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  • ...and now they're in Seasons.:(
  • This is certainly a very contentious subject. I personally don't like the PU's but there is nothing any of us can do. Their job is to find new ways to make money so they can stay profitable and continue to give us great games like AB. Nobody can argue that! I would like to see both high scores displayed at the end of a level so if there is any question of somebody's high score, the screenshot would prove or disprove wether that score was obtained with a PU. It would definitely help with the integrity of the "high" score but still doesn't help with the average score unless columns were aded for PU scores. Just one man's opinion.
  • Powerups in Seasons.


    I quit playing this game.

    Bad Piggies will be my last chance.
  • Interesting tweetversation with Peter Vesterbacks sheds some light on lack of distinction between PU and non-PU scores:
    Interesting. Makes me feel a little better.
  • @danimario9

    Yes it seems Rovio loves the money aaaaaah but positive is that we have 8 New Levels !!
  • I plan on re-analyzing data files to determine their treatment of PU and "clean" scores. Give me a few days and ill report back.
  • @amslimfory

    That sounds good !!!
  • @danimario9 Star Wars doesn't have PUs :)
  • @birds it wouldn't stay for a long. ABSW for FB has PUs and we can expect similar for mobile game in near future, probably in next update. Good thing is that we can expect scores would be differented way they are in ABSp.
  • @birds

    But it take no longer time we see them also in STW :-(
  • Can someone pls give me the "no PU sign"? Thanks.
  • @Chriss -- Ask @E-Star and visti the BP, since I'm hoping Rovio will notice all the BW avatars in the BP (I told them about protest). First you need to post high-res copy of avatar in your album.
    @all -- Please join protest in the BP. Use a photo-editing SW program to turn avatar BW (there are some suggestions in BP if you don't have one), and ask E-Star to attach no PU sign. I suppose if tons of people do this, she might stop.
  • More conversation with Rovio's Mighty Eagle, Peter Vesterbacka
    @MVNLA 14 Mar
    @pvesterbacka To protest no distinction of PU and non-PU scores, lots of ABN members have turned their avatars BW…

    Peter Vesterbacka @pvesterbacka
    @MVNLA hear you loud and clear
  • More twitter conversation:
    MVNLA @MVNLA 14 Mar
    @AngryBirds Ignore GC and provide a distinction between PU and non-PU scores. You can send either to GC. No one cares, since GC is hacked
    Angry Birds @AngryBirds
    @MVNLA Will pass along as promised
  • @mvnla2: What does BP mean?
  • @mvnla2 The BP? What is it? Please excuse my ignorance.
  • @Chriss and @danimario9 -- The BP is the Bloated Pig forum, where E-Star can be usually found. She lives in the Netherlands, so right now she is at work (I think). This daylight savings in US, none in Europe yet, has got me confused.
  • maybe BP is a forum thread, the bloted pig.
  • Here's a link to the start of the tweetversation with Peter Vesterbacka about intro of PUs in Seasons:
  • Just got home @mvnla2, just after 6 over here :D
    And @chriss and @danimario9 the BP is indeed a forum thread where Nesters can chat about just about anything and meet new people. I am like mvnla mentioned usually to be found there. I read all comments made in there (and here, as well as a couple of other forum threads and just about every seasons walkthrough page ... Hahahha)

    Chriss I will get to your avatar right after dinner, first a cup of coffee and relax to get ready for the weekend :)
  • On page 22 of the News and Rumors thread, this was stated:

    @pvesterbacka How can you! PUs added to another AB game with no distinction between PU and non PU scores. ABN members in mourning.
    Peter Vesterbacka @pvesterbacka
    @MVNLA Apple restriction on number of leaderboards. We will need to do bigger overhaul at some point.

    Ok, I will admit that being an Android player, I have absolutely no clue about Game center leaderboards, how many can be created for a given app or even how many items may be in a given leaderboard. But after reading that, I did some number crunching.

    Power ups came to AB:O in August 2012 with the release of V 2.2.0. With that release there were 8 episodes with a total of 348 levels. I'm guessing that each episode requires 1 leaderboard. That means at that time AB:O needed 8 leaderboards.

    Currently, AB:Space does distinguish between power ups and non power ups. It currently has 7 episodes with 206 total levels. If my above assumption is correct, AB:Space requires 14 leaderboards. 7 for power up scores and 7 for non power up scores.

    So, if Peter Vesterbacka's above statement is true, then the limit for leaderboards must be 15. Space uses 14 and if they were to double the Original, that would have been 16, which Peter states is too many.

    Also, based on this observation, AB:Space is done. If they try to add another episode, it would be the 8th which would match Original when Power ups came and as Peter stated, this can't be done.

    Oh, just noticed, AB Seasons just released it's 15th episode (not counting the bonus stuff) which means that that game is done as well.

    (for those who didn't notice the sarcasm in the last 2 statements, its there. I'm just not believing what Peter said about the leaderboards.)
  • @sparty83

    Just for some info. GameCenter allows 25 leaderboards. In ABo's version of GC, there is a Total Score, 7 Episodic, and 17 Chapters = 25. Once a leaderboard is created in GC, it cannot be removed.
  • @amslimfordy,
    Thank you for the clearification on how the leaderboards are organized in GC. I will take your statement "Once a leaderboard is created in GC, it cannot be removed." as gospel. But that brings up an interesting question. Can an app create a whole new set of leaderboards? In essence, have 2 sets of leaderboards? Or are they restricted to just one set of 25?

    Also, with Original having released chapter 22 in Bad Piggies, it it also safe to assume that there will only be 3 more updates to that game? (not checking the other 4 games)
  • @AMSlimfordy -- Am I missing something, or are you saying that claiming that Rovio cares about GC limitations is irrelevant?
  • I'm saying that the number of permitted leaderboards in GameCenter is not relevant to the number of chapters in an app before the game is "ended".
  • @e-star: thank you for the avatar!
  • No probs @Chriss, only a five minute job adding the PU sign and always glad to help my fellow Nesters out :D
  • Hi @ccjolly As I have said in BP I am against PUs primarily because of inability to differentiate between scores gained on ability to 'fling' and scores using PUs - which seem to just make the levels easier to score highly on.
    I appreciate that some people may enjoy the visual impact and the high score but its not for me.
    Thank you again to all @admin team for the phenomenal site you have made - ABN.
  • Against, messes up the whole game idea imo and the only reaon they put it in, is to make more money. Games with microtransactions just bring up a LOT more money than games with adds or that are paid to begin with:S
  • @Donkey-er -- Nice to know you're on the side of no-PUs. You could join those protesting PUs by using a black and white avatar and an no-PU icon, but first you would need an avatar. Someone is already using solid black, so maybe you could use sold white or gray. You could also google for pictures of donkeys. See E-Star in the Bloated Pigs forum if you need help making your avatar BW or adding the icon.
  • @junkenmetel See I find you where ever you comment tee hee :D
    I send you a PM with the NO PU sign added to it! And like you I am just against the uneven playing field, but also against the fact the PU's are creating not only a difference in the ranks, but also create a difference between people with and with out money to spend. I am not short on cash (not rich either), so it is not for me personally, but I just hate the fact that people that are short on cash can't compete anymore because of the prices for the PU's.

    Anyway, thanks for joining the cause... did you know you main site avatars is still the colorful you? No... well that is because the picture in your profile at ABN trumps the Gravatar one. So in order to let Gravatar shine through, delete the picture in your ABN profile ;)
  • I'm not sure who created the Avatar Contest forum thread, but could that person also create a new thread showing the user's avatars that have switched to the black and white version with the no power up icon on them. I think this would help spread the word to others who are not happy with the lack of distinction of scores that use power ups vs those that don't.
    I think it would also help send a message to Rovio that we are not happy with the current situation.
    A special thanks to @E-Star for creating mine.
  • @E-Star - wow, my new avatar looks even better! Thanks so much!

    I never understand the difference between the "main site" and "the forum." You'd think after 30 years working in high tech, and having been a director of software development at one point, that I'd have some sort of a clue about these things, but no. That's the beauty of getting older -- you keep learning how much you don't know. (And I mean that seriously, BTW; it makes life much more interesting once you let go of the idea that you actually know what you think you know.)

    But I'll go look in my profile and try to make sure that I'm only pointing to gravatar, and not anything in my album or some other file. Since I design online user interactions in my "real" life, you'd think I'd be able to figure that out, wouldn't you? But again, every time I find something unexpected, I learn something new, which pushes me to think in a different way, and ultimately makes me better at what I do.

    That's the theory, at least.

    I've learned so much from everyone here at ABN; you folks are a lovely group of people. I feel like I keep gushing at you all, but encountering so much general good will, no matter where you find it, is always a gift to be treasured. I know lots of folks are discouraged over the recent developments by Rovio, but for me, they are far outweighed by the wonderful experience I've had here, which I wasn't even expecting to find.

    Of course, I'm not the one who's invested so many countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears to try to build something special, so that's easy for me to say. Still, you should at least know that your efforts are greatly appreciated by those of us who have benefited by them, and I hope you can find some comfort in that while working through this discouragement and turmoil.

    Thanks, all!
  • @junkenmetel -- Sorry, I didn't mean to be that pushy, just dropping a small hint. I've probably ruffled a lot of feathers in the last day or so. : ) All for a good cause.
  • oh dear, and now Seasons has been infected... I'm going to have to get me one of these greyed out no PU avys!

    Odd that the implementation of powerups in Space is the only one to so far make a distinction between scores. Why wouldn't they follow that through with Seasons? :S Is there any joined-up thinking where power-ups are concerned? My last few posts in here were praising Rovio for the way they've introduced PUs in Space, so I shall have to balance that with a large "booooooooooo!" for PUs in Seasons...

    If you can find out any more in your analysis, @slim, I'd welcome that, and I know a bunch of people here who'll be interested in your findings :)
  • Count me in for the No PU supporters. My little mandarinfish has gone gray to mourn the addition of PUs to seasons, and Rovio won't get another cent from me for any game, ever again. They have ruined the entire AB series for the ios. Guess it's back to playing on the PC (at least until they figure out how to infect it with PUs and advertising in paid games).
  • It would be a horror if they would have found a way to spill money from PC users, wouldn't you think?
  • @CCJolly -- Maybe you can add a link to the petition forum in the main post?
  • @CCJolly: and update the post title?
  • @e-star: The post title for this post, so it will say "For or Against Power UPS in Angry Birds Original/Rio/Seasons/Space!?". :D
  • Sorry hahahahaha guess I have lost a couple of braincells this weekend, running around the nest... thanks for clearing my confusion :D
  • Kein problem, meine Nederlanderin freundin :D
  • @mvnla2

    Yes it would be great if i could add it to my Thread on first Page. But i have to ask Admins first !!'
  • @brave1966

    Do you mean to add Seasons to Title!? Already done!!
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