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  • The only benefit I've had from the PUs is that when I have lost my saved progress when changing phones (before I knew how to properly transfer saved data) I used them to blow through all the levels again easily for 3 stars just so I had the satisfaction of looking at all levels 3 starred.

    But then again this wouldn't be a problem is they would make a way to save your progress in the game like every other game released since the mid 1980s. Rovio needs to set their priorities straight. I had been a weekly Facebook tournament player all the way up to last week. Forget it im done with that and this was by far the longest it took me to complete all Rio, Original, & Seasons releases. I just didn't have the urge to play.

    What's happening to me???????
  • @lostgreybird -- Are you done just with facebook, or all of AB? I hope you stay around to play at least the levels that aren't polluted by PUs. So far there are no PUs in Seasons, and Space only has the SE, and ABSW the MF that you have to pay for, but you get one SE a day, sort-of. Hope we can all continue to enjoy AB, but it is getting depressing to compete when you suspect the average is being driven by the use of PUs. Not to mention, I just found out that Chrome and Google plus players have an unfair advantage in some episodes of ABO because they have more powerful birds.
  • @estar- My crystal ball says that power ups will be included in next Seasons update. We will probably have three standard ones suitable for each episode and special one related to special episode (something we have already seen in AB friends Haloween and Winter Season tournaments). It is sad but true.
    Next update will probably be for AB Space and as we saw there will be new achievements for power ups score addicted. I just wonder if you are going to play all levels again with power ups just to get achievement? HJow many power ups will you need and how much that satisfaction will cost? i think that would be the most expensive achievement of all games that I have in GC and I have 60.
  • @cosmo2503 It's not just your crystal ball, but my gut tells me the same. I wrote Rovio my story and my fear asking them if they can tell me when the dark day for Seasons will come. I did this on December 19th, haven't had any response ever since and wrote them today again saying I was disappointed in them for leaving the hardcore fans in the cold with no answers. Probably won't hear anything until the update is done :(

    I am not even sure if I will keep playing as they have destroyed the fun for me in the game, but I wil NEVER use a power up in my life that is for sure. There is nothing I hate more than greed and the Power Ups stand for Greed in my eyes, nothing more. I understand companies need to make money, but to turn your back to the most dedicated fans that have brought them the status they have now really breaks my heart. So no I will never use any Power Ups for any achievement out there. I only have 58 of the 58 achievements anyway, I think it's because I don't have the latest Game Centre (still on iOS5). But I can't update because there is no Jailbreak (and there for no Display Recorder to record my game play) and I want to be able to keep making the video's for all the birdies trying to achieve a high score. So I guess the achievements are not the driving force for me anyway.

    I guess I will try to have as much fun as I can in Seasons and await the dreaded day the PU's are implemented in there as well. :(
  • @estar I hope you will still have joy in playing Angry Birds games although power ups hurt all „hardcore“ players. I completely understand how much effort it took you to b get your rank in GC and now someone willing in spending on powerups can beat you. That's sad... Achievements that could be bought are such dissapointment and I will never agree to pay for them. So to say I will not purchase any power ups in upcoming Space update only to get new achievements for episodes that I have already finished. I already got all achievements in ABO and AB Space, I don't have all achievements in ABSW as I don't want to spend on MF to get stars for all episodes and I don't have new achievements in Rio. Empty places for new achievements in Space will make me sort of dissapointed and sad but I am not going to pay 100s of dollars to get them. We have over 200 levels in Space and completing each one with pups would probably neeed at least one per level, trying different strategies could cost even thousands.
    I also hope you will continue to record yopur videos as your You tube chanal is one of my favorite and your video is very first that I search when trying to improve my scores.

  • @estar

    I also contacted ROVIO for a while. I have waiting for an answer for nearly One month. They wrote back a Short text. I think they weren't really interesting of their Fans!!

    I gave up all my hope. I think we will see the Pups soon in all Games of Angry Birds :-(

    Cheers CC :-)
  • @esta and @ccjolly maybe if you had encouraged them for implementing power ups they would have answered quickly just to make you happy being first to know about their intentions :-) But you were complaining and they didn't find it necessery to give you any sort of answer. Sadly :-)
    And for all those who think that money matter (i.e. paying for pups) is our main complain against pups, they can't be more wrong. I am always willing to pay for game and even for its special levels and features as IAP but I am (like most of us here on ABN) very dissapointed that players who are willing to pay more have more chances to obtain higher scores. If pups were something like ME, purchased once for unlimited use I would buy package and woldn't need any freebies. They could be used like ME usage for passing level, like one usage per hour or so. Using pups is like spending 50 dollars in half an hour just for playing. Not very nice, actually very greading from developer.
    We all know that making money is the main short term goal for each company, but making and keeping satisfied customers is more important, otherwise they will eventually lost their place at market.
  • @mvnla2 I do plan to keep playing the mobile versions. I'm not a score person I just like to play every level ever created for 3 stars. Web included. So I was pulling myself to Facebook each week for the tournament and didnt mind it until the Star Wars Facebook tourney. Those crystals turned me off of my completionist attitude for all games because I just can't justify sitting there waiting for my crystals to replenish trying to complete a level. So I just decided to write off my whole attitude of 3 starring any level ever created.
  • @mvnla2

    In future i see Power Ups in all Angry Birds Games but i hope for changes !!!

    So we have to hope best for future. Because last time i am not motivated to Play Angry Birds, Most time i stay here on NEST :-)
  • @e-star be careful saying you won't play anymore or else @frozndevl will troll you! I mentioned a week or two ago that I would be put off playing anymore if power ups were introduced, I admit I am a leader board whore, that is what gives me the buzz of addiction, and I was slated. I don't want to see my 'honest' and time consumingly achieved high scores beaten by power ups. I only play seasons since pus in other ab games.
    Ps your videos have helped me many, many times thank you!!!
  • I hope that the scores can be distinguished between PowerUp Scores and those without. I'm going through all my scores and trying to at least beat the average...
  • @Cc, saddens me to hear Rovio also didn't get back at you. Sigh...
    @Cosmo I totally agree, it's not really the money I have to pay to play the fair game. If they just asked money for a update I would be happy to pay money for it. It's the way the great a difference in the scores by money. sure I understand if someone can't afford an update they miss out on the scores, but of they couldn't afford an update (for like what 0,50 cents or something) the sure are not going to be able to pay for the PU's. But in that senario the high scores would mean something. Lots of options fot Rovio to make money, so sad they didn't listen
    @MULTIMILLIONAlRE Not sure who @frozndevl is and what trolling means, care to explain what I am in for if I do decide to stop playing the game hahaha... cause I am not sure what you mean with "and I was slated", Sorry English isn't my native language, so help a Dutch girl out ;)
  • Sandini That would be on of the best options yes, but all the different Good senario's where mentioned already when they implemented the PUs in ABO... so I guess Rovio couldn't or wouldn't implement one of our solutions seeing they went a head with the same tactics in Rio.
  • @sandini, I think that @chirpy43 was 100% right saying he is doubt that Rovio had any intentions to distinguish high scores between those with pups and those without them. As she/he nicely said "Rovio sells success to the highest bidder". I also seriously doubt that players who pay for power ups want that to be clearly distingush on the public leaderbroads like one in GC.
    @all Do you think that levels in upcoming updates will be created that difficult that they can't be three stared without power ups? Somehow I have that feeling...
  • @cosmo2503

    When this Situation come i stop playing Angry Birds definately. Before they do this i prefer a system like in BP where you can get only three Stars without a Score :-)
  • @cosmo2503 Rovio has said that all of their levels will be "3-star-able" without power ups.
  • @amslimfordy, yes they are so far, I just wonder if they will be in future updates. Anyway, you people from ABN are my hope for hard levels, someone will always be able to figure out hao to three star level no matter how difficult it is.
  • @cosmo2503 I couldn't agree more. It's not the money that matters, it's the change to the mechanics of the game that is important. I hope that all future levels will be beatable without power-ups...

    If you're going to introduce a new feature into something that's already well-established, keep it as separate as possible. I would have been fine with power-ups if they'd been in the game to start off with, and perhaps if I hadn't joined here to record my scores and just been happy with playing the game I wouldn't have a problem with them at all.

    Allow people to progress through the game with power-ups, but have two different scores. ME's perfect. Percentage scores, separate from normal scores, but it doesn't get you three stars and help you progress through the game.

    The thing that gets me is that there doesn't seem to be a consistent narrative through Rovio's changes. Why make ABO and ABR different when you're introducing power-ups into both games? Why not include a standard off switch?
  • New Pig Dipper video says "All New Powerups"!!!!!!
  • I really hope the have figured out how to differentiate (sp?) scores used with and without power ups. They really need to address this issue.
  • @sparty83 That's what I looked for in the vid, but no scores are visible. We will see.
  • Slim, I warched it twice. First just to see what it looked like then i wondered about scores and had to watch it again. Would have been nice if they would have shown the scores.
  • Let's hope that power ups in AB Space will be optional add ons and not essential tool to three star level. That bird multiplication and explosive bird seems like very essential feature, maybe it wouldn't be possible to complete those levels (or more precise to get3 stars) without using power ups
  • @cosmo2503

    Yes we can only hope that. I think we will see soon :-)
  • Scores are differentiated in Space power-ups! I'm FOR in space!
  • I know that they really don't have to give us anything for free but they give a package of three free pups for start instead of 5 as for Rio and Original, not even enough to try them.
    @angrybirdsspacemaster, good to hear that. I haven't tried pups in space, I am a bit stingy to spend money on them and yet I think that those 3 for free are not enough just for trying.
  • @Angrybirdsspacemaster How are the differentiated??? I see how the lightning bolt comes up on your score when you use them. But once the level is complete there is no maker showing you. For example I finished a level with 5,000 points no powerups. I then completed it with powerups and now my Highscores is 6,000 with no lightning bolt or anything to show the difference. As far as I can see this is exactly what they've been doing in the other games. What am I missing?
  • @lostgreybird it seems that nothing is changed. That's bad news. never mind power ups, I wonder if you liked this update. You were one who suggest watter activities in Space.
  • @cosmo, lostgreybird, it's very different scoring, they have both leaderboard for regular and PU. but sadly it looks like they don't show the PU scores after you completed a level with PUs, it only show the non-PU scores
  • I love the update. The water took a few times to get used to but once you figure it out you feel extra creative when you finish the levels.
  • @angryboy and @Angrybirdsspacemaster, are you both referring to Game Center? I am on android and we don't have an equivelant (sp?).

    I tried one level with power ups. When the level completed it did show a lightning bolt next to the score. Then I hit replay. When I went back into the level, it showed my power up assisted high score but it did not show the lightning bolt (this was while I was playing the level over again)

    So for android, there isn't really and differentiation after you play the level if power ups were used or not. It only appears on the Level Completed screen.
  • So far I tried it on my android phone, I will try on iPad ronight. On phone there is not clearly shown top scores that distinguish ones with and without power ups. Only top score is shown, no matter is it obtained with pup.
    @angryperson I believe that ipad (iOS) screen shows distinguished scores.
  • @sparty i meant GC and in the game
  • Hey Angry Birds Space Update out now. Does anyone use the Pups. Is their a changing??
  • Okay I see what your saying. If you go in to gamecenter there is a "Powerups Total Score in Cold Cuts" and a "Total Score in Cold Cuts". I guess it's a start, they really just need to differentiate it for each level though.
  • i do(once i buy more), their is a changing
  • What do you know about the changings @angryboy
  • it's different on GC, thru don't show the PU scores on the level
  • Ok that's good Thing. An is there also a different colour of scores when you use Pups in a Level. That would be cool for the Leaderboards here on NEST :-)
  • I think that @amslimfordy clearly explain how scores are distinguished for iOS, I still don't know what about android scores and how totals will be shown on main screen.
  • Since Space scores are distinguished, I'm all for power-ups in Space, Seasons, and Star Wars... (if they're distinguished)
  • Considering all the negative comments on this post about the way PU were handled I feel obligated to show some appreciation now that we know we've been heard. Thanks Rovio for making PU scores different.
  • @lostgreybird -- agreed. Still not a fan of their pricing model and still will not be using power-ups, but I am sincerely appreciative that they have found a way to keep those scores separate.
  • Now they need to implement this in AB and Rio!
  • @sparty83

    Is there a possibility that they change that also for Rio and Original?? Because many users used already Pups. So the scores which are played right now shows as normal scores in GC!?
  • Hello, I am new here. fan of this website. is there a way to earn a powerup? is it like earning a mighty eagle? you get more eagles as you gain more points?
  • @cc jolly, I think slim did some research and found that there might be a possiblility of being able to seperate the pup from the non pup scores. Nothing set in stone, but it may be possible.

    @wee-g, in the previous versions, ABO and AB:Rio, you earned 1 power up per day. I'm not sure at this point how they are going to do it for Space. Space used to reward you with one Space eagle each day, but I think I read that it will be included in the random power up rewards.

    Will just have to wait an see, i guess.
  • You get a power up or a Space Eagle.
  • Or the "Ultimate Daily Reward" of five Space Eagles
  • I am pretty happy with the power ups seperated from the non-power up scores if they could add that feature to ABO and ABR I think that would be really great.
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