same i want to know. I don't see seperate Scores in Original, Seasons, Rio and Star Wars!?
  • ABo: Logged separately but not displayed separately.
    ABS: Most recent update adds display distinction. By default, your "clean" score is displayed. To view your PU score, you must activate a PU.
    ABR: To my knowledge, not logged separately, and therefore doomed.
    ABSp: Same as Seasons.
    ABSW: Most recent update adds display distinction. Both your clean and PU highscores show simultaneously during gameplay.
  • The only difference between Space and Seasons is that Space puts an ugly little lightning bolt icon on any level you use a power-up on. I wish they would remove that. Also, Seasons doesn't have a seperate Power-up total score.
  • Okay good to know @amslimfordy

    Thanks very much for information!,
  • I guess power ups were inevitable for all versions, but in my opinion, the ONLY one that got it right is Star Wars. (the mobile version, not facebook) It shows both power up and non power up scores on both the episode selection and most importantly, on the individual levels.

    With both scores shown in the individual levels, there is no confusion if a score was pure or aided. Rovio needs to implement this system on ALL versions. (although it appears that Rio is doomed)
    @amslimfordy, do you or anyone else know which got power ups first, Seasons or Rio? If it was Seasons, then, again, in my opinion, Rovio dropped the ball with Rio.
  • Not to mention, ABSW also has separate leader boards in Game Genter for each episode with and without power-ups.
  • @sparty83 Order was ABo, Space, Rio, Seasons, SW -- if I recall correctly. Yes, Rio was a lapse if my source is correct.

    And yes, SW is the best system. Tell Rovio so!!!! I encourage everyone to. PUs are here to stay but if they know the public likes _____ then maybe they will do that display universally.

    @GreenImperial That's OK for some games, but others (ABo & Seasons) are already full (or very close to it) and therefore cannot add ANY leaderboards.
  • I wish I could have Power ups, but as I understand it they're not available to PC users, too bad.
  • If you were a part of all the PU stuff, you would be grateful not to have them.
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